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Gov. Rick Perry defends stimulus refusal during visit to Hub City

March 26, 2009


Elliott Blackburn

Gov. Rick Perry did not regret Wednesday refusing federal help on a projected $447 million shortfall in unemployment funding nor giving businesses back money last year that could have helped with the difference.

Texas best paid for those benefits by raising and lowering those taxes as needed, he repeated after a tour of an O'Hair Shutters manufacturing plant in North Lubbock.

The state could receive $555 million in stimulus-related unemployment assistance if it agrees to make more Texans eligible, something Perry and business groups have rejected. The letter of the law requires the changes to be permanent.

"The critics, for whatever reason, are either ill-informed or really don't care about whether this man has additional pressures on him," Perry said, gesturing to company co-owner Brant O'Hair. "I do."


"We're not on a level playing field, and here comes the federal government, making it even more of an unlevel playing field," O'Hair said.

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Texas, Entrepreneurs, and Jobs.

Today, Governor Perry traveled to Harlingen, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley for a job creation announcement with UnitedHealth Group.

The Governor made the announcement to a packed room at the Harlingen City Hall, noting that Texas has been the job growth leader in the country for a reason:

“Businesses like UnitedHealth Group come to the Lone Star State seeking the best possible location to invest and risk their capital, the best available workforce, regulatory systems that protect without stifling innovation, and tax structures that allow folks to keep more of what they earn. We have worked hard to establish these key characteristics of Texas’ business climate, and will continue to protect these job creating elements in the months to come.”

Later on in the day, Robert Scoble-- the California-based blogger, technology evangelist, author, and entrepreneur-- wrote a piece for his blog underscoring what a better place Texas is than California for starting a business and finding a job:

Last week I got to meet Texas Governor Rick Perry (that’s a photo of him pointing to a picture on his office wall). The first thing he told me, after saying “I just Tweeted you” is “when are you going to move to Texas?”

Two years ago I would have laughed because California was definitely the best place to do a technology business. This year, though, it’s a little tougher to laugh at that suggestion.

As @GovernorPerry said on Twitter today, "We are 'Open for Business' in Texas!!"

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Governor Perry: "Thanks, But No Thanks" To Washington Strings

Yesterday at the Texas Daily Newspaper Association (TDNA), Governor Perry took a moment with reporters to respond to an attack his political opponent had made earlier in the day.

While some reporters felt that Governor Perry's opponent struggled to find her position on the issue of Washington bailout money, Governor Perry delivered an authoritative statement on why he chose to reject federal money with strings attached.

Listen to the audio clip for yourself below:

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Clear Creek Cadets Run into History

March 22, 2009

Wynette Jameson

On March 8th at 6:00 PM Central Standard time ten Cadets from the JROTC program made history! They are the first, and only, High School team to ever complete the rigorous Texas Independence Relay.

The Texas Independence Relay is composed of 40 relay legs totaling 203.2 miles. The course starts in Gonzales, TX, where the Texas Revolution began, and it finishes at the San Jacinto Monument, where Texas Independence was won! To tackle this formidable task the team was composed of 11 members, ten Cadets and one Instructor, and several very dedicated adults who drove the support vehicles as the team traversed the country side. The race ran through the towns of Shiner, Moulton, Flatonia, Schulenburg, Weimar, Borden, Columbus, Altair, Eagle Lake, Wallis, Orchard, Simonton, and Fulshear, then through the city of Houston and ended in La Porte at the San Jacinto battle grounds monument.

One of the many highlights from the race was when Governor Perry took it upon himself to find the team and congratulate them on their efforts. He found them at 2:30 AM along highway 36 preparing to begin leg 24. He gave them some encouraging words and told them to keep up with their running. Governor Perry commended the team for their strive for excellence and to take the lessons learned from this experience to help them learn how to overcome other obstacles they may find in their lives. He also shared his personal experience on how running had impacted his life. Embeded HiLife reporter Will Sheffield interviewed the governor at that time. Look for his story in the next edition of the Creek HiLife.

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Governor Perry, World War II veteran take flight over Austin

March 20, 2009


Alexis Patterson

The only B-24 bomber still in operation had a special mission in the sky over Austin. Governor Rick Perry joined a local World War II pilot Friday for that special flight.

"I'm just kind of amazed," said veteran Wally Bludworth, as he prepared to board the aircraft. "I thought, I flew this thing when I was 20 years old."


When Governor Perry heard Bludworth's story, he invited him to fly along in the B-24, in Austin as part of a nationwide tour.

"This is a great ride," said Gov. Perry after the flight. "The serious note for us is to say thank you to people like Mr. Bludworth and his generation for the sacrifices they made."

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