Petition: Secure the Border

If you are like Gov. Rick Perry, and you agree the federal government must take responsibility and secure our border, sign this petition.

Exclusive: Rick Perry on his meeting with President Obama

Jul. 09, 2014 - Texas governor says president needs to visit the border

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Governor to Governor: Why Illinois Fails and Texas Thrives


Chicago Tribune

Rick Perry

Illinois and Texas each faced challenges in 2011. The national recession had damaged both states' economies and revenues were projected to be insufficient to cover anticipated spending.

What happened next is a clear demonstration of the differences between blue states and red states.

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Gov. Perry: Once And For All, Secure The Border: Everything else is only treating a symptom of a much larger problem.


USA Today

Governor Rick Perry

President Obama's appropriations request only deals with one aspect of the current crisis on our southern border, while barely addressing its root cause: an unsecured border.

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry, TV Host Battle Over Illegal Immigration: ‘They Either Are Inept or Don’t Care’


The Blaze

Dave Urbanski

Texas Governor Rick Perry had his hands full Sunday on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” with cohost Martha Raddatz, who peppered the Republican with impassioned questions that appeared to defend President Obama’s position on illegal immigration — and the federal government in general.

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Rick Perry: Obama administration 'either are inept or don't care' about border crisis


Washington Examiner

Joseph Lawler

Texas Governor Rick Perry amplified his criticism of the Obama administration's handling of the ongoing immigration crisis in south Texas on Sunday morning, saying that administration officials "either are inept or don't care."

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