Gov. Perry on Health Care and Tort Reform

Under Gov. Perry, Texas has reformed its child protective services, insured more of Texas’ needy children than ever before, and increased health care investments by more than $20 billion while promoting prevention and wellness programs to cut down on future health care costs. Gov. Perry has also led the most sweeping lawsuit reform in the nation, cracking down on junk asbestos claims and frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits. Now thousands more doctors, including specialists, are practicing in Texas, bringing greater access to quality health care for Texans.

  • Cracking Down on Frivolous Lawsuits. Medical Liability Reform. In 2003, Gov. Perry led the fight to pass the most sweeping medical liability reforms in the nation. Since then, frivolous lawsuits against doctors and hospitals have dropped dramatically, insurance costs have fallen, and access to health care has greatly improved. - More Doctors. More Specialists. In 2007, the Texas Medical Board received a record 4,041 applications for physician licenses, and issued a record 3,324 licenses. The board topped that again the next year, granting a new record 3,621 licenses in 2008. Texas has added 215 obstetricians since 2003, and the number of obstetricians practicing in rural Texas has grown by 27 percent.
  • Increased access in underserved areas. In 2009, Gov. Perry signed legislation to expand access to medical care in rural and medically underserved areas. House Bill 2154 creates a dedicated source of revenue to support education loan forgiveness for physicians who work in health professional shortage areas and provide services to Medicaid or CHIP recipients.
  • Protecting Children. Over 2.4 million of Texas poorest children – one out of every three children in the state – are now covered under the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicaid program.
  • Texas Protects its Most Vulnerable Citizens. Texas overhauled state supported living centers, formerly known as state schools, to provide more oversight and protection for the residents of the centers and those in community-based services.
  • Tough on Fraud. Gov. Perry authorized the creation of the Office of the Inspector General of the Health And Human Services Commission which saved taxpayers over $1.5 billion in fraud detection in government health care programs.

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AMA honors Perry for tort reform efforts

March 11, 2009
Southeast Texas Record
Marilyn Tennissen
For his leadership in reforming Texas' tort system, the American Medical Association honored Gov. Rick Perry with its Dr. Nathan Davis Award for Outstanding Government Service. Named for the founding father of the AMA, the award recognizes elected and career officials in federal, state or municipal service whose outstanding contributions have promoted the art and science of medicine and improved public health. The award to Perry and other public officials was presented March 10 in Washington, D.C.

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Freedom — Texas style!: Weekend filled with runners, entertainment

March 11, 2009
The Gonzales Inquirer
Greg Little
SNIPPET FROM ARTICLE- Another major attraction this year was the participation of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose team the Texians ran the course from Gonzales to Houston. "Huge," said Lawing when talking about the participation of the governor in the race. "It gave the race recognition," said Burchard. "I think it was a very positive step in that regard." Perry seemed to enjoy being a part of the Gonzales event. The governor told The Gonzales Inquirer his team races in various events around the state, including a 10K race in Austin each year. He said they were "reading on the internet" when the learned about the Texas Independence Relay. A phone call was made and the governor's team felt it "sounded like fun." So they decided to give it a shot this year — and it worked out well. Prior to starting the race, Perry was very affable and visiting with many of the racers along with event organizers and others in the crowd. He was even joking with some of the other teams about just how well his team might do in the event. Perry also took a lot of time to pose for photos with many people, from the mayor to people who just wanted their picture with the governor of the state of Texas. He even got in on the drama of the day when he was able to light the cannon as he team prepared to depart the starting line in front of the Historical Museum. As the cannon shot rang through the streets, the team was off, lead by Perry. As he came back from running through downtown Gonzales, Perry gave a thumbs-up to the crowd.

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Video of Governor Perry from the Texas Independence Relay

Over the weekend, Governor Perry participated in a 203.2 mile relay race from Gonzales, Texas, to the San Jacinto Monument. During the race, he took the time to record a quick YouTube video about his fight against childhood obesity.

On Monday, Dr. Kenneth Cooper released the results of his major study on fitness in Texas public schools. In the study, Dr. Cooper found a positive link that ties fitness to higher academic test scores, better attendance, and fewer discipline problems. When kids are physically fit, they are also more likely to be mentally fit. On the issue of staying healthy, Governor Perry leads by example.

For more information about Monday's press conference, or to watch the entire event for yourself, visit the Governor's state office webpage.

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Perry: Let's build a stronger Texas together

January 29, 2009
Austin American-Statesman
Governor Rick Perry
On Tuesday, I delivered my State of the State address to the 81st Legislature outlining priorities that will preserve our state's strength and security while helping Texans weather the effects of the global economic downturn.

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High Praise for Governor Perry's State of the State Address.

The reviews are in, and the consensus is that Governor Perry hit a home run with his fifth State of the State address.

Peggy Venable of Americans For Prosperity gave the speech high marks:

"While the federal government is mortgaging our children’s future, local governments are growing four times faster than Texans’ paychecks, and most states are facing staggering budget deficits, Texas is a beacon of fiscal responsibility.

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Proposition 12 a winner five years later

October 1, 2008
Joe Nixon
Five years ago, Texas voters adopted Proposition 12, the constitutional amendment ratifying the cap on noneconomic damages in lawsuits against doctors that the Texas Legislature established in House Bill 4. The five-year results have been impressive, and the legislation will produce great benefits for Texas patients as long as the reforms are kept intact.

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Doctors Flock to Texas After Tort Reform

May 19, 2008
The Wall Street Journal (Health Blog)
Scott Hensley
A clampdown on damages in malpractice suits has made Texas a very attractive place to practice medicine, says an opinion piece in the WSJ.

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The State of the State.

Today, Governor Perry delivered his State of the State address. So far, the reception from think-tanks, grassroots leaders, and community groups has been fantastic.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation applauded Governor Perry for his fiscal responsibility, while the Texas Medical Association applauded the Governor for his "vision and leadership."

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Proposition 12 A Winner Five Years Later

October 1, 2008
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Joe Nixon
Five years ago, Texas voters adopted Proposition 12, the constitutional amendment ratifying the cap on noneconomic damages in lawsuits against doctors that the Texas Legislature established in House Bill 4.

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Gov. Perry: Continued Investment Will Lead to Life Changing Discoveries

September 26, 2008
<strong>Attends Groundbreaking for Baylor Cancer Center</strong> DALLAS – Gov. Rick Perry today encouraged the continued support of research in cancer prevention and treatment at the groundbreaking of the Baylor Cancer Center. “Baylor’s new facility will be an essential part of our statewide effort to eradicate this indiscriminate killer,” Gov. Perry said. “The brilliant ideas in cancer research developed at this center will move us closer to discovering a cure, bringing an end to cancer’s deadly role in our society.”

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