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Meet the Perry Staffers.

The Texans for Rick Perry 2010 campaign has a campaign manager! Welcome Rob Johnson-- currently serving as the chief of staff to Lt. Governor David Dewhurst-- to the team. We're all excited to have Rob on board. The Perry campaign is welcoming a lot of new faces, including 10 new field staff all around the Great State of Texas.

Click here to read about Rob and some of the other new Perry staffers in our official campaign press release on the subject.

As always, be sure to follow @GovPerry2010 on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates from the campaign staff, and @GovernorPerry for updates straight from Governor Rick Perry himself.

The campaign is thrilled with the undeniable momentum behind Governor Perry over the past few weeks. Your incredible support has made it all possible.

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Gov. Perry Names Rob Johnson Campaign Manager

July 13, 2009
<strong>Gov. Perry Names Rob Johnson Campaign Manager Also announces campaign team leaders including key field staff</strong> AUSTIN – Texas Governor Rick Perry today named the key leaders on his re-election campaign staff, headed by new campaign manager, Rob Johnson. Johnson currently serves as the chief of staff to Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. “Rob is one of the smartest and most respected political strategists in Texas,” Gov. Perry said. “Along with his innate leadership ability, his political experience and firm grasp of key Texas issues will be a huge asset to our campaign. I’m glad he is part of our team.” Prior to serving as chief of staff, Johnson was the lieutenant governor’s deputy chief of staff and campaign manager on Dewhurst’s first successful run for the office in 2002. Prior to moving to Austin, Rob served as chief of staff to Congressman Jay Dickey. “I’m honored Governor Perry has placed his confidence and trust in me to run his re-election campaign,” Johnson said. “Last week’s positive poll numbers and remarkable fundraising announcement show that the momentum is running in Governor Perry’s favor. I look forward to working with his seasoned team to get Governor Perry re-elected to keep Texas on its current economic winning streak.” Gov. Perry today also identified key leaders on his campaign staff. <strong>* Kevin Lindley</strong>, Campaign Director, will serve as Johnson’s deputy, wielding the experience earned in more than ten years in Texas politics. During Lindley’s tenure as Political Coordinator for the Republican Party of Texas, the party experienced some of its largest gains in local offices. The Plano native also managed Railroad Commission Chairman Victor Carrillo’s successful 2004 campaign. <strong>* Krystle Kirchmeyer Alvarado</strong>, Finance Director, served as Deputy Finance Director for the Governor’s 2002 and 2006 campaigns and the 2002 Texas Inaugural Committee. A 2003 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Krystle is a native of Corpus Christi, Texas. <strong>* David White</strong>, Political Director, joins Texans for Rick Perry after two years as Chief of Staff for State Representative Wayne Christian. State Chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) and an active leader at the grassroots level, David holds a degree in business from Stephen F. Austin State University. <strong>* Sarah Floerke</strong>, Organization Director, spent the past two years as Governor Perry’s Director of Community Affairs where she maintained relations with community, trade and civic organizations across the state. The Lampasas native previously worked for the Republican Party of Texas and the Texas House of Representatives. Sarah is a graduate of Texas Tech University. Gov. Perry also named key field staff and the regions they represent: <strong>West Texas * Cassie Daniel</strong> served on the state board of the Young Conservatives and was a precinct chairman and party secretary for the Randall County Republican Party. <strong>* Kim Garcia</strong> has been a conservative activist and grassroots campaigner since 2000. <strong>Central Texas * Jonathan McClellan</strong> served as legislative director for Representative Wayne Christian in the 81st Legislative Session after working on a number of local, state and national campaigns. <strong>Houston * Casey Christman</strong> previously served as a public liaison for Gov. Perry and a consultant for the Legacy Educational Foundation and Legacy Political Fund. <strong>* Leonard Cash</strong> was the grassroots coordinator for Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos' successful 2008 campaign and the Houston field representative for Governor Perry's 2006 reelection effort <strong>North Texas * Elliott Griffin</strong> graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2007, where he was an outspoken conservative activist and leader. <strong>South Texas * Laura Elizabeth Morales</strong> is a freelance conservative columnist who previously worked in the City of McAllen’s public information office and serves as the senior vice chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas. <strong>Fort Worth * Adam Leggett</strong> previously served as a public liaison for Gov. Perry, a legislative correspondent for Senator Roger Wicker, and a legislative aide in the House of Representatives. <strong>Dallas * Dwayne Horner</strong> is a 15 year veteran of grassroots politics who left a successful run as a conservative talk radio host, national blogger at, and contributing writer for Townhall Magazine to support Gov. Perry’s re-election bid. <strong>East Texas * David Durrett’s</strong> career as a conservative activist and grassroots campaigner includes a current role on the state board of the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT). # # #

