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Cap and Tax Threatening Texas Jobs

In less than six months, Texas voters will go to the polls and choose between two starkly different visions for Texas.

The first vision is one of limited government that fosters an environment for good Texas jobs, economic growth, boundless opportunity, and greater personal freedom.

The second, favored by Gov. Perry’s opponent, is a vision of more government spending, more taxation, and expanded government control over every aspect of your life. He supports the goals Obama-care. He calls spending cuts by state agencies “Soviet-style” governance. And he supports California-style emissions regulations, which would cripple industry in Texas.

In fact, if you wonder why Bill White is an Obama-like liberal, look no further than the issue of cap and trade…more accurately known as cap and tax, because it will cap our economy and tax away our jobs.

While Texas leaders fight the Obama Administration’s job-killing regulatory policies in court, the former mayor of Houston—our nation’s largest energy producer—advocates policies that would decimate the very industry the Bayou City was built on.

The Democratic nominee for governor went so far as to send an advisory memo to Obama’s chief of staff, telling him how to sell cap and tax to the American public!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

NASCAR Race Day: Perry & Labonte #71

Perry & Labonte NASCAR #71

Perry & Labonte NASCAR #71

NASCAR Race Day: Perry & Labonte #71

NASCAR Race Day: Perry & Labonte #71

NASCAR Race Day: Perry & Labonte #71

View photos from all the NASCAR events Governor Perry attended by visiting his flickr page!

Also, you can continue to show your support for Governor Perry by becoming a fan on Facebook and following @GovernorPerry on Twitter.

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Race Day

Texas' own NASCAR chamption, Bobby Labonte, will be driving the #71 Governor Perry 2010 car at Texas Motor Speedway today.

Team Labonte Perry

Start Your Engines



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#71 Moving Texas Forward Tour Schedule

Governor Perry's 2010 campaign is sponsoring NASCAR Champion Bobby Labonte's car at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday, April 18, 2010. Bobby Labonte, #71, will be driving the Governor Perry 2010 car at Texas Motor Speedway, which adds $300,000,000 to the region's economy every year. In anticipation of this exciting event, the Rick Perry #71 car will be touring the Great State of Texas this week, and it's coming to a stop near you!

Come on out, bring your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to get your picture taken with the #71 car! Everyone is invited.

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Enjoy Some Texas BBQ with NASCAR's #71 Bobby Labonte & Governor Rick Perry!

Texans for Rick Perry has some exciting ways you can be a part of the action!

Governor Perry and Bobby Labonte are throwing a barbecue for supporters on Saturday, April 17th at Cooper’s Barbecue in Ft. Worth. You can RSVP and purchase your tickets ($15/person or $25/couple) by emailing Adam Leggett ( We must have your RSVP by noon on Friday, April 16th.

If you’d like to attend that BBQ party for free, you have some great options as well.

Option 1: If you set up and fill up a new Perry Home Headquarters between now and 5 p.m. Thursday, April 15th, your admission to the BBQ is free.

Option 2: If you manage to raise the most money through your your personal fundraising page between now and 5:00 on Thursday, April 15th, you’ll not only get free entry to the BBQ, you’ll receive two tickets to the race on Sunday. If you haven't already registered for your personal fundraising page, you can do so by going here

Option 3: You can also score free entry to the BBQ and two free race tickets by signing up to become a Perry Home Headquarters and rallying the most supporters between now and 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 15th. If you are not already signed up as a Perry Home Headquarters, click here to get started

Start recruiting and fundraising today so you can be ahead of the pack and we can continue to keep Texas moving forward.

As they say at the track, ladies and gentlemen: start your engines!

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Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's big transportation plan lacks money

January 3, 2010

El Paso Times

Gustavo Reveles Acosta

EL PASO -- In Texas, when it comes to transportation, money talks and ... well, you know the rest of that saying.

That's why it was surprising to see that Texas gubernatorial candidate and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson would make public an elaborate transportation plan without pinpointing where the money to pay for it would come from.

