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Governor Perry’s Leadership Draws Broad Array of Endorsements.

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The list of endorsing organizations and leaders is unparalleled for 2010, and support for Rick Perry just keeps growing:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
Texas Municipal Police Association
Texas Chemical Council
Texas Society of Professional Engineers
Republican National Committeewoman Cathie Adams
Texas Right to Life
Houston Realty Business Coalition
Texas Apartment Association
TX Republican County Chairman Assoc. Pres. Linda Rogers
Heidi Group Founder Carol Everett
Texas Alliance for Life
Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC
Texas Home School Coalition PAC
Texans for Life Coalition President Kyleen Wright
Conservative Republicans of Texas President Dr. Steve Hotze
Free Market Foundation President Kelly Shackelford
Texas Chiropractic Association
Americans for Prosperity* State Director Peggy Venable
Texas State Association of Fire Fighters
Texas Association of Realtors
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Texas Civil Justice League PAC
Texas Oil and Gas Association President Rob Looney
Concerned Women for America State Director Ann Hettinger
Texas Optometric Association PAC
Texas Pest Control Association
Energy Entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens
Texas Recreational Vehicle Association
Texas Poultry Federation
Justice at the Gate Founder Alice Patterson
Former Republican Party of Texas Chair Tina Benkiser
Texas Cattle Feeders Beef-PAC
Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafly
Texas Pharmacy Business Council
Justice Foundation President Allan Parker, Jr.
Texas Podiatric Medical Association
Texas Association for Interior Design
Former Texas Republican Party Chairman Susan Weddington
Former U.S. Secretary of Education Bill Bennett
Family Research Council Action PAC Chairman Tony Perkins
WallBuilders President and Founder David Barton
Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour
Texas Association of Builders HOMEPAC
Manufacturers PAC of Texas
Texas Medical Association TEXPAC
Former Republican Party of Texas Chair George Strake
Texas Society of Anesthesiologists PAC
Texas Restaurant Association PAC
Vision America Founder Dr. Rick Scarborough
Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas PAC
Recreational Fishing Alliance
Texas Recreational Fishing Alliance
Texas Nursery and Landscape Association PAC
Career Colleges and Schools of Texas
Two-Thirds of the State Republican Executive Committee
Republican National Committeeman Bill Crocker
Former Republican Party of Texas Chair Tom Pauken
Texas Motor Transportation Association TRUCKPAC
Empower Texans PAC

*Organization listed for identification purposes only, Americans for Prosperity itself does not endorse candidates.

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Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Gov. Rick Perry for Re-election

October 2, 2009
AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsement of Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafly for re-election in 2010. “More than just about any elected leader in our nation, Gov. Perry has fought and delivered on his promises to defend pro-life and pro-family values within the state of Texas,” said Phyllis Schlafly. “In a time where conservative ideals are increasingly under attack, Gov. Perry hasn’t backed away from working to implement policies that defend families, religious freedoms and life. I am proud to offer him my support in his re-election effort.” Schlafly is the founder and president of Eagle Forum, a national organization of citizens who participate as volunteers in the public policymaking process. She has been a national leader of the conservative movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice Not An Echo and a leader of the pro-family movement since 1972, when she founded Eagle Forum. “Phyllis has been a mighty force across our nation in the effort to foster conservative values in government,” said Gov. Rick Perry. “I’m honored to receive her endorsement and proud to stand alongside her in efforts to strengthen families, fight for life and protect our freedoms.” Schlafly joins the Texas Municipal Police Association, Texas Chemical Council, Texas Society of Professional Engineers, RNC Committeewoman Cathie Adams, Texas Right to Life, Houston Realty Business Coalition, Texas Apartment Association, Texas Republican County Chairman Association President Linda Rogers, Heidi Group Founder Carol Everett, Texas Alliance for Life, Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC, Texas Home School Coalition PAC, Texans for Life President Kyleen Wright, Conservative Republicans of Texas President Dr. Steve Hotze, Free Market Foundation President Kelly Shackelford, Texas Chiropractic Association, Americans for Prosperity* State Director Peggy Venable, the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters, Texas Association of Realtors, Texas Civil Justice League PAC, Texas Oil Gas Association President Rob Looney, Concerned Women for America State Director Ann Hettinger, Texas Optometric Association PAC, Texas Pest Control Association, energy entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens, Texas Recreational Vehicle Association, Texas Poultry Federation, Justice at the Gate Founder Alice Patterson and the Texas Cattle Feeders Beef-PAC in their endorsement of Gov. Perry. *Organization listed for identification purposes only, Americans for Prosperity itself does not endorse candidates.
Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum Founder

