Farouk Shami Endorses Gov. Perry for Re-election

October 18, 2010

BROWNSVILLE – Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsement of Farouk Shami for re-election. Shami made his announcement during a campaign grassroots event at Cobblehead's in Brownsville.

“Gov. Perry has not only been true to the values that matter most to the people of Texas, he is also a conservative leader that has led our state in job creation and renewable energy,” said Farouk Shami. “As a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, I believe jobs and the future for Texans is beyond partisanship. I am proud to endorse Gov. Perry for the general election. His proven track record of helping businesses grow and invest for a cleaner and stronger tomorrow is the reason why he is the best choice for Texas governor.”

Farouk Shami is the founder and chairman of Farouk Systems, a multinational corporation that manufactures the world-renowned brands BioSilk and CHI. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Shami’s priorities are to uphold environmental responsibility, promote education and adhere to the highest ethical standards. He is also committed to partnering with factories all over the state in order to create more jobs for Texans. In the wake of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike, Shami was instrumental in providing resources to support the needs of local shelters and communities affected by the disasters. Farouk has received numerous awards, including Entrepreneur of the Year and the Apollo Green Award in recognition of his decision to relocate Farouk Systems’ operations from China to the USA, which has brought 1,200 jobs back to our nation and to Texas.

“It is an honor to receive Farouk Shami’s endorsement of my re-election,” said Gov. Perry. “His entrepreneurship and dedication to Texas jobs and the environment is a profound example of what our state needs to continue leading the nation. Bringing 1,200 jobs back to our country and Texas shows a vote of confidence in the Texas economy and the work ethic of Texans. I look forward to working with Farouk so we can keep Texas the envy of the nation and continue creating jobs so that every Texan who wants one has one.”

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