Gov. Perry Receives Re-election Endorsement From Conservative Activist Cathie Adams

August 21, 2009

AUSTIN – Gov. Perry has received an endorsement for re-election from Cathie Adams, Republican National Committeewoman for Texas and president of the Texas Eagle Forum.

"Gov. Rick Perry's conservatism is treasured by Texans and has earned admiration from the rest of the country. While other politicians moisten their fingers and test the wind of public opinion to determine their decisions, Gov. Perry consistently stands proudly for our pro-life and pro-family ideals. Texans should re-elect the governor responsible for creating the strongest state economy in the nation, even throughout these difficult economic times. Texans are most fortunate that Gov. Perry is willing to continue leading Texas."

Gov. Perry has proven his commitment to both fiscal and social conservative values. His priorities for maintaining limited government, low taxes and predictable regulations have made Texas’ economy the envy of the nation and offered Texas families a quality of life second to none.

The governor’s defense of family values and pro-life issues has strengthened Texas communities. He has championed numerous measures to preserve these principles, including his support of legislation to uphold the sanctity of marriage by refusing to recognize same-sex unions in Texas (Senate Bill 6), to require parental consent before a doctor can perform an abortion on a minor (Senate Bill 419), to create an adoption incentive program (House Bill 2702), and to uphold a student’s right to express his or her religion in school (House Bill 3678).

“I am deeply honored to receive Cathie’s endorsement,” said Gov. Perry. “Her efforts to defend life and family in Texas surpass all and I look forward to working with her on these important issues so we can continue to ensure Texas’ strength well into the future.”

Cathie Adams joins the Texas Society of Professional Engineers, Texas Chemical Council and Texas Municipal Police Association in their endorsements of Gov. Perry for re-election.

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