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Talkin' Texas

Despite a malicious denial-of-service attack on today, thousands of Texans were able to participate in "Talkin' Texas" and listen to Governor Rick Perry talk about his record and vision for Texas.

Governor Perry reflected on the conservative legislative accomplishments in Texas that have positioned our state for success. If you missed it earlier, you can now watch the live portion of the video for yourself:

Governor Perry today offered several new proposals to maintain Texas’ positive momentum, including:

• A constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds vote of the legislature to increase state taxes;
• Making permanent the recent tax cut extended to 40,000 small businesses in the last legislative session (under current law, the $1 million business margins tax exemption will expire in 2011);
• Imposing criminal penalties on employers who knowingly violate employment laws by hiring workers who are in Texas illegally; and
•Paving the way for ongoing job growth by purging unnecessary laws and regulations that stifle Texas entrepreneurs.

The event, which garnered more than 22,000 views in spite of the attack, was streamed live from the HOLT-Caterpillar facility in San Antonio. Check back at and look out for regular updates.

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Is Texas Ready for a Moderate Governor?

September 22, 2009
Human Events
A.W.R. Hawkins
As the 2010 gubernatorial race unfolds in Texas, battle lines are clearly drawn between two candidates -- Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison: both of whom are Republicans, but only one of whom is a conservative. Perry is known as being pro-gun, pro-life, pro-traditional family, and the longest serving governor in the state’s history, while Hutchison is pro-gun (most of the time), pro-choice, and one of the Republican senators who went against the Bush Administration and the CIA in supporting Sen. John McCain’s 2005 Anti-Torture Amendment -- the amendment Rush Limbaugh correctly described as “the terrorists’ bill of rights.” As for guns, under Perry, Texans have enjoyed the promulgation of the gun culture they love. During his last term alone, the jewel in his gun-rights crown was his signing of the “Castle Doctrine” into law; a law which not only recognizes the right of Texans to kill in self-defense but which also removes any civil recourse on the part of the criminal and his or her family. Reuters news service reacted to this law by warning: “Criminals in Texas beware: if you threaten someone in their car or office, the citizens of this state where guns are ubiquitous have the right to shoot you dead.” Reuters may not know it, but Texans like the idea of killing criminals before criminals can kill innocent people. Hutchison’s respectable gun record carries with it the caveat that she opposed the Bush Administration’s ban on “lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence.” Because gun enthusiasts in Texas understand that Hutchison’s vote against ending such lawsuits is tantamount to giving liberal lawyers the ability to sue gun makers out of existence, she will have some explaining to do on this point. Perry is pro-life, period, which is why former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Perry earlier this year. Hutchison, on the other hand, is not only pro-choice but was a member of the political action committee “WISH List” until she got serious about running for governor of Texas. Through WISH List, pro-choice Republicans like Hutchison raised money for other pro-choice Republican candidates. While many Hutchison supporters in the state are trying to downplay the importance of whether a governor is pro-life or pro-choice, they overlook the fact that the parental notification laws Perry signed in June 2005 limit abortions by making it harder for underage girls to turn to abortion as a quick fix for an unwanted pregnancy. Those who downplay the importance of whether a governor is pro-life or pro-choice also fail to recognize that a politician’s view on the sanctity of life effects many other decisions he or she makes. For instance, in July 2006, Hutchison’s pro-choice convictions translated into her being one of only a handful of Republicans who voted to override Bush’s opposition to expanded stem cell research. Speaking of her then-pending run for governor, she even said, “[S]tate leaders should develop a stem-cell research policy that keeps Texas from being "left in the dust by California." Perry responded matter-of-factly: “As long as I am the governor of this great state, I will oppose any taxpayer dollars being used and spent on research that ends a human life." In Texas, where sayings like “God, Guts, and Glory” are still in vogue, it will be interesting to see how Hutchison’s support of McCain’s “terrorists’ bill of rights” plays out. This legislation, which began the move to narrow the Bush administration’s options on detainee interrogation, called for techniques to be limited to those contained in the Army Field Manual: a manual any literate human, including would-be terrorists, can download and read in order to learn what our CIA operatives are or aren’t allowed to do them to obtain information. It’s also going to be interesting to see how Hutchison’s September 14 absence from the vote to withhold federal funds from ACORN plays out in this race. With so many questions arising about how a federally-funded ACORN may have gathered untold numbers of invalid voters to help Democrats win big in 2008, it seems like a strange time for a sitting senator with gubernatorial aspirations to avoid taking a position on the issue. Hutchison’s absence on such an important issue for conservatives supports Perry Campaign Spokesman Mark Miner’s emphasis on the “contrast between what’s happening in D.C. and what’s happening in Texas.” In an exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, Miner said: “While the federal government [of which Hutchison is a part] is not only ignoring conservative principles but running the country deeper and deeper in debt, Perry is present when decisions have to be made for Texas and the decisions he makes are fiscally conservative.” As a result, “while other state’s are raising taxes, Governor Perry just cut taxes for 40,000 small businesses and pushed the state’s emergency fund to $9 billion, all with a balanced budget.” With such stark differences between Hutchison and Perry, Texans need to understand that the 2010 state primary will decide the future of the state’s Republican Party for years to come. Texans ready to move toward a McCain-like moderation will find Hutchison to be the perfect candidate, but those determined to hold to the truest form of conservatism this race offers will flock to Perry’s side. Either way, things are fixin’ to heat up in Texas.