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LISTEN NOW: Governor Perry on radio.

This morning, Governor Perry went on the Glenn Beck Radio Program-- with Joe Pags filling in for Glenn-- to discuss Sarah Palin's endorsement of Rick Perry in the 2010 Texas primary, the importance of the 10th Amendment, and the relative economic and fiscal success of the Great State of Texas.

You can listen to the interview here:

Governor Perry with Joe Pags

Be sure to follow @GovPerry2010 on Twitter for updates from the campaign, including heads-up updates about upcoming radio and television appearances. Also follow @GovernorPerry on Twitter for updates directly from Rick Perry himself.

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Palin to campaign for Perry

July 8, 2009
Dallas Morning News
Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday that Sarah Palin is committed to campaigning for his re-election and that he welcomes the support of the soon-to-be-former Alaska governor. "Sarah and I were friends well back before she became a national star," Perry told The Associated Press after a luncheon speech to a Lions Club in Conroe, just north of Houston. "She'll be here." .... In his address to several hundred members of the Conroe Noon Lions Club, Perry urged the federal government to stay out of the states' business. "We don't think government has all the answers," he said. "We don't think more government, more stimulus, is the answer. "I don't want to get off and make a political speech here," he added, drawing laughter. "The idea that Washington is spending money that has not been earned yet, on its face, you know that's not right," he said, reminding the crowd that he turned down hundreds of millions of dollars in federal unemployment money because of strings attached. "Texas is going to be different, and rightfully so," he said. .... In Austin, Perry's campaign said Wednesday that it raised $4.2 million over a nine-day period at the end of June and that it has $9.3 million in available cash. That amount raised is nearly twice what Perry collected in the same period four years ago as he prepared to head into his 2006 re-election bid.

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Momentum: UT Poll.

In classical mechanics, momentum is defined as mass multiplied by velocity. In political campaigns, momentum could be defined as the past few weeks for the Texans for Rick Perry campaign.

Yesterday, the campaign announced fundraising totals from June 22-30. We raised more than $450 thousand dollars online in just 9 days thanks to folks like you who contributed securely and spread the word through your personal fundraising pages. In this short window of time, the Perry campaign raised more than $4.2 million and will report more than $9.3 million cash-on-hand.

This fundraising news came on the heels of news from June 24 of a 12-point lead for Governor Perry in the Texas Lyceum poll.

This morning, the University of Texas released its June statewide survey confirming the Governor's 12-point lead in Texas Lyceum. The latest UT poll is also a big improvement for Governor Perry from the March UT Poll. That is momentum.

A record-breaking fundraising effort, two 12-point leads in a three week span, and a growing number of people signing up on Governor Perry's team. That is real, powerful momentum. Help us keep it going. Become a supporter of Governor Perry on Facebook, become a Perry Home Headquarters and sign up your friends and family as committed Perry supporters, get your own personal campaign fundraising page. As always, get updates first on Twitter: follow @GovernorPerry for updates straight from Rick Perry, and follow @GovPerry2010 for updates from the campaign.

Please, do what you can to help us keep the campaign headed in the right direction. We'll only be able to take this momentum to the next level with your continued enthusiasm and support.

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