Perry Announces Finance Leadership for 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign

June 29, 2009

AUSTIN, TX – Texas Governor Rick Perry today announced that Roy Bailey, Jim Lee and Gene Powell will lead his finance team in his campaign for re-election in the 2010 race for governor. The three will lead a rapidly growing team of more than 500 supporters devoted to fundraising across the state.

“The most important thing we can do for Texans right now is continue our state’s forward momentum,” said Perry. “With principled business leaders like Roy, Jim and Gene leading the charge, I am confident that we will marshal the resources needed to win and keep Texas winning as well.”

Bailey is Executive Vice President of Hicks Holdings. Since his graduation from Southern Methodist University, Bailey has founded and led a number of companies including Premium Finance Holdings, Bailey Insurance Associates and Giuliani Partners. He previously served as Finance Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

“I am honored to play some role in keeping principled leadership at the helm of our state,” said Bailey. “I truly believe that Gov. Perry’s leadership has played the central role in Texas taking its rightful place at the head of our nation’s economy. I am confident he will keep Texas on the right track.”

Lee is the president of JHL Capital Holdings, LLC, a private investment company. Holder of two degrees from the University of Texas, Lee founded Momentum Securities, LLC, in 1995 and built a
proprietary technology and equity trading group that sold to E*Trade after just seven years. He lives in Houston with his wife and two children.

“To boil it down, Gov. Perry understands what it takes to keep our economy going,” said Lee. “His impact on the state in terms of fiscal discipline, wise investment and job creation cannot be understated and must be continued for Texas to sustain its lead.”

Powell is a well-known leader in the San Antonio business community, thanks to his role as founder of Bitterblue, Inc., one of the city’s largest real estate developers. As CEO of Airstrip Technologies, he has played a key role in the area of healthcare by providing technology solutions that improve patient care. He and his wife have two grown sons.

“A simple comparison between the state of affairs in Texas and those in Washington make it clear that we need to keep doing things Texas-style,” said Powell. “Employers understand that our state’s
combination of low taxes, predictable regulations and fair legal system allows them to create more jobs in a way that Washington continually tries to hinder. With Gov. Perry at the helm, Texas will continue heading the right direction.”