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Standing for freedom at the Values Voter Summit.

Over the weekend, Gov. Perry spoke to the Values Voter Summit, receiving a warm welcome and several enthusiastic standing ovations from the 1,700 conservatives in attendance. Watch a portion of the speech here:

I don’t have to tell you that our fellow Americans are having a tough go of things in this current economy and that these problems aren’t going to fix themselves, but I’m at a loss to explain how Washington can justify the approach they’re taking.

If anyone here is starting a business, thinking you can borrow your way out of debt and spend your way to prosperity, you might want to consider taking an Economics 101 class. I’d suggest the same class for the folks in Washington and, while we’re at it, a refresher course on the U.S. Constitution.


We know that the route to success is lower taxes, smaller government and freedom for every individual. I know that because I’ve seen that approach work in Texas. Just three months ago, we wrapped up our biannual legislative session with a balanced budget, a tax cut for 40,000 small businesses and a Rainy Day Fund that is projected to grow to $9 billion by 2011. Compare that to California’s $24 billion deficit and a federal deficit approaching $1.6 trillion.

To read the entire speech, click here. As Governor Perry mentioned in his speech, if you care about the 10th Amendment and want to stay engaged, text FREEDOM to 95613.

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Governor exudes pride at luncheon

September 19, 2009
Deer Park Broadcaster
Roy N. Kent
<em> Gov. Rick Perry gestures while speaking during the Pasadena, Deer Park and South Belt/Ellington chambers of commerce Tri-Chamber Luncheon on Thursday at the Hobby Hilton.</em>

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Remarks by Gov. Rick Perry at 2009 Values Voter Summit

September 19, 2009
As our nation endures the turmoil of colliding value systems and an unprecedented increase in the size, intrusiveness and audacity of the federal government, Americans are returning more and more to the words of our Founding Fathers and, hopefully, the faith that guided their lives. "...As you are painfully aware, people of faith and their ideas are not exactly welcomed with open arms into the arena of public discourse. We are told that our deeply-held beliefs, the core principles that shaped our nation, are merely outdated notions, irrelevant to clear-thinking members of an enlightened society. I disagree. Given the high stakes of the current debates, people of faith need to be more vocal than ever as our culture and our government wrestle with the essential questions of the human experience, as they consider limits on the exercise of our God-given freedoms..."

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Pro-Life Community Solidly Behind Rick Perry.

