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VIDEO: Texans For Rick Perry Releases “Bill White’s Houston Metro-gate”

With continued reports of scandals at Houston Metro caused by former Houston Mayor Bill White’s hand-picked leadership, Texans for Rick Perry has released a new video, “Bill White’s Houston Metro-gate.” This video is available online here and

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Perry Snapshots: Rio Grande Valley Endorsements

On Friday, Governor Perry traveled down to the Rio Grande Valley to receive endorsements from mayors, mayors pro-tempore, school board members and city commissioners. Over 30 elected officials pointed to Perry's principled leadership and success in maintaining a friendly business climate and strong economy in offering their support of his re-election campaign.

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

A great way to see what Governor Perry does on the campaign trail is by following his flickr page! Just go to and view photos of Governor Perry connecting with Texans all across the state.

Also, you can continue to show your support for Governor Perry by becoming a fan on Facebook.

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The Texas Success Story.

Take a moment to watch our latest web video highlighting the success of the Texas economy:

Two amazing but true facts about the strength of the Texas economy:


Amongst the 40 largest states (accounting for 97% of the U.S. population), Texas is the only one that still had more jobs in March 2010 than before the national recession began three years ago (Jan. 2007-Jan. 2010). Texas’ net increase in jobs compares to California’s net loss of nearly 1.3 million during the same period.


Texas created more new jobs over the past decade than any other state in the nation. Most other U.S. states, on the other hand, actually ended the decade with fewer jobs than when it began. (Jan. 2000-Jan. 2010)


Texas' success did not happen by accident. Our state's fiscally conservative, pro-growth approach has helped Texas weather the recession better than any other large state in America.

The non-partisan, non-profit Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council just last week again named Texas' tax structure among the very best tax systems for entrepreneurship and small business in 2010.

NewGeography examined the best cities for jobs in 2010, and it was not accidental that Texas cities dominated the rankings in the small, medium, and large sized city categories.

With high profile companies such as Facebook now calling Texas home and creating jobs in our state, it makes sense that Texas saw the second largest high-tech employment gains in the nation in 2008 even as the recession gathered steam. Jeff Clark, TechAmerica Executive Director added, “The fact that Texas’s tech industry was adding jobs in 2008 amidst the recession is a testament to its strength.”

Chief Executive Magazine surveyed more than 600 CEOs and found that Texas is still the top state for business-- for the sixth year in a row.

Texas, the second-most populous state and the world’s 12th largest economy, is where 70 percent of all new U.S. jobs have been created since 2008. Unsurprisingly, it scores high in all the areas CEOs value most. “You feel like state government understands the value of business and industry to create jobs and growth,” observed one CEO. Its tax credits and incentives to business choosing to locate or expand are among the most aggressive. The Texas Enterprise Fund is by far the largest deal-closing fund of any state, with grants totaling $377 million disbursed in 2008.

Little wonder then that while Texas gained over 848,000 net new residents in the last 10 years, according to the Census Bureau, California lost 1.5 million.

Individuals responsible for the success of large and small businesses alike know that Texas is a place where organizations can risk their capital, find a qualified and educated workforce, deal with low taxes and a predictable regulatory climate, not be over-litigated, and succeed.

Individuals looking for good jobs know that Texas is a great place to live, work, and raise a family; the latest data from Allied Van Lines once again proves that point, as more Americans voted with their feet and relocated to Texas than any other state last year.

The Dallas Federal Reserve noted this week that Texas exports rose 20.3% in the second half of 2009 and 7.6% in February 2010, Texas home sales are again on the rise, Texas retail sales have grown for eight straight months, and March job growth in Texas was twice the national rate (while the foreclosure rate in Texas is half the national pace).

Indeed, while no place in America has been completely immune to the global economic crunch, the Dallas Fed explains, "new data and anecdotal evidence suggest that a recovery is under way in the state."

Even the Brookings Institution, which nobody would mistake for a right-of-center organization, takes note of Texas' success.

There is a reason so many are recognizing Texas' success. Let's keep the positive momentum going in Texas. Let's re-elect Governor Rick Perry in November.

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Day 58: Running From His Record

New video details how liberal trial lawyer Bill White is hiding his taxes and running from his record

On day 58 of liberal trial lawyer Bill White refusing to release his income tax returns for his years in public service, Texans for Rick Perry has released a new video, “Bill White: Man on the Run.” This video is available online at and here:


“Liberal trial lawyer Bill White is a man on the run from his record, and it’s easy to see why,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Refusing to release his taxes for his years in public service is just one example of dishonesty from Bill White, who hides the fact that he supports Obamacare, that he believes cap and trade doesn’t go far enough, that he joined a group of mayors against gun rights, and that his fiscal mismanagement left Houston with more debt per capita than California. With a record like this, no wonder Bill White is on the run.”

