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Gov. Rick Perry: Americans want government to function properly

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Texas: The Top State for Global Trade

Texas isn’t just the best state for business now. Global Trade Magazine has named the Lone Star State the top state for global trade. Texas has led the nation in exports for 11 consecutive years, and beat out Florida and California for top honors this year.

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Governor Perry's Remarks at Texas Right to Life Celebration

Thank you, Elizabeth, and thank you for all you've done on behalf of the unborn in the State of Texas.

There's no more noble cause than protecting those who can't protect themselves, and through your efforts, and the efforts of so many in this room tonight, we've made great progress toward our worthy goal.

40 years is a milestone by any measure, although it's bittersweet that the Texas Right to Life has been necessary that long.

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Texas A&M Pursues a Campus in Israel

October 21, 2013

The New York Times

Manny Fernandez

When Gov. Rick Perry visits Israel this week, he will leave a surprising piece of Texas behind: his alma mater, Texas A&M University.

Mr. Perry will join Texas A&M leaders and Israeli officials in Jerusalem on Wednesday to announce the creation of Texas A&M Peace University, a branch campus of the sixth largest university in the United States. It will be built in Nazareth, known as the Arab capital of Israel.

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Who Owns Your Job?

Octcober 10, 2013

The Weekly Standard

Andrew B. Wilson

If “stealing jobs” were as bad as – and essentially no different than – stealing cars or stealing horses, Texas Gov. Rick Perry might expect to wind up at the end of a rope – the traditional fate in cowboy movies for horse thieves and cattle rustlers in the Lone Star state.

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Governor Perry receives lifetime achievement award at anti-abortion event

September 15, 2013

AM 740 - KTRH

Gov. Rick Perry has received a lifetime achievement honor from Texas Right-to-Life.

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Where Obama Fails, GOP Governors Find Solutions

July 23, 2013

US News

Peter Roff

Almost half the jobs created during the Obama recovery have been created in Texas. Which perhaps means it should be called the Obama-Perry recovery. Or the Perry-Obama recovery – it's not clear who should get top billing, though outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry certainly has pushed a better pro-growth agenda than the president.

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Editorial: Gun makers should come to Texas

June 24, 2013

Amarillo Globe-News

AGN Editorial

If the northeastern part of the nation wants to put blame on the gun industry for the blatant and tragic misuse and abuse of its products, then let Texas — if not Amarillo — roll out the welcome mat.

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Governor Perry Names Hecht as Chief Justice of Texas Supreme Court

September 10, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry has appointed Justice Nathan L. Hecht of Austin as chief justice of the Supreme Court of Texas. Justice Hecht’s term will be effective Oct. 1, 2013, and is set to expire at the next general election. He will serve as the 27th chief justice of the Supreme Court of Texas.

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Governor Perry: Texas Home to First Smartphone Assembled in USA

September 10, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry today celebrated the grand opening of Flextronics' new manufacturing facility, which will provide final assembly and customization for Motorola Mobility's Moto X smartphone. This is the first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the United States.

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Governor Perry Commemorates 10th Anniversary of Historic Lawsuit Reform

September 9, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry today was joined by the Rio Grande Valley Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and members of the medical community to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the passage of landmark medical liability reform in Texas.

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Governor Perry Announces TEF Investment in USAA Creating 680 Jobs in Plano

September 4, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry today announced USAA is expanding its information technology operations in Plano, creating 680 jobs and more than $31 million in capital investment.

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Statement by Governor Perry on Chief Justice Jefferson

"Wallace Jefferson justly and faithfully guided our state's highest court during a decade of change and prosperity, and he will be remembered for his strong character and unwavering commitment to the rule of law. I was proud to appoint him as the court's first African-American justice and chief justice.

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