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Online Auction to win Bobby Labonte #71 and Rick Perry NASCAR gear

Here's your chance to bid on 2 Race Day Hot Passes:

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Keep Texas Moving Forward

Help the campaign fill in the car. Help us raise $71,000 today! Rick Perry Moving Texas Forward with Bobby Labonte. Donate Today

We have reached our one-day goal of $71,000--but Team Labonte/Perry can still use your help!

Gov. Rick Perry is Proud to Partner with NASCAR and Bobby Labonte in the Effort to Keep Moving Texas Forward!

Donate Today:

Gov. Rick Perry is proud to partner with NASCAR and Bobby Labonte in the effort to keep Moving Texas Forward. Under Governor Perry's principled, conservative leadership, the economy in Texas has remained strong even during these tight economic turns. Because of his commitment to limited government, low taxes, balanced budgets, predictable regulations, and individual freedom, Gov. Perry has positioned Texas as the leader of the pack-- a model for success that other states can follow.

Gov. Perry is teaming up with Texas' own NASCAR champion Bobby Labonte, and they need your support! Gov. Perry and Bobby Labonte need you in Texas' pit crew to help spread the Texas success story. Can you submit your generous donation of $71 today?

Gov. Perry has driven the Texas economy, putting policies in place that have our state on the fast track to prosperity. Texas is the number one exporting state for the 8th consecutive year, is home to the most Fortune 500 company headquarters, and has created more private sector jobs than any state in the nation over the past decade. All of these economic cornerstones are giving Texas the fuel to emerge from the national recession before any other state.

On April 18th, Bobby Labonte, #71, will be driving the Governor Perry 2010 car at Texas Motor Speedway, a world-class facility that adds $300,000,000 to the region's economy every year. Your generous donation of $71 will help keep Texas in the lead as Bobby races towards the checkered flag and Gov. Perry accelerates to reelection in November. All donors at the $71 (or above) level will receive the Labonte/Perry commemorative “Hero Card” to mark the occasion of the race and the partnership.

Tuesday's 1-day fundraising goal is $71,000—and every bit helps—even $10, $25, or $50!

Visit race central to see the Labonte/Perry car unveiled as we approach the goal:

Thanks for your support, and God bless.
Jordan Root

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Governor Perry Coming to Lewisville for a Special Announcement!

Please join Governor Rick Perry and Sprint Cup Champion Bobby Labonte for a one-of-a-kind announcement.

Date: Tuesday, April 6th
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: Huffines Chevrolet
1400 South I-35, Lewisville, TX 75067

To RSVP, please contact our North Texas Field Director:

Elliott Griffin - North Texas Field Director

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Perry Snapshots: The Campaign Trail

A great way to see what Governor Perry does on the campaign trail is by following his flickr page! Just go to and view photos of Governor Perry talking to Texans all across the state.

SXSW Bloggers Tour the TX Capitol

State Republican Executive Committee Reception

America Unplugged: Houston

Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

Also, you can continue to show your support for Governor Perry by becoming a fan on Facebook and following on Governor Perry on Twitter.

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Fight Intrusive Federal Health Care Overreach

When liberals govern, they push through their agenda by any means possible. The 14 months of the Obama Administration showed America what aggressive liberals will do. It's time that we push back.

Several Texas leaders are taking a stand against the federal government's intrusion, and you can, too. Please sign our petition to show your support .

Gov. Rick Perry is supporting Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who plans to file a lawsuit to stop Obamacare when the president signs the bill.

To stop this gross federal overreach, Abbott will file a lawsuit to to defend our state from further infringement by the federal government. If you would like to support Gov. Perry's and General Abbott's stance against the growth of our federal government, sign the petition today.

After you sign the petition, text HANDS OFF to 95613 and help us send a message to Washington.

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The Big-Spending, High-Taxing, Lousy-Services Paradigm

Autumn 2009

City Journal

William Voegeli

“Twenty years ago, you could go to Texas, where they had very low taxes, and you would see the difference between there and California,” Joel Kotkin, executive editor of and a presidential fellow at Chapman University in Southern California, told the Los Angeles Times this past March. “Today, you go to Texas, the roads are no worse, the public schools are not great but are better than or equal to ours, and their universities are good. The bargain between California’s government and the middle class is constantly being renegotiated to the disadvantage of the middle class.”

Similarly, the CEO of a manufacturing company in suburban Los Angeles told a Times reporter that his business suffered less from California’s high taxes than from its ineffectual services. As a result, the company pays “a fortune” to educate its employees, many of whom graduated from California public schools, “on basic things like writing and math skills.” According to a report issued earlier this year by McKinsey & Company, Texas students “are, on average, one to two years of learning ahead of California students of the same age,” though expenditures per public school student are 12 percent higher in California.

