Gov. Perry Announces $250,000 Emerging Tech Fund Investment in Mayan Pigments

September 18, 2008

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today announced the state will invest $250,000 through the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) in Mayan Pigments Inc. of El Paso. Funding will support the development and commercialization of its line of Mayacrom© pigments, innovative pigment colors for use in various materials within the plastics, paints, coatings and printing inks markets.

"Continued investment in emerging technologies, especially those that provide environmentally friendly solutions to everyday problems, is essential to protecting the future of our state and planet,” Gov. Perry said. "These products will not only allow Texas to remain at the forefront of innovation, but will improve the quality of life for all Texans in the future."

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Gov. Perry: Texas Continues Progress Toward Restoration

September 17, 2008

Power Restored to More Than One Million Customers; Nearly All Fuel Terminals in Operation

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today thanked utility company officials for their extraordinary efforts at restoring electricity to customers in the Hurricane Ike ravaged communities and promised the state will do all it can to help get power back on.

With power restoration as one of the state’s top priority in relief efforts, Gov. Perry today talked with representatives of CenterPoint, American Electric Power and Entergy, thanking them for their ongoing work to restore power. On Tuesday the governor issued a proclamation allowing utility companies access to easement on public and private property to expedite the restoration of electricity.

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Gov. Perry: Texas Takes Steps to Accelerate Relief Efforts

September 16, 2008

Issues Directive to Expedite Power Restoration; State Receives Federal Housing and Food Stamp Assistance; Provides Latest Hurricane Relief Efforts Online

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today issued an emergency proclamation authorizing public utility companies in Texas to speed relief and recovery efforts by laying temporary electric transmission lines to restore power lost as a result of Hurricane Ike. Perry also met with President Bush during his visits to Houston and Galveston to survey storm-affected areas.

“Restoring power is one of the most critical, humanitarian challenges we face in the immediate aftermath of this natural disaster,” Perry said. “This proclamation will help public utility companies restore electricity faster to millions of homes, hospitals, schools and businesses affected by Hurricane Ike.”

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Gov. Perry Visits Communities Impacted By Ike

September 15, 2008

Electricity Restored to 700,000 Homes and Businesses; EPA Grants Fuel Waiver

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today visited Orange, one of the areas most heavily impacted by Hurricane Ike’s landfall, followed by a visit to an Austin shelter to meet with evacuees and local officials. He emphasized that search and rescue (SAR) efforts are ongoing and that the state is working diligently with local officials and private sector partners to fully restore essential services, including power, water and fuel. The governor also urged residents who are currently in shelters to remain there until local officials have deemed it safe to return home.

“Residents who have evacuated, stay where you are,” said Gov. Perry. “The worst thing that could happen is for people who are in a safe area where there is food, water and electricity to return to communities that have yet to have essential services restored.”

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Gov. Perry: We Will Rebuild and Restore

September 14, 2008

Gov. Perry travels to storm affected areas and gives update on state recovery efforts

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today surveyed Hurricane Ike storm damage from the air before visiting Galveston Island and Ellington Airfield to visit with local emergency management officials.

“It’s difficult to see parts of our state in this condition, but it is the current reality and we’re working through a recovery operation that is massive in scale and complexity,” said Gov. Perry. “People in the area need to understand that our team is working ‘round the clock to restore services while people outside the area need to stay away until we have reached an acceptable level of safety.”

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