Petition: Secure the Border

If you are like Gov. Rick Perry, and you agree the federal government must take responsibility and secure our border, sign this petition.

Take Time to Honor American Servicemen and Women

Gov. Perry made this statement earlier today regarding Memorial Day. Gov. Perry is pictured with World War II veteran Wally Bludworth, who recently received a Distinguished Flying Cross for his service.

"On this Memorial Day, we are compelled to pause and consider the enormous sacrifice made by generations of American servicemen and women, who have gone in harm’s way in defense of the freedoms we too often take for granted. From the first shots of the Revolutionary War to the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our brave men and women have risked much on our behalf throughout the course of our nation’s history.

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"Good states, like Texas"

Monday, Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck invited Jonathan Williams of the non-partisan American Legislative Exchange Council ( on his show to discuss the concept of federal bailouts for states. They both had great things to say about Governor Perry's leadership in Texas.

Watch for yourself:

If you can't watch the video, you can read the transcript here. Below the fold are a few snippets from the interview (click "Read more" to expand this post):

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Perry BBQ Tour Winners' Lunch

Monday, Governor Perry sat down for lunch at Iron Works in Austin with the winners of the Perry BBQ Tour. These were the individuals who best utilized their email lists and social media networks to spread the word and get out the vote for Republican candidates across Texas last Fall.

The prize for the winners was lunch with the Governor during the legislative session.

For more photos from the BBQ lunch, check out Governor Rick Perry's Flickr page. Stay tuned for more ways to get engaged and make a difference-- and maybe even win a chance to hang out with the Governor along the way!

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Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich: Americans know how to use the moving van to escape high taxes.

May 18, 2009
Wall Street Journal
Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore
One last point: States aren't simply competing with each other. As Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently told us, "Our state is competing with Germany, France, Japan and China for business. We'd better have a pro-growth tax system or those American jobs will be out-sourced." Gov. Perry and Texas have the jobs and prosperity model exactly right. Texas created more new jobs in 2008 than all other 49 states combined. And Texas is the only state other than Georgia and North Dakota that is cutting taxes this year. The Texas economic model makes a whole lot more sense than the New Jersey model, and we hope the politicians in California, Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota and New York realize this before it's too late.

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FWST: "From the Midwest to the Pacific, job seekers are heading to Texas"

The Fort Worth Star Telegram has a must-read article today explaining how and why Texas is outshining the rest of the country economically:

Across the nation, unemployment is sky-high, the housing market is sucking wind and recessionary fears have frozen Americans in place.

Just don’t tell that to a stream of new residents who are "voting with their feet" that Texas is the safest place to ride out the storm and the place to be when the economy recovers.

Even in the midst of a recession, economists, demographers and relocation experts believe the Lone Star State is on the cusp of becoming The New California.

Or maybe it already is.

Indeed, California is a beautiful state with incredible resources, enviable weather, lots of modern airports, and a prime location on the coast, but its unemployment rate is almost twice Texas' rate. California's current budget deficit is somewhere North of 40 billion dollars, while Texas has a balanced budget. California is also losing citizens en masse to domestic outmigration, while Texas is attracting several thousand individuals from other states every week. As the FWST article explains, "If you had to ride out this downturn, there is no better place than Texas. The declines here have been nothing compared to other states."

While Texas is by no means immune to national and global recessionary pressures, its resilience is a testament to the state's unflagging promotion of commonsense free market policies and tort reform over the past several years. As Governor Perry often says, "Texas is open for business, so come on down." Read the entire FWST article for yourself. It is truly a must-read.

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