One of her major initiatives, for example, would be the construction of a commuter rail system to link the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston areas. (El Paso's rail would have to wait for the next governor, I guess.)

That rail triangle is an awesome idea. There's a lot of commercial traffic among those cities, and the business people who travel in the area would appreciate a reprieve from the cumbersome airports, I'm sure.

But when each mile of rail costs millions of dollars to build, Hutchinson is looking at a very costly endeavor with seemingly no funding mechanism in place to make it happen.

Perhaps Hutchinson -- who is facing Gov. Rick Perry in a tough Republican primary this spring -- thinks the money will come from the savings that the committee to identify wasteful spending at the Texas Department of Transportation will find.

Or maybe that extra money will go toward building enough roads to keep up with the rapid growth in Texas, since her plan also wants to put a halt to much of the toll-road construction that is helping cities like El Paso get much-needed highways.

Of course, the back-and-forth between Hutchinson and Perry over transportation continues with this plan.

After all, Hutchinson was quick to herald the death of the Trans Texas Corridor earlier this year as a sign that Perry's pull in the state is waning.

It's only fair that he would call her plan bureaucratic and ineffective.

And now that both of these candidates have weighed in on transportation, it's time for Texas' Democratic candidates to speak up.

Maybe their strategy will include El Paso in their commuter rail plan.

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The States and the Stimulus

January 2, 2010

The Wall Street Journal

A few governors, such as Mitch Daniels of Indiana and Rick Perry of Texas, had the foresight to turn down their share of the $7 billion for unemployment insurance, realizing that once the federal funds run out, benefits would be unpayable. "One of the smartest decisions we made," says Mr. Daniels. Many governors now probably wish they had done the same.


Now, in an election year, Congress wants to pass another $100 billion aid package for ailing states to sustain the mess the first stimulus helped to create. Governors would be smarter to unite and tell Congress to keep the money and mandates, and let the states adjust to the new reality of lower revenues. Meanwhile, Mr. Perry and other governors who warned that the stimulus would have precisely this effect can consider themselves vindicated.

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Texas Cuts Taxes For 40,000 Small Businesses, Improves Appraisal Process

December 30, 2009

The Gov. Monitor

Governor Rick Perry today highlighted several new laws that take effect Jan. 1, 2010, which institute important reforms to the appraisal process to help property taxpayers.

“In addition to cutting taxes for 40,000 small business and leaving billions of dollars in our Rainy Day Fund this last session, we also implemented measures that will provide greater protection for property owners by adding transparency and fairness to the appraisal process,” Gov. Perry said.

HB 8 and 3612 by Rep. John Otto and SB 771 by Sen. Tommy Williams are among several bills that will improve the appraisal process, and include provisions that impose limits on what is considered a comparable sale for appraisal purposes; create an expedited arbitration process; and require substantial evidence to increase an appraisal after a successful appeal.

These changes will improve the fairness and accuracy of the appraisal process and increase the oversight of appraisal districts to ensure they are following uniform appraisal practices and procedures.

HB 1038 by Rep. Ken Paxton ensures appraisers continue to consider all comparable properties when appraising a home, including those recently sold at foreclosure or that have decreased in value.

Additional measures to strengthen the appraisal process include the passage of Propositions 2 and 3 by Texas voters in November.

Proposition 2 will ensure that residential property is appraised only based on its use as a homestead (instead of being appraised based on a hypothetical alternate use).

Proposition 3 will allow the Legislature to adopt uniform statewide appraisal standards in the future. Both of these measures will increase transparency and accountability in the appraisal process.

For a list of all Texas laws effective on Jan. 1, 2010, please visit

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Governor says homeowners will receive fairer appraisals in 2010

December 30, 2009

San Antonio Business Journal

Several new laws are set to go into effect on Jan. 1 that should improve the appraisal process and help property taxpayers.

State lawmakers passed several pieces of legislation during the 2009 session that impose limits on what is considered a comparable sale for appraisal purposes, create an expedited arbitration process and require substantial evidence to increase an appraisal after a successful appeal.