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Texas Gains Recognition for Economic Strength under Governor Perry's Leadership

Economic and job growth in Texas will help lead the nation out of recession. The Texas model is one that other states’ governments and the federal government should study for success. As evidence mounts, more and more public officials, news publications, and opinion leaders are pointing to Texas as the ideal case of fiscal management.

Governor Perry’s commitment to fiscally conservative principles has kept Texas the best economic climate in the nation. The American dream is the opportunity to raise a family with the freedom to prosper, and that dream is made possible through low taxes, predictable regulations, limited government, balanced budgets, and a fair legal system. The best thing government can do is step back and allow the private sector to flourish.

CEO Rankings

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Perry talks border security in Edinburg trip

May 25th, 2011
The Monitor
By: Jared Janes
EDINBURG — Gov. Rick Perry toured the U.S.-Mexico border with a Fox News anchor Tuesday to draw attention to what he described as a disconnect between Texas and Washington, D.C., on the safety of the border. President Barack Obama’s immigration speech in El Paso three weeks ago painted a picture of a safe and secure border, Perry said after he was interviewed by Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in Hidalgo County. But Perry said local law enforcement authorities are increasingly challenged with securing the border, requiring them to turn to Austin for aid in handling a federal responsibility.

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Gov. Rick Perry's Business-Friendly Texas Thriving

May 16th, 2011
Human Events
By: Kenneth Hanner
The same week in April that a delegation of government officials from beleaguered California came to Texas to examine the state’s sound economy, Republican Gov. Rick Perry announced deals with three major corporations, creating new jobs in the Lone Star State. It’s no big secret why Texas has been attracting businesses, while corporations are fleeing California. As Perry told the Golden State visitors, Texas’ low taxes and regulatory sanity offer a friendly business climate for companies looking to set up shop.

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The Best Cities for Jobs

May 11th, 2011
Forbes (Yahoo Finance)
By: Joel Kotkin and Michael Shires
These may be far from the best of times, but they are no longer the worst. Last year's annual "Best Cities for Jobs" list was by far the most dismal since we began compiling our rankings almost five years ago. Between 2009 and 2010, only 13 of 397 metropolitan areas experienced any growth at all. For this year's list, which measured job growth in the period between January 2010 and January 2011, most of the best-performing areas experienced actual employment increases -- even if they were modest. For Forbes' list of the best cities for jobs, we ranked all 398 current metropolitan statistical areas, based on employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported from November 1999 to January 2011. Rankings are based on recent growth trends, mid-term growth and long-term growth and momentum. We also broke down rankings by size -- small, medium and large -- since regional economies differ markedly due to their scale.

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Republican governors bring change, as promised

April 28th, 2011
By: Governor Rick Perry
For four years, the Republican Governors Association has methodically built toward establishing a majority of governors — on the promise that executives at the state level would transform the nation. One hundred days ago this week, the last of the Republican Party’s new majority of 29 governors was sworn in. Now the nation can see the tremendous impact made possible by a group of governors committed to sweeping reforms in every facet of government. Over this short time, new GOP governors have redefined the nation’s politics by hitting the reset button in their states — promoting fiscally responsible policies to lead the way back to national prominence.

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Houston No. 2 in U.S. job growth in March

April 27th, 2011
Houston Business Journal
By: G. Scott Thomas,
Seventy-seven of the nation's 100 biggest markets — with Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth leading the way — added jobs in March, according to a report issued Wednesday morning by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Hidden Taxes Day 93: Still Waiting On White To Come Clean

June 8, 2010
<em>Hidden Taxes Day 93: Still Waiting On White To Come Clean</em> Below is a statement from Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner: “Bill White’s decision to release five years of tax returns today is a good first step towards coming clean with the public regarding the sources of his personal fortune. However, by withholding tax returns for his years in public service dating back to the 1990s, <a href="" target="_blank">Bill White</a> has not matched Governor Perry’s level of transparency. Questions remain concerning income Bill White received while Deputy Secretary of Energy under President Clinton and as Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, and how he has profited from those positions. “This partial release of some tax returns creates further questions about how Bill White profited while serving Houston as a part-time mayor. Bill White reported more than a half-million dollars in profit from his role with BTEC Investments on his 2007 taxes, yet his financial disclosure as a candidate for the U.S. Senate includes another profit between $100,000 and $1,000,000 in 2008 that is not reported on his 2008 tax returns. “Furthermore, Bill White must explain the details of BTEC’s involvement with efforts concerning Hurricane Rita, considering he was a board member of the company before being elected mayor and that he personally made more than a half-million dollars from the company just over one year after it participated in Hurricane Rita efforts. “Governor Perry looks forward to debating Bill White when he fully comes clean in releasing his tax returns for his years in public service, including the years he served under President Clinton developing energy policy that he has profited from.”

