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Bipartisan Group of Lawyers Wants Perry Case Dismissed

The Texas Tribune
Terri Langford
A bipartisan group of lawyers led by former Texas Solicitor General James C. Ho filed an amicus brief Monday in Austin, asking a judge to dismiss the case against Gov. Rick Perry.

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Text of Gov. Perry's Remarks at the Texas Public Policy Foundation's Energy and Climate Policy Summit

Thank you Senator Patrick. It is truly an honor to stand in the presence of Texas' next lieutenant governor. I once held that job, a long time ago. So long ago it was before the Y2K crisis.

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Gov. Perry Presents Star of Texas Awards to Texas First Responders

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today presented the Star of Texas Awards, which honor peace officers, firefighters and emergency medical first responders who have been seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.

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Sculpture by Keene man trophy for Texas A & M football game

Keene Star
Paul Gnadt
A trophy that will be handed to the winners of this year's football game between Texas A&M and the University of South Carolina started in the hands of a sculptor from Keene.

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Governor Perry Still Looks Strong

Real Clear Politics
Larry Kudlow
The so-called "abuse of power" indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry is not only not going to hurt him in the 2016 GOP sweepstakes but it might actually help him. I say that because Perry immediately fired back at the charges with no hesitation, labeling the indictment the partisan political ploy that it really is. And in terms of threatening to veto legislation that would have funded the state's Public Integrity Unit, run by Travis County district attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, Perry held his Texas constitutional ground. In a number of TV appearances, Perry not only said that he was legally authorized to defund the DA but that he would do it all over again if he had the chance.

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Governor's Commission for Women seeking nominations for Texas Women's Hall of Fame

AUSTIN – The Texas Governor’s Commission for Women is seeking nominations of outstanding women for the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame. A proud tradition since 1984, the Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments of Texas women who have made significant contributions in areas such as business, education, philanthropy and public service.

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Gov. Perry: Texas is on the Path to Even Greater Prosperity

Gov. Rick Perry highlighted legislative accomplishments of the 82nd Legislative Session, and urged lawmakers to take swift action on unfinished legislative business as outlined in his call for a special session. The governor was joined by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus, where he commended legislative action that passed the state budget without raising taxes while preserving the Rainy Day Fund, and measures that addressed emergency items and other priority legislation.

"The voters of Texas made it clear last November that they wanted a leaner, more efficient state government with no new taxes, and I'm proud of what we've accomplished together to deliver that and more," Gov. Perry said. "The steps taken over the past 140 days have placed Texas on the path to even greater prosperity in the years to come. I look forward to lawmakers taking quick action on the important issues remaining before them in the special session."

Gov. Perry praised legislators for making the tough choices necessary to keep Texas living within its means in the face of one of the most significant budget challenges in our state's history. Lawmakers have passed a fiscally responsible budget without raising taxes, while maintaining essential services and preserving more than $6 billion in the Rainy Day Fund to keep the state equipped to respond to potential natural disasters or ongoing national economic challenges.

The governor also applauded lawmakers for their work in passing key issues he declared emergency items. These include measures that strengthen Texas' legal climate by implementing a loser pays system to cut down on frivolous lawsuits; protect the integrity of elections by requiring voters to present a photo ID at the polls; protect life by requiring a woman to receive a sonogram before electing to have an abortion; strengthen private property rights by passing eminent domain protections into law; and call on the U.S. Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment. Additionally, Gov. Perry highlighted important legislation that will combat human trafficking, giving prosecutors the tools to ensure those that commit this crime are brought to justice and strengthening the penalties for those who are convicted.

Yesterday, Gov. Perry issued the call for a special session to address fiscal matters necessary for the implementation of House Bill 1, including measures that will allow school districts to operate more efficiently, and measures to address healthcare cost containment, access to services through managed care, and the creation of economic and structural incentives to improve the quality of Medicaid services.

For more information about the 82nd Legislative Session, please visit

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Gov. Perry Requests Major Disaster Declaration as Extreme Wildfire Danger Continues

In a letter sent to President Barack Obama late Saturday afternoon, Gov. Rick Perry requested a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of Texas as a result of widespread wildfires and continuing fire danger across the state. The governor identified 252 Texas counties presently threatened or impacted by wildfires. Since the wildfire season began, Texas has responded to 7,807 fires across the state that have burned more than 1,528,714 acres and destroyed 244 homes. Rescue efforts have saved 8,514 threatened homes.

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Gov. Perry Tours Areas Devastated by Wildfires

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry today toured an area of West Texas that has been affected by wildfires that have intensified in the region over the past several days, and met with local officials and first responders who are working to battle the fires. State resources were deployed across the state over the weekend, and continue to assist local efforts while dangerous conditions continue.

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