State and local government expenditures as a whole were 46.8 percent higher in California than in Texas in 2005–06—$10,070 per person compared with $6,858. And Texas not only spends its citizens’ dollars more effectively; it emphasizes priorities that are more broadly beneficial. In 2005–06, per-capita spending on transportation was 5.9 percent lower in California than in Texas, and highway expenditures in particular were 9.5 percent lower, a discovery both plausible and infuriating to any Los Angeles commuter losing the will to live while sitting in yet another freeway traffic jam. With tax revenues scarce and voters strongly opposed to surrendering more of their income, Texas officials devote a large share of their expenditures to basic services that benefit the most people. In California, by contrast, more and more spending consists of either transfer payments to government dependents (as in welfare, health, housing, and community development programs) or generous payments to government employees and contractors (reflected in administrative costs, pensions, and general expenditures). Both kinds of spending weaken California’s appeal to consumer-voters, the first because redistributive transfer payments are the least publicly beneficial type of public good, and the second because the dues paid to Club California purchase benefits that, increasingly, are enjoyed by the staff instead of the members.

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Texas docs endorse Perry

November 2, 2009

Austin American-Statesman

Corrie MacLaggan

The Texas Medical Association’s political arm, TEXPAC, today announced its endorsement of Gov. Rick Perry’s re-election campaign.

The group selected Perry because of his “unwavering support and defense of Texas’ medical liability reforms and his efforts to protect the sacred patient-physician bond,” said Dr. William Fleming III, president of the association.

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Tort Reform Is Key To Health Reform

November 2, 2009

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

Tiger Joyce

In an August column appearing in the San Francisco Examiner, Texas Governor Rick Perry wrote: "Just six years ago, Texas was mired in a health care crisis. Our doctors were leaving the state, or abandoning the profession entirely, because of frivolous lawsuits and the steadily increasing medical malpractice insurance premiums that resulted."

But Texas has since joined 24 other states by enacting reforms that include a reasonable limit on non-economic damages for pain and suffering of up to $750,000 per incident. This essential reform does not limit compensatory awards for calculable lost wages and medical expenses, but it does balance the interests of patients and care providers while helping to ensure access to necessary care.

Now, according to Governor Perry, doctors' insurance rates have declined by an average of 27 percent while the "number of doctors applying to practice medicine in Texas has skyrocketed by 57 percent. In . . . just the first five years after reforms passed, 14,498 doctors either returned to practice in Texas or began practicing here for the first time."

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The Golden State isn't worth it

November 1, 2009

Los Angeles Times

William Voegeli

Today's public benefits fail that test, as urban scholar Joel Kotkin of and Chapman University told the Los Angeles Times in March: "Twenty years ago, you could go to Texas, where they had very low taxes, and you would see the difference between there and California. Today, you go to Texas, the roads are no worse, the public schools are not great but are better than or equal to ours, and their universities are good. The bargain between California's government and the middle class is constantly being renegotiated to the disadvantage of the middle class."

These judgments are not based on drive-by sociology. According to a report issued earlier this year by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co., Texas students "are, on average, one to two years of learning ahead of California students of the same age," even though per-pupil expenditures on public school students are 12% higher in California. The details of the Census Bureau data show that Texas not only spends its citizens' dollars more effectively than California but emphasizes priorities that are more broadly beneficial.

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Nationwide to add 750 jobs in San Antonio

October 29, 2009

San Antonio Business Journal

W. Scott Bailey

Gov. Rick Perry says the state will invest $2.5 million through the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) to assist Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. in expanding its operations in San Antonio.

The governor’s office says the move will help to create 750 high-paying jobs and generate more than $94.8 million in capital investment in Texas.

Nationwide is based in Columbus, Ohio. The company offers a full range of insurance and financial services and has operations across the United States.

It was not immediately clear how many people Nationwide currently employs in San Antonio.

The bulk of the initial job growth will be in the areas of sales and services positions, which will help support existing business and generate new growth for the company.

“Nationwide’s expansion in San Antonio is a testament to the success of the TEF and Texas’ status as the best state in the nation to invest, work and raise a family,” Perry says. “Companies like Nationwide will continue to create jobs in Texas because of our state’s low taxes, regulatory environment and educated and diverse workforce.”

John Raybuck is regional vice president of Nationwide’s Texas operations.

“The Texas Enterprise Fund, combined with the attractive workforce in San Antonio, were key factors in our decision to choose San Antonio for expansion of our operations,” he says.

At Perry’s request, the Texas Legislature created the TEF in 2003 and re-appropriated funding in 2005, 2007 and 2009 in order to help ensure the growth of Texas businesses and create more jobs throughout the state. TEF projects must be approved by the governor, lieutenant governor and Speaker of the House. Supporters say the fund has become one of the state’s most competitive tools to recruit and bolster business.

To date, the TEF has invested more than $383 million in projects generating more than 56,000 new jobs and more than $14 billion in capital investment in the state.