Jon F. Abrams, El Paso
Kent M. Adams, Houston
Phil D. Adams, Bryan
Durga D. Agrawal, Houston
Jeran Akers, Plano
Nicole and David Alders, Nacogdoches
Capy Alexander, Kerrville
Barkat Ali, Southlake
Dr. Chad Allen, Corpus Christi
Joe B. Allen, Houston
Chuck and Tina Anastos, Corpus Christi
Larry Anders, Plano
Ken Anderson, Dallas
Joe Aragona, Austin
Susanne Lee Archer, Euless
Beau Armstrong, Austin
Gary Arnett, Pottsboro
Elvia and Adrian Arriaga, McAllen
Kay and Lonnie Arrington, Beaumont
Moshe Azoulay, Dallas
W. Mike Baggett, Dallas
Bill Bailey, Waco
Roy W. Bailey, Dallas
Johnny Baker, Houston
Bob Barnes, Granbury
Cindy Barnes, Austin
Roy R. Barrera, Jr., San Antonio
Traci and Louis Barrios, San Antonio
Carin and Todd Barth, Houston
Kurt Barton, Austin
Ramona and Lee M. Bass, Fort Worth
Ricky Beach, New Braunfels
Drew Beadle, Beaumont
Bunny and Dr. Richard Becker, San Antonio
Julie Beecherl, Dallas
T. Craig Benson, Austin
Joanie Bentzin, Austin
Connie and Ron Betenbough, Lubbock
Gina and Dr. Devinder Bhatia, Houston
Mark Bivins, Amarillo
Nelda Luce Blair and Jim Blair, The Woodlands
Jeff Booth, Fair Oaks Ranch
Dr. William A. Boothe, Plano
Becky Borah-Nelson, Bertram
Gina Bridwell, Abilene
Chip Briscoe, Carrizo Springs
Rebecca and Rod Broussard, Willis
Georgia and J. Dan Brown, Austin
Greg Bruce, Lubbock
Lance K. Bruun, Corpus Christi
J. Bruce Bugg, Jr., San Antonio
Jere Lynn and Jim Burkhart, Lubbock
Bobby Burns, Midland
Cindy and Bruce Busby, Austin
Cliff Butler, Mt. Pleasant
John D. Byram, Austin
Lance R. Byrd, Dallas
Cain Caceres, Weslaco
Jyl and Randy Cain, San Antonio
James E. Campbell, Center
Rick L. Campbell, Center
Jennifer Cannon and Bradford Hunter, Austin
Rosendo Carranco, Laredo
Manny Cavazos, Austin
Rose M. and Luis Cavazos, Brownsville
Stephanie Cavender, San Antonio
Bonnie Chambers, San Antonio
Sue Chiang, Sugar Land
Margaret Ballenger Cluck, San Antonio
Joe Colonnetta, Dallas
C. Kent Conine, Dallas
Gary C. Cook, Dallas
Harold D. Courson, Perryton
Don Covington, Orange
Michael K. Crosno, Austin
Joe Crutcher, Palestine
Jose Cuevas, Midland
Kristy and Kelly Curry, Lubbock
Silvia and Tom Cusick, Boerne
Jim Dannenbaum, Houston
Richard Davila, Lubbock
Gene Dawson, Jr., San Antonio
John Paul DeJoria, Austin
Jorge de la Garza, Brownsville
Glenn Deitiker, Austin
Brent deMoville, Waco
Sue and Dr. David DeVillez, Georgetown
Leslie Doggett, Houston
Joseph F. Domino, Beaumont
James D. Dondero, Dallas
Keith Drewery, Nacogdoches
Ralph H. Duggins, Fort Worth
Mark Dulworth, Houston
Tim Dunn, Midland
Larry Durrett, Jacksonville
Lori Edwards, Midland
Beau Egert, Houston
J. Ralph Ellis, Jr., Irving
Dr. Tony Falcon, Rio Grande City
Gary Farmer, Austin
Don Faust, Jr., Houston
Tyson Faust, Houston
Lydia and Noe Fernandez, McAllen
Paige and Tilman Fertitta, Houston
Jan and Keith Fitzgerald, Keller
Blair and Joseph Fitzsimons, San Antonio
Deana Flippin, New Braunfels
Janice and Manny Flores, Austin
Robbi and Stuart Force, Lubbock
Alejandra and Paul Foster, El Paso
Morris Foster, Salado
Jeffery H. Foutch, Houston
Lupe Fraga, Sugar Land
L. Frederick “Rick” Francis, El Paso
Debra and Dan Friedkin, Houston
Melinda and David E. Friedman, Austin
Paul Frison, Houston
Melissa and Gary W. Gates, Jr., Rosenburg
Robert Gauntt, Houston
Cynthia and Kirk Gentry, Lubbock
Barnett L. Gershen, Houston
Tina and Mike Gibson, Sugar Land
John T. Gill, M.D., Dallas
Elaine and Kevin Glasheen, Lubbock
Tom Glanville, Houston
Dennis D. Golden, O. D., Carthage
Dixon Golden, O. D., Center
Ronnie Goldman, Fort Worth
John J. Gorman, IV, Austin
Jim Grace, Houston
Dr. Margarita de la Garza-Grahm, Tyler
Dr. Thomas W. Grahm, Tyler
Jim Greer, Houston
Windi and David M. Grimes, II, Houston
Martha Gustavsen, Conroe
Beth and Harold Hahn, El Paso
Stevan Hammond, Dallas
Linda and Stanley Harper, Mansfield
