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Job creation: Continuing the Texas success story

Under Gov. Perry's leadership, Texas has outpaced every other state by leaps and bounds in job creation this year and over the past decade. No other state can boast more Fortune 500 company headquarters than Texas with its low-tax, low-regulation, business-friendly economic climate. Texas is consistently applauded as a model for good government and good fiscal policy, even in the wake of a national recession.

Last week, Gov. Perry was proud to announce the creation of about 300 new jobs in the San Antonio area by a Fortune 500 giant. BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) noted Texas' skilled workforce and stalwart academic institutions as a few reasons it relocated to Texas.

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Statement From Gov. Perry Denouncing Bill White’s Call For Tax Increases

August 18, 2010

"Bill White’s call for tax increases is the last thing working families of Texas need in these challenging economic times.

“Transportation, border security and education are just some of the issues that will be a priority in the next state budget. However, just as families have to prioritize spending to make ends meet, so too must their government.

“The people of Texas expect their elected officials to reduce spending and practice fiscal responsibility, not raise taxes in search of additional revenues. I will continue to work with the legislature to identify ways to cut taxes so families can keep more of their hard-earned dollars and keep the Texas economy the envy of the nation.”

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Lone Economic Star

August 2, 2010

The Weekly Standard

Eli Lehrer

On the 80-mile drive from San Antonio to the Texas capitol in Austin, it’s difficult to miss the signs of growth. At every highway exit, it seems, huge new shopping malls greet motorists. Valleys where cattle grazed five years ago now sport shiny new Target stores, tract homes, and tennis courts. Between 2000 and 2009, Texas added about 4 million residents, more than half of them migrants from elsewhere in the nation. And Texas will almost certainly emerge from the recession with the nation’s strongest and most important economy.

In May alone, Texas, America’s second most populous state, added over 75,000 jobs—more than California (the biggest), New York (third biggest), and Florida (fourth biggest) combined. Texas has shown consistent gains in 10 of the 11 categories of private employment that the Bureau of Labor Statistics measures. The state is far more than cowboys and oil: It has several of the nation’s leading medical research centers (Baylor and UT hospitals among them), one of the biggest computer makers (Dell), and a financial industry that never took a turn for the worse. And, even though unemployment remains a tick over 8 percent (about a point and a half lower than the national average), the rapid growth is bringing this down quickly. During the last week in June, the job-hunt website offered more new job openings in Texas than in California even though the Golden State has over 10 million more people. In a nation looking for economic good news, Texas stands out as a bright spot.

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Newt Gingrich, on Rick Perry and Texas.

On NBC's Today Show this morning, Newt Gingrich explained how Governor Perry's fiscally responsible approach in Texas has created an economic climate that is the envy of the nation. Texas is the state where, even in these tough times, more jobs, prosperity, and opportunity have been created than in any other state in America:

Indeed, just this morning, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing that from June 2009 to June 2010, Texas yet again created more jobs than all other large states combined:


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TAB’s Business and Commerce PAC Endorses Gov. Perry for Re-election

State's Largest Business Association Continues Support Through General Election

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsement of the Business and Commerce PAC (BACPAC), the political arm of the Texas Association of Business (TAB), for re-election.

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In Case You Missed It…Samsung Adding 500 Jobs in Austin Plant Expansion

June 9, 2010

Office of the Governor

AUSTIN – Samsung is investing $3.6 billion in a vast expansion of its semiconductor plant in Austin, a move that will lead to 500 new permanent jobs in Texas.

“This is great news for Austin and yet another indication that companies are getting the most out of their Texas operations,” said Gov. Perry, who met with Dr. W.S. Han, President of Samsung Austin Semiconductor earlier this week. “Employers around the country and around the world are realizing Texas is the place to do business, and more and more often, their success in the Lone Star State is leading to further investment.”

The Samsung plant in Austin, the company’s only such plant outside of Korea, currently employs 1,000 people. Samsung’s Austin payroll is projected to grow from $70 million to about $105 million.

Construction on the new facility will also employ an estimated 3,000 people in construction and vending jobs.

To read more about the expansion, please visit

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Cap and Tax Threatening Texas Jobs

In less than six months, Texas voters will go to the polls and choose between two starkly different visions for Texas.

The first vision is one of limited government that fosters an environment for good Texas jobs, economic growth, boundless opportunity, and greater personal freedom.

The second, favored by Gov. Perry’s opponent, is a vision of more government spending, more taxation, and expanded government control over every aspect of your life. He supports the goals Obama-care. He calls spending cuts by state agencies “Soviet-style” governance. And he supports California-style emissions regulations, which would cripple industry in Texas.

In fact, if you wonder why Bill White is an Obama-like liberal, look no further than the issue of cap and trade…more accurately known as cap and tax, because it will cap our economy and tax away our jobs.

While Texas leaders fight the Obama Administration’s job-killing regulatory policies in court, the former mayor of Houston—our nation’s largest energy producer—advocates policies that would decimate the very industry the Bayou City was built on.

The Democratic nominee for governor went so far as to send an advisory memo to Obama’s chief of staff, telling him how to sell cap and tax to the American public!

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Three Texas metro areas among best for growth, study says

May 13, 2010

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Steve Campbell

Texas metro areas have already been singled out as among the best places to ride out the Great Recession, but a new study illustrates the long-term vigor of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin economies.

Seattle; Washington, D.C.; and Denver topped the list of strongest local economies over two decades, from 1989 to 2008, according to Policom Corp.'s 2010 ranking of 366 metropolitan statistical areas.

And while Houston (No. 4), Dallas-Fort Worth (No. 10) and Austin (No. 12) didn't lead the list, the top 15 spots are virtually interchangeable, said William Fruth, president of Policom, a Palm City, Fla., company that specializes in analyzing local and state economies.

