Gov. Perry: We Will Rebuild and Restore

September 14, 2008

Gov. Perry travels to storm affected areas and gives update on state recovery efforts

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today surveyed Hurricane Ike storm damage from the air before visiting Galveston Island and Ellington Airfield to visit with local emergency management officials.

“It’s difficult to see parts of our state in this condition, but it is the current reality and we’re working through a recovery operation that is massive in scale and complexity,” said Gov. Perry. “People in the area need to understand that our team is working ‘round the clock to restore services while people outside the area need to stay away until we have reached an acceptable level of safety.”

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Gov. Perry: Rescue Operations Underway in the Wake of Hurricane Ike

September 13, 2008

Search and rescue top priority in Texas

AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry today announced that search and rescue (SAR) operations have begun in earnest after Hurricane Ike made landfall overnight on the Texas Coast. The Category 2 hurricane has caused extensive flooding and knocked out utilities in several Texas counties. The governor also urged Texans all along the storm's path to remain vigilant.

"For the past few days, our top priority was evacuating our citizens from the strike zone. Today, we are focused on search and rescue," Gov. Perry said. "In anticipation of this moment, we pre-positioned the largest search and rescue capability in Texas history in advance of this storm. Elements of this task force are re-entering Orange County, east Harris County and Galveston by air, boat and ground."

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Update on Hurricane Ike

September 12, 2008

AUSTIN - Below is the latest update regarding state efforts in advance of Hurricane Ike.

During the night, Hurricane Ike shifted 12 miles west and increased to 105 MPH. The storm is predicted to be a Category 3 before landfall at around 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

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Gov. Perry Suspends Hotel Motel Tax For Victims Of Hurricane Ike

September 12, 2008

Urges residents to follow evacuation warnings

AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry tonight announced he is suspending the collection of the state and local hotel and motel taxes under the Texas Tax Code for victims of Hurricane Ike for a period of 14 days, backdated to September 8, 2008. The governor also urged residents in Hurricane Ike's path to heed local evacuation orders and assured residents that the state is dedicating all of the resources necessary to protect Texans.

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The Glass Is Half Full: Experts Say Ike Recovery Going Well

September 19, 2008

Houston Chronicle

By: Bradley Olson

Power and water out for a week or more. Sewage spewing into homes and streets. Long lines for gas and supplies. A rising death count not just from a major catastrophe, but complications in its aftermath.

None of it sounds too rosy, but a week after a storm as big as Texas began its multibillion-dollar destructive path, smashing coastal cities and leaving millions without power and water in one of the nation's most populous cities, a number of independent disaster experts agree that things are going surprisingly well here.

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