Patti and Alan Harper, Arlington
Barrett Havran, Fort Worth
Joy Ann and Bob Havran, Fort Worth
Jim Hawkins, Waco
CJ Haynes, The Woodlands
Margaret and James Herring, Amarillo
Karen and Ron Herrmann, San Antonio
Michelle and Dr. Randy Hickle, Lubbock
Donna Stockton Hicks and Steve Hicks, Austin
Gloria and Ed Hicks, Corpus Christi
Thomas O. Hicks, Dallas
Joe B. Hinton, Crawford
Karen Hixon, San Antonio
J. Kelly and Scott H. Hoag, Kyle
Jarvis Hollingsworth, Sugar Land
Bobby Holt, Midland
Julianna Hawn Holt and Peter M. Holt, Blanco
Larry G. Holt, College Station
Ruben Hope, Montgomery
Steven F. Hotze, M.D., Houston
Hettie and Ted Houghton, El Paso
Reagan Houston, IV, San Antonio
Robert Howden, Austin
Sue and Dr. Gaylord Hoyt, Corpus Christi
Molly Hubbard, Houston
Sharon Schoch Hubbard and Dr. Jason Hubbard, Austin
William Hudson, Brownsville
John Huffaker, Amarillo
Patty and James Huffines, Austin
Phillip W. Huffines, Dallas
Sydney Huffines, Dallas
Dan A. Hughes, Sr., Beeville
Peggy G. Hughes and Dan Allen Hughes, Jr., Beeville
Gaylord T. Hughey, Jr., Tyler
Anne and Jeff Hunt, Austin
Gayle and Woody Hunt, El Paso
Robert W. Hunt, San Antonio
Kathleen Jackson, Beaumont
J.D. Jacobs, Rockwall
Cynthia Jenkins, Irving
Tom Johnson, Austin
Rhonda Castle and James Jonas, Austin
Charles F. Jordan, III, El Paso
Glenda and Jerry Kane, Corpus Christi
Sam Kannappan, Houston
Craig Keeland, Plano
R. David Kelly, Dallas
Claudell Kercheville, Kerrville
Kathy and David King, Nacogdoches
Linda W. Kinney, Dripping Springs
David W. Koonce, Center
JC and Trisha Kranz, Spring
Sheri Shelby Krause and Winston Krause, Austin
Rob Kyker, Richardson
Joy Kyriakopoulos, Harper
Carolyn and Alan Lackey, Lubbock
Rick Lambert, Tyler
Karen Landa, Austin
Bob Langer, Austin
Rex Law, Pittsburg
Sheryl and Gary Lawrence, Lubbock
Howard L. Lawson, Dallas
Sharon and Mike Leach, Lubbock
Amy and Jim Lee, Houston
Bobby Lee, Amarillo
Danny Lee, Amarillo
Christie McAdams Leedy, D.D.S., Abilene
Janet and Philip L. Leggett, M.D., Houston
James R. Leininger, M.D., San Antonio
Richard A. Levacy, M.D., Beaumont
Ron Lewis, Austin
Kevin Lilly, Houston
Les Littleton, Nacogdoches
Kim Locus, Dallas
Renee and Mickey Long, Midland
Sue and Bob Long, Bastrop
Janiece Longoria, Houston
Charlotte and Rob Looney, Austin
Miguel Lopez, The Woodlands
Michael J. Lowthorp, Arlington
Maria and Fred Loya, El Paso
Steve Lucas, Beaumont
William R. Lucas, Beaumont
Lisa Lucero, Austin
Eugene H. "Stretch" Lund, Sherman
Cora Sue and Harry Mach, Houston
Steven P. Mach, Houston
Sarah and Jimmy Mansour, Austin
Frank W. Maresh, Hunt
John Marlin, Dallas
Kim and Robert Marling, The Woodlands
Linda and Larry Martin, Houston
Margaret Martin, Laredo
Stan Matthews, Beaumont
Mayor Nyle Maxwell, Round Rock
Mark Mays, San Antonio
Peggy and Lowry Mays, San Antonio
Randall Mays, San Antonio
Edith McAllister, San Antonio
Charline and Red McCombs, San Antonio
Buddy McCulloch, Texarkana
Eric C. McDonald, Lubbock
Carolyn and Delbert McDougal, Lubbock
Melissa and Mike McDougal, Lubbock
Pam and Mark McDougal, Lubbock
Colleen McHugh, Corpus Christi
Missy and Allen McInnes, Lubbock
Linda McKenna, Harlingen
Becky McKinley, Amarillo
Ross McKnight, Throckmorton
Sonia A. McMasters, Round Rock
Alex Meade, Brownsville
Lamont E. Meaux, Stowell
Jewell and Ed Miles, Jr., San Antonio
Vance C. Miller, Dallas
David Montagne, Beaumont
Gerry Montefalcon, San Antonio
Debbie and John T. Montford, San Antonio
Jacob M. Monty, Houston
Hon. Rick Morales, Donna
Carla Moran, Lubbock
Judy and Dr. Jim Morgan, Texarkana
S. Reed Morian, Houston
Mica Mosbacher, Houston
John Mullen, Austin
Dennis E. Murphree, Houston
Jayaram Naidu, M.D., Odessa
David Nance, Austin
Dr. Carlos F. Navarro, Dallas
Nancy and Dr. Thomas Neal, Lubbock
Beverly and Gary D. Newsom, M.D., Austin
Jim Noteware, Houston
Tom D. O’Leary, Houston