It is hoped, according to the Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Office, that these measures will improve the fairness and accuracy of the appraisal process and ensure that appraisal districts are following uniform appraisal practices and procedures.

House Bill 1038, authored by Rep. Ken Paxton, requires appraisers to consider all comparable properties when appraising a home, including those recently sold at foreclosure or that have decreased in value.

Additional measures to strengthen the appraisal process include the passage of Propositions 2 and 3 by Texas voters in November.

The goal of Proposition 2 is to ensure that residential property is appraised only based on its use as a homestead — instead of being appraised based on a hypothetical alternate use.

Proposition 3 will allow the Legislature to adopt uniform statewide appraisal standards in the future.

The intent of both of these measures is to increase transparency and accountability in the appraisal process.

For a list of all Texas laws that will become effective on Jan. 1, 2010, please visit the Legislature’s Web site at

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Don't mess with Texas: More Americans moving in

December 23, 2009

CNN Money

Les Christie

NEW YORK ( -- Americans, it seems, still have a love affair with the West. Texas and Wyoming were the big winners in the Census Bureau's annual population estimates, which were released on Wednesday.

In the year ended July 1, Texas added more people than any other state, and Wyoming had the highest growth rate in the nation.

The population of the United States has grown more than 9% to 307,006,550 since the 2000 census. The population grew 0.86% since last year's estimates.

Just three states shrank during the year. Michigan's population fell by 0.33%, Maine dropped 0.11%, and Rhode Island lost 0.03%.

The report is a kind of sneak preview of the next big 10-year census, which will be released in December 2010.

The 10-year census determines congressional representation and federal aid, among other things.

"The census counts will not only determine how many U.S. House seats each state will have but will also be used as the benchmark for future population estimates," said Census Bureau Director Robert Groves.

In Nevada, for example, the population has risen 32.27% since the 2000 Census, more than any other state in the past decade. Nevada currently has three seats in the House and will almost certainly pick up another as a result of its population growth.
See where your state ranks

On the other hand, large states that have grown slowly over the past nine years such as Ohio (1.67%), Pennsylvania (2.64%), New York (2.98%) and Michigan (3.13%) could lose at least one seat each.

The future of the so-called Sand States - California, Arizona, Nevada and Florida - is still in question, though. The rapid rise of many of these states through the early part of the decade has been curtailed by the housing crisis.

In Florida, which averaged about 2% a year in population growth from 2001 through 2005, residential numbers inched up only 0.62% during the 12 months ended July 1. In the previous 12 months, the state recorded only a 0.71% gain.

A similar dynamic played out in Nevada. Its average population increase was 3.6% per year in the five years through 2005, but the state grew only 1% this time. And the growth was due to the birth rate, not people actually moving in.

Both Nevada and Florida actually had more people leave the states than arrive.

Many communities in these bubble states now have long lists of homes for sale. New construction has slowed, idling workers and hurting local economies.

Some of the once-booming cities in the Central Valley of California, such as Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, Merced, El Centro and Visalia, are now plagued by job losses. Seven out of the 10 metro areas with the highest unemployment rates are in California.

Other Sun Belt states have fared much better. Texas, for example, never went through the boom-and-bust housing cycle that devastated the Sand States. Home prices remained affordable, and the state's unemployment rate was 8% in October, a full two percentage points below the national average.

So, it's no surprise that Texas added more than 3.9 million residents during the 2000s. Its population also grew by the greatest number of people (478,000) during the 12 months ended July 1. California was second with 381,000 followed by North Carolina with 134,000.

Wyoming boasted the fastest growth rate for the 12-month period: 2.12% to a total of 544,270. The Cowboy State was followed by Utah (2.1%), Texas (1.97%) and Colorado (1.81%).

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Bill White: Man On The Run From Metro-Gate

May 11, 2010

Day 65: White breaks silence regarding agency where he appointed top donor as chairman of the board, yet “accepted no responsibility” for ongoing scandals and instead offered praise

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White continues to run from his record as Houston mayor. For 65 days he has refused to release his income taxes for his years in public service, and yesterday he broke his silence regarding scandals at Houston Metro, where he appointed a top campaign donor chairman of the board shortly after being elected mayor.

