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Where Struggling Americans Can Find a Fresh Start

June 9, 2009
Prashant Gopal
Tim Johnson, managing editor of online moving-services company, said few people are relocating these days, but Texas is the most popular destination for those who are. Texas, like many of today's other economic bright spots, never had a housing bubble or bust. Its job market has remained relatively strong, in part because it is a major oil and health-care hub. "The clear winner is Texas," Johnson said. "People really see Texas as a place for good economic prospects."

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VIDEO: San Antonio TEA Party.

Austin and San Antonio TEA Parties - 381

On July 4, Governor Perry attended the San Antonio TEA Party with thousands of his fellow patriots. The Governor was proud to be the first elected official to sign the S.A. TEA Party's Contract with the Constitution and introduce his good friend Marcus Luttrell. Watch for yourself::

For more TEA Party videos, please visit Governor Perry's YouTube channel. To see hundreds more TEA Party photos, don't miss Governor Perry's Flickr Photostream.

The Governor and the campaign would love to connect with you online. As always, you can see the most up-to-date photos and other updates straight from Rick Perry on @GovernorPerry's Twitter page. If you are on Facebook, don't forget to add yourself as a Perry 2010 supporter.

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Perry’s speech electrifies large crowd at TEA Party Rally

July 4, 2009
Hundreds of people braved triple-digit heat Friday evening on the Hopkins County Courthouse square to hear Gov. Rick Perry, U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall and others at a rally protesting government spending and taxation. Well over 300 had arrived for the start of Friday’s Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party Rally at 6:30 p.m., when the heat index was above 104 degrees. Virtually everyone stayed for the two-hour slate of speakers, with the crowd swelling by at least two hundred more by the time Perry arrived at 8 p.m. to thunderous applause. It was a homecoming of sorts for the Texas governor, who said he spent many a summer of his childhood in Hopkins County. .... The crowd rose to its feet in unison and rewarded the governor with a standing ovation that lasted a full 36 seconds.

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Sulphur Springs, TX-- TEA PARTY patriots fired up for Independence Day.

Sulphur Springs T.E.A. PARTY

Tonight in Sulphur Springs, Texas, Governor Perry spoke to a patriotic, fired-up crowd of T.E.A. party patriots. Watch a quick excerpt of the speech here:

Be sure to check back over the weekend and into early next week for more Independence Day T.E.A. party videos. Follow along with the action on Twitter, as well. You can follow @GovernorPerry for tweets straight from Governor Rick Perry, and check out @GovPerry2010 for updates from campaign staff. Also, don't forget to visit Governor Rick Perry's Flickr Photostream for lots of great photos.

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July 3, 2009
AUSTIN, TX – Texas Governor Rick Perry today made the following statement regarding Gov. Sarah Palin’s decision to step down. “Sarah Palin is a good friend and accomplished governor who will continue to be a strong voice of conservatism in American politics. Her state and our country are better off as a result of her tenure as governor and her candidacy for vice president. “I expect she will continue to work on the issues facing our country as conservatives strive to undo the damage being done by an out-of-control congress and federal government.” ###

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