In recent weeks, Governor Perry has received an overwhelming array of endorsements for his 2010 re-election campaign-- from business groups, conservative groups, and law enforcement groups. The Perry endorsements have really only just begun, so stay tuned for more endorsements for Rick Perry in coming weeks.

The Texas pro-life community is firmly behind Rick Perry, as demonstrated by recent endorsements, including:

Texas Right to Life
Texas Alliance for Life
Kyleen Wright, of Texans for Life Coalition
Cathie Adams, President, Texas Eagle Forum
Carol Everett, The Heidi Group

Listen to Governor Perry speak out on this issue, here:

The Texas Alliance for Life explained that "Rick Perry is without question the best person for the job," and said in its own press release:

Pojman points out Gov. Perry has consistently and passionately supported laws protecting unborn babies and their mothers. Perry supported the Women's Right to Know Act (2003), the Prenatal Protection Act (2003), the parental consent law (2005), and funding for alternatives to abortions (2007, 2009).


In 2003, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who recently announced her candidacy for governor, showed her support for legalized abortion by voting for a resolution that stated, "It is the sense of the Senate that the decision of the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade was appropriate and secures an important constitutional right; and such decision should not be overturned." (See Senate Roll Call No. 48, 108th
Congress, 1st Session.)

The pro-life community is backing Perry and so can you. Rick Perry needs your endorsement-- go to and get started building your Perry network today!

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Texans for Life Coalition President Kyleen Wright Endorses Gov. Perry

September 3, 2009
AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry has received the endorsement of Kyleen Wright, president of the Texans for Life Coalition, in his bid for re-election. "Governor Perry is the most pro-life governor in the history of Texas,” said Wright. “Only the threat of his veto kept Planned Parenthood's allies from stripping parents of their right to control sex education in their communities and schools this past session. We are grateful for such a loyal friend." Wright has spent more than 30 years working to protect innocent human life. She is the past president of Greater Tarrant Right to Life and served as vice president of Texans United for Life from 1994 to 2000. Wright has led Texans for Life, one of the state's largest pro-life organizations, since 2000. An experienced debater and public speaker, she is passionate about changing hearts and saving lives through education and legislation. As a single mother of four young men, she knows firsthand the importance of protecting and guiding young Texans to maintain our country’s strength well into the future. “Texas is blessed to have such a strong and dedicated defender of life working on its behalf,” said Gov. Perry. “I am proud to have her endorsement in this upcoming election, and eager to continue in partnership with her and all pro-life advocates to champion the issues most important to preserving the sanctity of life in our state.” Kyleen Wright joins the Texas Municipal Police Association, Texas Chemical Council, Texas Society of Professional Engineers, RNC Committeewoman Cathie Adams, Texas Right to Life, Houston Realty Business Coalition, Texas Apartment Association, Texas Republican County Chairman Association President Linda Rogers, Heidi Group Founder Carol Everett, Texas Alliance for Life, Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC and Texas Home School Coalition PAC in their endorsement of Gov. Perry.
Kyleen Wright, president of the Texans for Life Coalition

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Texas Pro-Life Group Endorses Republican Governor Rick Perry for Re-Election

September 1, 2009
Steven Ertelt
Austin, TX ( -- A Texas pro-life group has weighed into what will likely be a combative primary election contest in Texas as Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison takes on sitting Gov. Rick Perry. The Texas Alliance for Life political action committee is urging Texans to get behind Perry, saying his pro-life record and views are superior. "We enthusiastically endorse Governor Perry in his bid for re-election," TAL director Joe Pojman told late Monday. "He is a loyal advocate for the protection of unborn babies and their mothers, and TAL is eager for him to continue his dedicated and effective leadership of our state,' Pojman said. The pro-life group points out that Perry has consistently and passionately supported laws protecting unborn babies and their mothers. Perry supported or signed into law the Women's Right to Know Act and the Prenatal Protection Act in 2003, parental consent law in 2005, and funding for alternatives to abortions in 2007 and 2009. "Texas needs a leader who is unrelentingly pro-life," Pojman said. "Unlike his opponent, Governor Perry has never given an inch to the life-threatening precepts of Roe v. Wade, whether verbally or by his actions as an elected official."

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