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Governor Perry at the 2nd Annual US Grand Prix

"It was great working with our British friends to welcome F1 racing back to Austin and the Circuit of the Americas for the second annual U.S. Grand Prix. F1 racing is a natural fit for us in Texas – we do things big and our passion for sports runs deep. And since F1 is the most-watched annual television sport around the globe, Texas put on another great race for all the world to see." - Governor Rick Perry

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Join Governor Perry and Senator Cornyn at Scholz Garten Friday in Austin

I'm writing to invite you to a special event later this week with my friend and our U.S. Senator, John Cornyn.

John and I will be rallying with supporters Friday at 9:45am at Scholz Garten in downtown Austin to officially kick off his reelection campaign.

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The Blaze: Only the Governor of a state like Texas would proudly take this picture

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Texas businesses set to save after margins tax adjustment

January 13, 2014

Austin Business Journal

Greg Barr

Some 26,000 businesses in Texas are expected to see some tax savings this year as changes to the state's franchise tax kick in.

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Firearms accessory maker to move HQ to North Texas

January 3, 2014

Dallas Business Journal

Lance Murray

One of the nation's largest makers of ammunition magazines and firearms accessories says it is moving its headquarters from Colorado to Texas, with three sites in North Texas under consideration.

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Governor Perry: You Can't Dress Up the Failures of Obamacare

January 1, 2014

Dallas Morning-News

Rick Perry

The promise and potential I normally greet each New Year with is, this year, being tested by a great sense of peril as Americans face the full brunt of the disastrous impacts of Obamacare in 2014. The delays, deceit and debacles that marked Obamacare’s rollout in 2013 show no signs of slowing in the new year.

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Perry: Secretary Kathleen Sebelius scapegoating Texas over Obamacare

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Austin American-Statesman

Rick Perry

As the Texas Department of Insurance develops rules for Obamacare navigators, the Obama administration is resorting to a tried-and-true political tactic: pointing fingers. According to some, like Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Obamacare would be going along swimmingly if it weren’t for all those pesky Texans getting in the way.

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GOP needs 'hopeful vision,' Perry says in Greenville

December 4, 2013

Rudolph Bell

The Republican Party will have to be more than the “anti-Obama party” if it expects to regain power in Washington, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said in Greenville today.

“We can’t be the anti-Obama party. That’s not a vision. It’s a message, but I don’t think it’s a wining message,” Perry told after speaking at the downtown Hyatt during the annual meeting of the Electric Co-Ops of South Carolina.

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Gov. Perry and Dr. Laffer Highlight Successful Policies to Create Jobs, Opportunity

November 18, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry and economist Dr. Arthur Laffer today contrasted the conservative fiscal principles that have helped Texas become a national leader in job creation with those that have burdened families and businesses in states like California. The governor spoke at the Texas Public Policy Foundation's Competition and the States: California vs. Texas luncheon, where Laffer unveiled a new study comparing the governments and economies of the two states.

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Statement by Gov. Perry on Today’s Obamacare Announcement

November 14, 2013

“This is a staggering display of a reckless president cavalierly instructing states to ignore federal law. President Obama is shifting the blame by saying it's up to states and state insurance commissioners to fix the massive problem his signature law has created for millions of Americans who are losing their health insurance. President Obama did succeed at one thing today: making a bad situation worse with a ‘fix’ that will create more confusion for consumers and threatens to destabilize the health insurance industry. Obamacare is an abject failure; it's time to overturn this ill-conceived, job-killing nightmare that ultimately will bankrupt this country.”

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Statement by Gov. Perry on Prop. 6 Passage

November 5, 2013

"Today, the people of Texas made history, ensuring we’ll have the water we need to grow and thrive for the next five decades, without raising state taxes. Now it’s time to get to work on the projects that’ll help us meet our growing water needs, preserving and improving both our economic strength and quality of life."

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Statement by Gov. Perry on Appeals Court Lifting HB 2 Injunction

October 31, 2013

“Today's decision affirms our right to protect both the unborn and the health of the women of Texas. We will continue doing everything we can to protect a culture of life in our state.”

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Statement by Gov. Perry on Abortion Law Ruling

October 28, 2013

"Today's decision will not stop our ongoing efforts to protect life and ensure the women of our state aren't exposed to any more of the abortion-mill horror stories that have made headlines recently. We will continue fighting to implement the laws passed by the duly-elected officials of our state, laws that reflect the will and values of Texans."

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