Yet when White finally addressed Metro-gate, the Houston Chronicle is reporting that he “accepted no responsibility for Metro's current problems — which include Wilson's apparent skirting of federal ‘Buy America’ rules on the purchase of two rail cars — and praised Metro for getting this far in the federal grant application process.” (SOURCE: “Parker continues to bash Metro, but to what end?” Houston Chronicle, 5/11/10,

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Openness? Transparency? Not While Bill White And His Team Are Around

May 10, 2010

Day 64: Houston Mayor Annise Parker declares "It is a new day for openness and transparency at METRO” after CEO hired by White’s board of directors quits

For 64 days, liberal trial lawyer Bill White has hidden his income taxes from the people of Texas, displaying his disregard for openness and transparency. The same sort of shadiness has surrounded Houston Metro for years, where repeated scandals have occurred under the board of directors appointed by White and the CEO hired by the board when White took office.

Last Friday, when Metro CEO Frank Wilson resigned, Houston Mayor Annise Parker declared, “It is a new day for openness and transparency at METRO.” (SOURCE: “Metro’s CEO quits, lawsuits and investigations move forward,” KHOU-TV Houston, 5/7/10,

“It is telling that the new mayor of Houston promises openness and transparency after years of secrecy and corruption from Bill White’s hand-picked Metro leadership,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Liberal Bill White may try to run from his record, but he cannot run away from the mess he created for his successor. Bill White should stop running from the truth, come clean, and release his taxes for his years in public service.”

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Texans for Rick Perry: We’ve Got an App for That!

May 10, 2010

Campaign Launches iPhone Mobile App

AUSTIN – Texans for Rick Perry today launched its new iPhone mobile application. The app offers a powerful new tool supporters can use to keep up to date with Gov. Perry’s efforts to keep Texas strong and successful, and stay informed on ways to get involved with the campaign exclusively from their mobile phones. The mobile app is now available for download in Apple’s iPhone App Store.

“I’m very proud of my campaign’s efforts to break new ground by offering a mobile phone app for those looking to stay informed with my efforts to keep Texas moving forward,” said Gov. Perry. “As technology continues to change and develop, it is increasingly important that we adapt and find the best ways to communicate with Texans across the state. With our application now available over several mobile phone services, Texans have a powerful and convenient tool to stay involved with our campaign efforts and informed of campaign news.”

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Bipartisan Group of Mayors and Elected Officials Endorse Gov. Perry for Re-Election

May 7, 2010

MISSION – Gov. Rick Perry today accepted the endorsements of 30 elected officials from the Rio Grande Valley region, including mayors, mayors pro-tempore, school board members and city commissioners, including several Democrats. They pointed to Gov. Perry’s principled leadership and success in maintaining a friendly business climate and strong economy in offering their support of his re-election campaign.

“It is an honor to stand here today with a group of leaders who have dedicated themselves to public service and worked tirelessly to strengthen their communities, and I am deeply honored to have their support,” said Gov. Perry. “Working together, we will keep our state moving forward with Texas values and proven leadership, and the support of hardworking Texans like those here with me today.”

"I’ve been supporting Gov. Perry since 1998 and I'm very proud of him,” said Mission Mayor Norberto Salinas. “Texas has never had as good a governor as Rick Perry. I am proud to endorse him and offer my full support. Texas needs him for another four years."

In his remarks, Gov. Perry discussed the importance of efforts to create jobs and uphold the fiscally conservative policies that have kept Texas comparatively strong in the midst of a challenging national economy. He noted Texas’ unemployment rate has remained a point-and-a-half below the national average and the state has created more jobs in the last six months than any other state. He also pointed to the state’s success in keeping taxes low, restraining spending and upholding a predictable regulatory climate, which has enabled entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed.

Gov. Perry also highlighted efforts to continue strengthening education, citing his proposals to double the number of Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (T-STEM) schools and increasing the number of U-Teach programs in state universities.

