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Property Tax Appraisal Reform.

Earlier this month, Governor Perry signed two pieces of legislation designed to relieve the burden of property taxes on Texans. Despite major property tax rate cuts in 2006 and 2007, rising property tax appraisals ate into that relief for homeowners.

After signing the bills, Perry sat down with Houston Association of Realtors Chair Vicki Fullerton for a quick interview:

House Bills (HB) 8 and 3613 will help slow the pace of increasing property appraisals, provide additional oversight for the appraisal process, and grant a total exemption for the homes of veterans who are disabled due to their service for our country.

To read more about appraisal reform and property tax relief, and to watch video of the press conference and bill signing, click here. Also, be sure to connect with Governor Rick Perry on his Facebook page.

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Gov. Perry visits Iraq, eats by flashlight, is awakened by embassy alarm

July 19, 2009
Ft. Worth Star Telegram
Chris Vaughn
Gov. Rick Perry, on his second trip to Iraq this year, ate dinner with National Guard troops by flashlight Saturday night after a generator quit, prompting him to joke that it turned into a "very romantic setting."On Sunday morning, he was abruptly awakened at 5:30 by the U.S. Embassy’s alarm for incoming rockets, perhaps an ordinary event in Iraq but one rarely heard in Austin. "I knew when I woke up, that is not my alarm clock," Perry said during a brief phone interview from Baghdad on Sunday. "We have no idea what that was about. There was no damage to the embassy. But it was a fairly exciting start to the day." Perry, a former Air Force pilot, landed in Iraq on Saturday with four other governors: Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Jay Nixon of Missouri, Jim Gibbons of Nevada and Pat Quinn of Illinois, all invited by the Defense Department. He visited in Iraq in January and thought there were a "multitude of reasons" for going back. "No. 1, to tell these young men and women that the people in Texas are supporting them, praying for them and that they are ready for them to come home," he said. "It’s worth my time to tell them, 'Thank you, we’re proud of you, and God bless you.’ "

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Governor Perry's interview with Bill Whittle of PJTV.

Sunday, Governor Perry connected via satellite from Kuwait with PJTV's Bill Whittle. The two discussed the Governor's recent visit with Texas soldiers in Iraq, progress in and hope for the new democracy, and a few other issues.

You can watch the entire interview here:

Governor Perry on PJTV via satellite from Kuwait

The Governor also shared some photos via twitter over the weekend, so be sure to follow @GovernorPerry on to get updates straight from Governor Rick Perry. If you are on Facebook, be sure to become a supporter here:

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Good News.

While some in Washington are spending an inordinate amount of time these days running down Texas for perceived political gain, Governor Perry is proud that Texas remains the nation's economic leader.

Texans are clearly responding to Governor Perry's optimistic message about Texas; today's Rasmussen Reports poll, showing the Governor leading by 10-points, confirms that voters prefer Perry's brand of strong conservative leadership to mere harping from the sidelines.

If you have not had the opportunity to hear Governor personally deliver his message about Texas leadership, please take a few minutes to watch one of the many speeches available on the campaign YouTube channel.

These days, however, it's not just Governor Perry advocating the Texas model; our state's success story is beginning to get out, far and wide.

National Review, calling Governor Perry a "classic conservative hard case," published a must-read article this month about our Great State:

Governor Perry sums up the Texas model in five words: "Don't spend all the money." Here's what a good long run of small-government, low-tax conservatism has achieved in Texas: Once a largely agricultural state, Texas today is home to 6 of the 25 largest cities in the country, more than any other state. Texas has a trillion-dollar economy that would make it the 15th-largest national economy in the world if it were, as some of its more spirited partisans sometimes idly suggest it should be, an independent country. By one estimate, 70 percent of the new jobs that were created in the United States in 2008 were created in Texas. Texas is home to America's highest-volume port, the largest medical center in the world, and the headquarters of more Fortune 500 companies than any other state, having surpassed New York in 2008. While the Rust Belt mourns the loss of manufacturing jobs, Texans are building Bell helicopters and Lockheed Martin airplanes, Dell computers and TI semiconductors.

You may have also seen The Economist's coverage of the ongoing battle between Texas and California for preeminence in the United States-- Texas has the upper hand in that rivalry.

And let's not forget Forbes, which declared this week, "In Texas, you can get ahead in the recession" and wrote that "it's not surprising that two Lone Star state cities come out on top" of its latest rankings.

That Texas cities would come out on top is not surprising to the writers of Forbes, because the word is getting out: Texas is the model for America's economic recovery.

Help Governor Perry's campaign keep the good news flowing. Sign up for your own personal fundraising page at, and be sure to become a supporter on the Governor's Facebook page.

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VIDEO: Governor Perry speaking to the McLennan County Republican Women in Waco.

Last night in Waco, Governor Perry earned rave reviews for his passionate, inspirational speech to the McLennan County Republican Women at their Lincoln Day dinner.

Watch the speech for yourself in the three clips below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Governor also tweeted a few photos live from the event on his Twitter feed: @GovernorPerry. For the latest videos, updated almost daily, check back often at Governor Perry's YouTube channel.

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