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Which states will be early risers?

June 4, 2009
Moody's and
Bill Dedman
NEW YORK— If you want to be in the right place when the recovery starts, that place may be in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Texas or Washington. The recession didn't start at the same time in every state, and it won't end at the same time either. A new forecast from Moody's predicts that jobs growth will return first in those five states, starting in the last quarter of this year.

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Running with the National Guard

Earlier this week, Governor Perry participated in a training run with the Texas Army National Guard. KEYE news in Austin broadcast a news story about the run:

Click here to see more coverage from KEYE Austin TV.

Also, be sure to visit the Governor's official site for a list of key initiatives designed to improve the health and fitness of all Texans.

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Governor Perry Visits Llano, Texas.

Governor Perry received a warm welcome last night from nearly 300 folks in the Llano County Republican Club.

In a fired up speech to the lively crowd, Governor Perry spoke about Texas' balanced budget, our 9+ billion dollar Rainy Day fund surplus, our predictable regulatory environment, our accountable public school system, and our successful tort reform. The Governor also explained that Texas, unlike so many states now facing big budget deficits, actually cut taxes in this national recession.

See more Governor Rick Perry's photos from the event here.

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Thoughts On Sine Die: Fiscal Responsibility.

The Texas Legislature has adjourned. Sine die (translated literally "without day" in Latin) has officially arrived at the Capitol.

While the session was far from perfect, there were many positive accomplishments, especially for Texans who are concerned about fiscal responsibility. Let's look at a few pieces of extremely good tax and budget news to emerge out of Texas' 81st legislative session:

1. The 2010-11 biennial state budget will see less than 1 percent growth in general revenue spending. In this age of ballooning government spending, that limited growth rate is refreshing to see.

2. The Texas budget is balanced. Dozens of states around the country, meanwhile, are grappling with multi-billion dollar budget deficits.

3. Texas' Rainy Day fund remains intact, with more than 9 billion dollars set aside for future needs. Many states have no rainy day fund, let alone such a robust balance.

4. Tens of thousands of small businesses will see a tax cut. You can count the number of states that are cutting taxes not on one hand but on just about one finger.

The list of positives extends well beyond budgetary matters. The Governor's ambitious border security agenda will receive a boost, there will be important new investment in education, and Texans will now have a chance to vote eminent domain protections into the state constitution.

For more thoughts straight from Governor Perry, please watch the Governor's press conference for yourself.

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"Every time Texas Gov. Rick Perry flies to town he takes another half a dozen businesses with him to Texas"

Texas is ranked number one in the nation in many key economic areas, including the #1 exporting state, the #1 ranked business climate, and the #1 location for Fortune 500 companies, according to Americans for Prosperity.

The word is getting out.

Indeed, U.S. Representative Todd Tiahrt of Kansas offers this gem in an op-ed in the Wichita Eagle:

One displaced Kansan trying to develop property in the San Diego area recently told me that every time Texas Gov. Rick Perry flies to town he takes another half a dozen businesses with him to Texas. With a more friendly business climate, Texas is at the top of the game in growth rates for corporate headquarters.

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