“I am a Democrat and I am supporting Gov. Perry because he's been a good governor for Pharr, the housing community and economic development,” said Pharr Mayor Polo Palacios. “My family came from Mexico and growing up I was always taught to respect those that help you and treat you well. Gov. Perry’s efforts have helped our community. We have worked together and, time after time, Gov. Perry has not let us down.”

“Gov. Perry has worked so hard for South Texas and I am so proud of him,” said La Feria Mayor Steve Brewer. “His team did an unbelievable job during Hurricane Dolly – we were underwater and Gov. Perry wasted no time in dispatching the state guard.”

“Gov. Perry really cares about South Texas,” said Elsa Mayor Senovio Castillo. “The City of Elsa has been helped tremendously by Gov. Perry. He was there when we needed him. We were well prepared before Hurricane Dolly hit because of his efforts.”

The following elected officials today endorsed Gov. Perry:

Mission Mayor Norberto Salinas
Pharr Mayor Polo Palacios
Palmhurst Mayor Ramiro Rodriguez
South Padre Island Mayor Robert Pinkerton
Laguna Vista Mayor Susie Houston,
Lyford Mayor Henry De La Paz, Jr.
Elsa Mayor Senovio Castillo,
La Feria Mayor Steve Brewer
Mission Mayor Pro-Tem,Leo Olivarez
Pharr Mayor Pro-Tem Adan Farias
Mercedes Mayor Pro-Tem Leonardo Garcia
Edcouch Mayor Pro-Tem Eduardo Gonzalez
Pharr Commissioner Oscar Elizondo, Jr.
Pharr Commissioner Arturo Cortez
Pharr Commissioner Bobby Carrillo
Mission Commissioner Ruben Plata
Mission Commissioner Maria Elena Ramirez
Mission Commissioner Norie Garza
Elsa Commissioner Cain Caceres
Elsa Commissioner Oscar Garcia
Mission I.S.D. School Board Member Oscar Martinez
Mission I.S.D. School Board Member Raymond R. Longoria
Mission I.S.D. School Board Member James E. Olivarez
Edcouch-Elsa I.S.D. School Board Member Antonio Barco
Mission Chief of Police Leo Longoria
Former Donna Mayor Rick Morales
Former Harlingen Mayor Rick Rodriguez
Former Rio Grande City Mayor Kevin Hiles
Former 92nd District Judge Horacio Pena
Former 430th District Judge Tom Wingate

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Hidden Taxes Day 61 – Man On The Run From “Fiscal Crisis” He Created

May 7, 2010

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White is running from his record with television ad AP says ignores Houston’s “huge budget problems”

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White’s campaign to hide his income taxes has reached 61 days, and now his dishonesty is also on display in a television ad that the Associated Press says ignores Houston’s “huge budget problems.”

On May 6, 2010, the Associated Press published an analysis of White’s first television ad of the general election and wrote:

ANALYSIS: White has cut city property taxes as mayor, but coupled with increased spending, that's left Houston with huge budget problems. His successor as mayor, Annise Parker, says she now has a full-blown fiscal crisis on her hands and has considered double-digit water-rate increases and has cut hours at the city's libraries. She has also raised the possibility of furloughs and layoffs for city employees. Parker said the dire budget outlook will require the city council to consider all available options for closing roughly $110 million in budget gaps during the next two years, according to the Houston Chronicle. "For years now, we have spent more money than we have taken in," Parker, like White, a Democrat in the nonpartisan job, said March 10. "You can't spend more than you earn. It is a very unbusinesslike approach to running things." (SOURCE: “White brags about tax cuts, but to what end?” Associated Press, 5/6/10,

“Liberal Bill White refuses to accept responsibility for his fiscal mismanagement of Houston, and now the Associated Press is calling him out for his dishonest television ad,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “While Bill White is spending thousands of dollars to gloss over his failed record as Houston’s mayor, his successor has admitted the city is facing a full-blown fiscal crisis because of White’s ‘unbusinesslike’ approach of spending more than the city took in for years. Bill White ignores facts just like he ignores transparency by refusing to release his income taxes for his years in public service.”

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