Petition: Secure the Border

If you are like Gov. Rick Perry, and you agree the federal government must take responsibility and secure our border, sign this petition.

Big momentum on Governor Perry's side!

This morning, the venerable, non-partisan, non-profit Texas Lyceum released its poll showing Governor Rick Perry ahead of his possible primary opponent by 12 percent!

The momentum is undeniably on our side, but we need your help before June 30 to keep folks fired up about the Governor's principled, conservative message. Please make a secure contribution today!

Click here to use your credit card to make a campaign contribution online right now. You can also join the team and become an online fundraiser on behalf of the Governor's campaign.

Also, be sure to follow @GovernorPerry on for updates directly from Rick Perry himself.

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Listen to Governor Perry's radio interviews with Mark Davis and Michael Berry right now online!

Monday, Governor Perry went on air with radio personalities Mark Davis and Michael Berry.

On the Mark Davis program, the Governor addressed some of the rumors about his future plans (he stated emphatically that he is running for reelection) and discussed several of the bills he signed and vetoed after the 81st legislative session.

Mark Davis:

On the Michael Berry program, the Governor spoke further about the bills he signed or vetoed, the "chubbing" of a ballot integrity measure by activist liberals in the legislature, and his plans for the future.

Michael Berry:

In both interviews, the Governor noted the many successes of the legislative session, including a balanced budget, a projected $9 billion surplus in the Rainy Day Fund, a solution for windstorm insurance along the coast, a tax cut for more than 40,000 small businesses, and putting a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot to prevent future Kelo-like private property rights abuses in Texas.

Listen for yourself!

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Contribute TODAY to principled, conservative leadership that works!

After 6+ month fundraising moratorium, the Perry campaign is again raising money for the Governor's reelection, and we need your help before the June 30 deadline.

There are two ways for you to help Governor Perry.

STEP #1. Contribute today, using a credit card!
You can contribute securely online right now:


Your generous contribution today is sincerely appreciated.

STEP #2. Start raising money on behalf of Governor Perry through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites!
You can also sign up to be a member of Governor Rick Perry's online fundraising team:


Set up your personal fundraising page, and become an integral part of Team Perry today!

Get involved-- your help today can keep Texas moving forward!

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Midnight Madness for Rick Perry!

As a college basketball fan, it's hard not to enjoy following "Midnight Madness," the first official practice of the season allowed by the NCAA. We've got our own fundraising version of "Midnight Madness" tonight!

As the sitting Governor, Rick Perry has been prohibited by Texas law from raising campaign funds from mid-December through Sunday, June 21. That moratorium has now ended-- Texans for Rick Perry can now accept campaign contributions, so if you believe in principled conservative leadership that works, please make a secure contribution today.

As you may know, politicians currently serving in Washington, DC are not subject to this fundraising moratorium, and the reporting period ends on June 30, so our call to action tonight is urgent. Take a few moments to set up your personal fundraising page for Rick Perry, and start raising dollars for Governor Rick Perry using your favorite social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Be an advocate! You can make a big difference.

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Perry Volunteer Leadership Summit a big success!

Perry Volunteer Leadership Summit

Today, more than 400 Perry supporters from around Texas converged on the Grand Ballroom of the AT&T Conference Center here in Austin, to learn more about the Perry campaign and ways they can get involved.

People support Governor Perry for a lot of different reasons. Watch this video to see some of the great Perry supporters in their own words:

The Governor's supporters are some of the most enthusiastic and energetic around. The campaign is really blessed to have so many folks who believe in Governor Perry's leadership and are willing to give up hours of their time on a sunny Saturday before Father's Day to learn about how they can help.

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