It's Time to Lift the Federal Ban on Offshore Drilling

I want to take a minute to talk about something that's impacting everyone - high energy prices.

It's time to to lift the federal ban on offshore oil exploration to expand domestic production and I applaud President Bush and Senator McCain for calling for immediate action. I join both the president and senator in petitioning Congress to lift this ban immediately.

This is a vital step to alleviate the ongoing strain Americans are enduring from ever increasing gasoline and energy prices. Congress must act immediately to allow responsible exploration of our country’s domestic energy supply and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Oil exploration off the coast of Texas has been going on for years, providing a shining example of the safety, effectiveness and limited environmental impact of modern exploration technology. Congress must also allow responsible exploration in ANWR, into new off-shore deposits, and the billions of gallons of oil locked in our nation’s shale so we can gain increased access to the oil that fuels our economy.


Let's Drill and Explore

I agree that it is time to begin exploring and drilling where we probably have petroleum assets.  Let us convince the environmentalists (so called tree huggers) that the decisions to curtail exploration off our coasts has been detrimental to our interests.  Also let's explore the tar sands and also drill in the Alaska area.

Offshore drilling

Most definitely!!  It is a must and a win-win.  Create jobs, self reliant, Keeping monies domestically instead of them going to somewhere else in the world.

I personally am a HUGE nature lover, fan and am adament about keeping our environment clean.  I did "game capture" all over the world (4 months in southern Africa alone).  With that the American public so self absorbed that they REALLY think we are the biggest problem, etc.  That is just plain ignorant.  We (the American people) are dwarfs compared to China.  We can do EVERYTHING WITHIN OUR POWER....but , it will not offset a BILLION Chinese....period. 

I am all for being self sufficient AND responsible for OUR actions;  but, if one has not travelled the planet, he really has NO concept of reality!!!

I am only 38 years old, have gone back and forth from being a millionaire to having to file bankruptcy...........a cancer survivor (medical bills;  which, bankruptcy ensued), was given less than 2 months to live almost 2 years ago and fight EVERY day.  Long and short, these types of battles try a man's integrity, character, faith and tenacity!!  From this vantage point.....there is ONLY ONE solution...  DO IT SOONER THAN LATER

But with lower fuel prices,

But with lower fuel prices, how will the Democrats politicize the economy for November?

Offshore drilling

Lana Rideout

I am in favor of offshore drilling. I  believe we should use our resources prudently, but we need  to make the US self-sufficient in the matter of energy. This is needed for the security of our great country - The world's last best hope.


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