What does stand out is Texas' long-term economic performance, he said.

Driving that success is the state's diversified economy, low tax rates and limited regulation, he said.

"There is no other state in the country that has had a better track record for 20 years of quality economic growth than Texas," Fruth said. "When you chart out the states, no one has done better."


"I knew the answer to that question and I asked a local economic developer in Texas. His response: 'We shoot regulators at the state line.' That sums it up," Fruth said. "You have greater economic freedom and an attitude that we want economic development.

"You go to Texas and you are a go-go state. We want you to come here and grow and be profitable."

Fruth's list closely mirrors an assessment of the best cities to find jobs released by in April.

"If you look at all the regions, nothing else does as well as Texas," Pepperdine University professor Michael Shires told the Star-Telegram after the five major Texas cities notched half of the top 10 spots for jobs.

"During volatile times, places with broad-based growth strategies -- like Texas and Utah -- do best," Shires wrote in an article accompanying the rankings, "Finding the Good in This Bad Time."

Fruth said his rankings incorporate 23 economic factors and don't reflect the "latest 'hot spot' or boomtown" but areas with the strongest economic foundations.

"While most communities have slowed or declined during this recession, the strongest areas have been able to weather the storm," he said. "The top-rated areas have had rapid, consistent growth in both size and quality for an extended period of time."

Two factors helped Seattle notch the top spot: Boeing and Microsoft. "They provide lots of jobs, and they pay very well," Fruth said.

Washington, D.C., which has been ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd over the last seven years, has a built-in advantage, he said.

"The federal government is bigger than any corporation. It keeps growing. The jobs are stable, and they pay well."

Other Texas metro areas in the top 100 were San Antonio (No. 29), Corpus Christi (No. 80) and Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood (No. 89).

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Perry Snapshots: Rio Grande Valley Endorsements

On Friday, Governor Perry traveled down to the Rio Grande Valley to receive endorsements from mayors, mayors pro-tempore, school board members and city commissioners. Over 30 elected officials pointed to Perry's principled leadership and success in maintaining a friendly business climate and strong economy in offering their support of his re-election campaign.

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

Rio Grande Valley Officials Endorse Governor Perry

A great way to see what Governor Perry does on the campaign trail is by following his flickr page! Just go to and view photos of Governor Perry connecting with Texans all across the state.

Also, you can continue to show your support for Governor Perry by becoming a fan on Facebook.

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The Texas Success Story.

Take a moment to watch our latest web video highlighting the success of the Texas economy:

Two amazing but true facts about the strength of the Texas economy:


Amongst the 40 largest states (accounting for 97% of the U.S. population), Texas is the only one that still had more jobs in March 2010 than before the national recession began three years ago (Jan. 2007-Jan. 2010). Texas’ net increase in jobs compares to California’s net loss of nearly 1.3 million during the same period.


Texas created more new jobs over the past decade than any other state in the nation. Most other U.S. states, on the other hand, actually ended the decade with fewer jobs than when it began. (Jan. 2000-Jan. 2010)


Texas' success did not happen by accident. Our state's fiscally conservative, pro-growth approach has helped Texas weather the recession better than any other large state in America.

The non-partisan, non-profit Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council just last week again named Texas' tax structure among the very best tax systems for entrepreneurship and small business in 2010.

NewGeography examined the best cities for jobs in 2010, and it was not accidental that Texas cities dominated the rankings in the small, medium, and large sized city categories.

With high profile companies such as Facebook now calling Texas home and creating jobs in our state, it makes sense that Texas saw the second largest high-tech employment gains in the nation in 2008 even as the recession gathered steam. Jeff Clark, TechAmerica Executive Director added, “The fact that Texas’s tech industry was adding jobs in 2008 amidst the recession is a testament to its strength.”

Chief Executive Magazine surveyed more than 600 CEOs and found that Texas is still the top state for business-- for the sixth year in a row.

Texas, the second-most populous state and the world’s 12th largest economy, is where 70 percent of all new U.S. jobs have been created since 2008. Unsurprisingly, it scores high in all the areas CEOs value most. “You feel like state government understands the value of business and industry to create jobs and growth,” observed one CEO. Its tax credits and incentives to business choosing to locate or expand are among the most aggressive. The Texas Enterprise Fund is by far the largest deal-closing fund of any state, with grants totaling $377 million disbursed in 2008.

Little wonder then that while Texas gained over 848,000 net new residents in the last 10 years, according to the Census Bureau, California lost 1.5 million.

Individuals responsible for the success of large and small businesses alike know that Texas is a place where organizations can risk their capital, find a qualified and educated workforce, deal with low taxes and a predictable regulatory climate, not be over-litigated, and succeed.

Individuals looking for good jobs know that Texas is a great place to live, work, and raise a family; the latest data from Allied Van Lines once again proves that point, as more Americans voted with their feet and relocated to Texas than any other state last year.

The Dallas Federal Reserve noted this week that Texas exports rose 20.3% in the second half of 2009 and 7.6% in February 2010, Texas home sales are again on the rise, Texas retail sales have grown for eight straight months, and March job growth in Texas was twice the national rate (while the foreclosure rate in Texas is half the national pace).

Indeed, while no place in America has been completely immune to the global economic crunch, the Dallas Fed explains, "new data and anecdotal evidence suggest that a recovery is under way in the state."

Even the Brookings Institution, which nobody would mistake for a right-of-center organization, takes note of Texas' success.

There is a reason so many are recognizing Texas' success. Let's keep the positive momentum going in Texas. Let's re-elect Governor Rick Perry in November.

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