Perry: IRS Actions May Be 'Criminal,' 'Un_American At Best'

May 13, 2013
National Review
Katrina Trinko

Rick Perry has some harsh words for the mainstream media’s coverage of Benghazi and the emerging IRS scandal, saying today that “the mainstream media needs to quit protecting this administration.”

“I watched MSNBC this morning,” Perry tells National Review in an interview, later clarifying he was watching Chuck Todd on The Daily Rundown, “and the length at which they were trying to defend the administration’s actions and response to Benghazi was really stunning to me.”

“I don’t watch MSNBC that much, but I was doing my exercise and happened to turn it on,” he adds. “From time to time, I kind of want to get their slant on things. And they definitely have a slant.”

“This is supposed to be reported,” Perry continues about MSNBC. “Maureen Dowd I get, she’s a columnist. She is biased, and when you read it, you know that it’s going to be biased. And Lord knows she is, where she’s saying Benghazi is old news.” He was taken aback by MSNBC’s coverage: “It was clear to me that this was very much biased towards protecting the current administration.”

Perry also denounced the Obama administration itself, remarking that “the track record of this administration starts to confirm that they think they’re above the law.”

The recent news that the IRS targeted tea-party organizations and other political groups for special investigation is “every bit as troublesome as what went on back in the 70s” with Watergate, Perry says.

“We don’t know how deep, we don’t know often,” he continues, “but we know enough by the admission of the IRS itself that they were involved in activities that I will suggest to you may reach the level of criminal activity. It is un-American at best.”

“This is an administration that feels comfortable in not having to be transparent,” Perry says, “feels comfortable being able to dig into groups’ backgrounds that they either don’t agree with or have some political agenda with. When you think about what has occurred over the course of the last four years over with Fast and Furious, with the rollout of Obamacare, this latest information on Benghazi, then you see a real pattern in the IRS investigating these groups — clearly a pattern of abuse of power.”

“These are the types of things that really scare people about government,” he adds.

He called for an investigation of the IRS, saying “there needs to be individuals who are relieved of their responsibility.”

Perry also believes Obama should take responsibility, noting that the president was fine with taking credit for job growth on a trip last week to Texas. “You can’t blame this on the Bush administration anymore,” Perry says of Obama, “you can’t blame this on somebody else, you have to take responsibility for the good and the bad.”

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