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Bill White Lying To Media About His Anti-Gun Beliefs

June 7, 2010
<i>Missing Taxes Day 92: Liberal trial lawyer denying truth about his membership in “anti-gun front group”</i> Just as he has hidden his income tax returns for 92 days and counting, liberal trial lawyer <a href="" target="_blank">Bill White</a> is lying to the media and hiding the truth about his membership in Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization the National Rifle Association calls an “anti-gun front group.” [1] “Liberal Bill White is lying to hide his anti-gun beliefs just like he is his hiding his taxes,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “The only reason Bill White quit an anti-gun front group is because a pro-gun Democrat criticized him. Bill White is trying to run from his anti-gun record, just like he is running from his record of mismanagement as Houston’s mayor.” In addition to signing letters and being included in national newspaper ads promoting anti-gun policies, White has twice lied to reporters about his departure from the group, which White said he joined in 2006 at the request of anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [2] On July 28, 2009, one day after rival U.S. Senate candidate John Sharp called on White to quit Mayors Against Illegal Guns, White resigned his membership. This date of departure was confirmed by Mayors Against Illegal Guns spokesman Jason Post on March 4, 2010. [3, 4] However, last year the <a href="" target="_blank">White campaign</a> lied to the Austin American-Statesman and said White quit the group on July 21, 2009, the day the group ran a full page ad in USA Today promoting its opposition to legislation from Senator John Thune that would allow those with concealed gun permits to carry them into other states. White’s name appears in the ad, as well as on a letter sent to all members of Congress four days earlier asking them to oppose Thune’s legislation. [5, 6, 7] White recently repeated this lie to the Associated Press, which on June 5, 2010, reported, “In 2009, facing his first statewide political campaign, White quietly resigned from the group. White says he quit because the group opposed a federal law that would have allowed conceal-carry permit holders to carry their firearms across state lines.” [8] For years, White also supported efforts by Mayors Against Illegal Guns to oppose privacy rights for gun owners. In 2007, White signed a letter from the group to all members of Congress opposing the Tiahrt Amendment, and his name also appears in a newspaper ad opposing the Tiahrt Amendment. [9, 10]

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White Campaign Desperate To Deny Cap And Trade Memo Sent To Obama Administration

June 4, 2010
<i>Missing Taxes Day 89: Liberal trial lawyer advised President-elect how to sell cap and trade to the public</i> Liberal trial lawyer <a href="" target="_blank">Bill White</a> continues to run from his record. He says he wasn’t a trial lawyer despite court records proving he was one. He hides his shady business deals by refusing to release his income tax returns for 89 days and counting. And his campaign continues to ignore the contents of a memo White wrote in 2008 advising President-elect Barack Obama on how to sell cap and trade legislation to the public. Even his spokeswoman Katy Bacon yesterday told the Texas Tribune, “Bill has never been in favor of cap and trade.” (SOURCE: “Ads Infinitum: Perry Goes After ‘Cap & Trade,’” Texas Tribune, 6/3/10, “Liberal Bill White has no regard for the truth,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Bill White can try to deny his support for cap and trade, but he cannot hide the advice he gave President-elect Obama on how to sell cap and trade to the public like he is hiding his tax returns. Bill White should come clean and release his tax returns so Texans can learn the truth about how he profited during his years in public service.” The Houston Chronicle published White’s memo to the Obama Administration on May 18, 2010, in an article titled, “Bill White's advice to Obama on cap and trade.” (SOURCE: “Bill White's advice to Obama on cap and trade,” Houston Chronicle, 5/18/10,

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ICYMI: Bill White: Excluding Military Voters, But Welcoming Illegals?

June 3, 2010
<i>Missing Taxes Day 88: Liberal trial lawyer hiding his taxes and his out-of-touch voting positions</i> Liberal trial lawyer <a href="" target="_blank">Bill White is out of touch with Texas values</a>, from concealing his shady business dealings by refusing to release his income taxes to his positions against military voters and Voter ID. Empower Texans detailed White’s voting positions yesterday in an article titled, “Bill White: Excluding Military Voters, But Welcoming Illegals?” (Full article below and available online at “Liberal Bill White supports policies that would result in fewer military voters and more illegal voters,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Bill White’s opposition to Voter ID, combined with his support for restricting the voting rights of military voters in local, county, and state elections, is a commentary on just how out of touch he is with Texas values.”

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VIDEO: “Bill White Supports Cap & Trade”

June 2, 2010
<i>Missing Taxes Day 87: Liberal trial lawyer hiding his taxes and his support for cap and trade</i> Just as liberal trial lawyer Bill White has hidden his income tax returns for 87 days and counting, he continues to hide his support for cap and trade. Texans for Rick Perry has released a new video, “Bill White Supports Cap & Trade,” which is available online at and

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