Becky Oliver, San Antonio
Bob Ostos, Laguna Vista
Dr. Laura San Martin and Rolando Pablos, San Antonio
Carmen and Kevin Pagan, McAllen
Frank Parker, Jr., Brownsville
Linda Pate, Corpus Christi
Gita S. and Subodh Patel, Lubbock
Dan Pearson, Austin
Donna and Bob Pearson, Austin
Lisa and Tom Perini, Buffalo Gap
Cynthia B. and Thomas O. Perry, New Braunfels
Doylene and Bob Perry, Houston
Kristen and John Perry, Houston
Elizabeth and Gary Petersen, Houston
Carol F. Peterson, Alpine
Dade Phelan, Beaumont
Roxanne and Gene Phillips, Dallas
Bo Pilgrim, Pittsburg
James D. Pitcock, Jr., Houston
Sharon Pittman, College Station
Leslie and Dr. David Pohl, Austin
Dawn and Allan Polunsky, San Antonio
Dana and Gene Powell, San Antonio
Wm. Cameron Powell, M.D., San Antonio
J.R. Purvis, Midland
Carmen and Jaime Ramon, Dallas
Dr. Rudy Ramos, Houston
Terri and Bob Ranck, Lubbock
Clayton N. Reaser, Dallas
Emily and Vernon Reaser, Bellaire
Felicity and John Reedy, Tyler
Jordan Reese, Beaumont
Michael Angelo Renna, Austin
Dede and Paul Rider, Lubbock
Cynthia and Whit Riter, Tyler
Tresa Rockwell, Austin
Maria Cristina Rodriguez, San Antonio
Elizabeth and Wallace "Happy" Rogers, San Antonio
Monica Rojas, Boerne
Lynden B. Rose, Houston
Hollis Rutledge, McAllen
Mayor Beto Salinas, Mission
Jill and Rick Salwen, Austin
Laura and Jeff Sandefer, Austin
Kenton Schaefer, Brownsville
Kristi and John D. Schiller Jr., Houston
Debi and Jim Schneider, Austin
Robert N. Schnitzler, M.D., San Antonio
Dianne and Dr. Eugene Schoch, Austin
Bill Scott, Beaumont
Connie and Mike Scott, Corpus Christi
Rose and Dick Scott, Wimberley
Ray Sepulveda, Cedar Park
Viveca and Nick Serafy, Jr., Brownsville
Canda and Ron Sewell, Odessa
Mike Shaw, Fredericksburg
Rick Sheldon, Waco
Bob Shepard, Harlingen
Lex Ann and Mike Shinn, The Woodlands
David Shipman, Burleson
Reba Showers, McAllen
Dave Sikora, Austin
Harold Simmons, Dallas
L.E. Simmons, Houston
Alan L. Smith, Houston
Bruce Smith, Houston
E. Ashley Smith, Houston
Edward N. Smith, III, Marshall
Norma and Richard Smith, Bryan
John Snider, Center
Kenny Speight, The Woodlands
Dr. Bob Stafford, Amarillo
David Starr, San Antonio
Dick Stebbins, Longview
Weisie and John T. Steen, Jr., San Antonio
Jaemie and John Steinmetz, Lubbock
Nancy and Edward Steves, San Antonio
Paul Stewart, Dallas
Gail and Robert “Bobby” Stillwell, Houston
Steven H. Stodghill, Dallas
George Strake, Jr., Houston
George W. "Trey" Strake, III, Houston
John Stuart, Spring Branch
Elisabeth and Karl W. Swann, M.D., San Antonio
Annette Sykora, Lubbock
Maria F. Teran, El Paso
Connie and David Teuscher, M.D., Beaumont
Clifton L. Thomas, Jr., Victoria
Jim Thorp, Houston
Leslie and Tim Timmerman, Austin
James H. Tipton, Rancho Viejo
Gary Todd, Burleson
Carroll Trawick, Tyler
J. C. "Pepe" Trevino, III, Laredo
Tony Trevino, Laredo
Lisa and Kenny Troutt, Dallas
Pam and Fred Underwood, Lubbock
Gene Van Dyke, Houston
Amy and George Van Horn, The Woodlands
Victor Vandergriff, Arlington
Don Walker, San Antonio
Craig Wallace, Lubbock
Dick Wallrath, Centerville
Robert L. Waltrip, Houston
Leigh and Hon. Andy Wambsganss, Southlake
Leslie Ward, Austin
Curt Warner, Austin
Rodney Watkins, Mineola
Chuck Watson, Houston
Laurie Brown Watson, Austin
Marc Watts, Houston
Rad Weaver, San Antonio
Dick Weekley, Houston
Connie and David Weeks, Austin
Daisy Sloan White and John D. White, Houston
Laurie and John White, San Antonio
Donna Wick, Spring
Pam and Dr. George Willeford, Jr., Austin
Earl Williams, Beaumont
Modesta and Clayton W. Williams, Midland
Sharon and Jim Wilson, Sugar Land
Welcome Wilson, Jr., Houston
Welcome W. Wilson, Sr., Houston
Cassandra and Brad Wolfe, Brownsville
Jason Wolfe, Brownsville
Jack Wood, Odessa
A. John Yoggerst, San Antonio
Eddie Zamora, Edinburg

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