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Day 58: Running From His Record

New video details how liberal trial lawyer Bill White is hiding his taxes and running from his record

On day 58 of liberal trial lawyer Bill White refusing to release his income tax returns for his years in public service, Texans for Rick Perry has released a new video, “Bill White: Man on the Run.” This video is available online at and

“Liberal trial lawyer Bill White is a man on the run from his record, and it’s easy to see why,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Refusing to release his taxes for his years in public service is just one example of dishonesty from Bill White, who hides the fact that he supports Obamacare, that he believes cap and trade doesn’t go far enough, that he joined a group of mayors against gun rights, and that his fiscal mismanagement left Houston with more debt per capita than California. With a record like this, no wonder Bill White is on the run.”

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Day 57: Man On The Move Away From The Truth

May 3, 2010

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White moves further from the truth every day he refuses to release his taxes

For 57 days liberal trial lawyer Bill White has moved further away from the truth by refusing to release his income tax returns for his years in public service.

“Liberal Bill White’s lips may be moving, but until he releases his tax returns for his years in public service, he is not telling Texans the truth,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Bill White’s moves to hide his tax returns are disrespectful to the people of Texas who deserve to know how many millions he has earned from shady business dealings. Is Bill White afraid to debate Governor Perry? It’s time for Mr. Bill to come clean and release his tax returns.”

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Day 54: Hiding Taxes To Avoid Debating

April 30, 2010

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White doesn’t want to debate Gov. Perry or else he’d release his taxes

For 54 days liberal trial lawyer Bill White has insulted Texans by refusing to release his income tax returns, making it impossible to know how he has profited from shady dealings during his years in public service. Now he is willing to deny Texans the opportunity to watch their candidates for governor debate one another by continuing to hide the truth about his personal finances.

“If liberal Bill White wants to debate Gov. Perry, he must first release his income tax returns for his years in public service,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Bill White’s tax returns contain the truth about his career of shady business dealings, and if he has nothing to hide, he would match Gov. Perry’s standard of transparency and release his taxes, which Gov. Perry has done going back more than 20 years.”

White may not want to debate Gov. Perry considering the last time White participated in a debate, on February 8, 2010, his dishonesty was on display as he failed to disclose his lucrative relationship with BJ Services when discussing the Barnett Shale. After White’s Democratic opponent pointed out White’s conflict of interest relating to drilling in the Barnett Shale, White’s spokeswoman dismissed White’s connection to
the Barnett Shale as “stock that Bill has in a retirement account.”

Here is the truth: BJ Services, which is currently under investigation by Congress for polluting the groundwater in North Texas, brags about fracturing more than 2,000 wells in the Barnett Shale. White was appointed to the BJ Services board of directors on Jan. 22, 2003 – just 83 days after he declared his candidacy for mayor of Houston – and he continues to serve on the company’s board today. While mayor of Houston, White earned more than $2.6 million from BJ Services, including $682,964 in executive compensation in 2009, $124,167 of which was cash.

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Day 53: What Accountability? Hidden Taxes, Silence On Metro-Gate

April 29, 2010

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White refuses to release his tax returns or explain his role in Houston Metro’s expanding scandals

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White’s campaign website claims, “Bill White believes in accountability and results,” yet he refuses to be held accountable for the outside income he made while mayor of Houston or the scandals that his hand-picked board of directors allowed to occur at Houston Metro.

For 53 days, White has refused to release his taxes, making it impossible to know how he profited from shady dealings during his years in public service. In addition, the illegal behavior of Houston Metro under White continues to be uncovered without a single word from White.

KHOU-TV in Houston is reporting, “The Federal Transit Administration has launched a new investigation of Metro after receiving information it says shows Metro is planning to violate a federal law called ‘Buy America.’” (SOURCE: “New federal investigation of Metro suspects American money slated to go overseas,” KHOU-TV, 4/29/10, video report available online at

“Liberal Bill White’s dishonesty is not limited to his refusal to release his taxes,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “His hand-picked board of directors at Houston Metro is now under investigation by the federal government for ignoring the law and planning to use American taxpayer dollars to outsource jobs to Spain. This revelation comes shortly after we learned that Metro intentionally used false data on an application to the government for nearly $1 billion in taxpayer funds. Apparently Bill White believes in accountability for everyone but himself. It’s time for him to come clean and not only release his taxes but also explain his involvement in Houston Metro’s scandals.”

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Day 52: Let’s Debate…Release Your Taxes, Mr. Bill

April 28, 2010

If Bill White really wants to debate, he should come clean and release his income tax returns

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White says he wants to debate Governor Rick Perry, but for 52 days the liberal trial lawyer has refused to come clean with the people of Texas and release his income tax returns as Governor Perry has done for more than 20 years.

“If liberal trial lawyer Bill White wants to participate in a debate where the people of Texas can learn about his record, he should come clean and release his tax returns so the truth can be known about how he has profited during his time in public service,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Considering Bill White’s support for Obamacare, his belief that cap-and-trade legislation doesn’t go far enough, and his financial mismanagement of Houston, it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to release his taxes and debate.”

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