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Perry Campaign Manager Calls on Sen. Hutchison to Release Tax Returns

August 18, 2009
AUSTIN - Texans for Rick Perry campaign manager Rob Johnson today called on Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to make her tax returns available to the public. “Transparency is vital for an open and honest government,” said campaign manager Rob Johnson. “Just as Governor Perry has always done, Senator Hutchison should come clean and immediately release her tax returns. The public has a right to know what she is hiding and how her actions as a senator may have affected her personal finances.” The Senate Ethics Committee explicitly warned Ray Hutchison in 1995 to avoid situations where federal funding for his clients involved Sen. Hutchison. However, Sen. Hutchison has continually directed billions in taxpayer dollars (earmarks) to projects her husband’s law firm represents. In fact, the same day Sen. Hutchison announced her candidacy for Texas governor, she said that she would not resign from the Senate until she met the appropriations needs of three specific projects represented by her husband’s law firm – Dallas’ Trinity River, Houston Metro and DART.

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Hutchison’s rough start to the campaign

August 18, 2009
Galveston Daily News
TJ Aulds
Kay Bailey Hutchison’s kick-off event for her gubernatorial campaign didn’t go exactly as scripted Monday morning. Actually, it got off to a rough start. For beginners, her main opponent, Gov. Rick Perry, welcomed Hutchison back to her hometown of La Marque by parking a truck carrying a large sign that read “Kay Bailout Express: Delivering record debt, pork and bailouts since 1993.” The sign was parked in the La Marque High School parking lot to greet everyone, including Hutchison’s motorcade. Then the campaign's event announcer — who appeared to be a contractor hired to set up the sound system — had a hard time pronouncing candidate's hometown correctly. La Marque (Luh-Mark) was pronounced Luh-Mark-EE by the announcer not once, not twice, but three times. The Hutchison campaign staff seemed oblivious to the fact that, at an event staged as a homecoming for their boss, someone was mispronouncing the hometown.

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Hutchison at first event: Rah, rah for good ol’ days

August 18, 2009
Austin American-Statesman
by Ken Herman
LA MARQUE — The first time he said it, you weren't sure you had heard what you thought you heard. The second time, there was no doubt. The disembodied announcer voice at Kay Bailey Hutchison's gubernatorial campaign kickoff event was mispronouncing the name of her high school... ...So it was on Monday as a former La Marque cheerleader returned to start what is sure to be a nasty battle with Gov. Rick Perry for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. On camera, everything went well enough — once Hutchison's minions moved the relatively small crowd to where they could look largest. "First we were there. Then we were behind the rope. Then we were back there. And now we're in front of the podium," Hutchison backer Bill Settle of Sugar Land said after Hutchison aides finally had decided on a spot for him and the rest of the crowd.

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Texas Municipal Police Association Endorses Governor Perry

Today the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) endorsed Governor Rick Perry as their candidate of choice in the 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary race. "Governor Perry has proven his desire to see that Texas law enforcement has the tools we need to protect the citizens and guests of this great state," said Tom Gaylor, Deputy Executive Director of the TMPA. "The public safety resources he has helped provide have been invaluable in our members' efforts to secure our communities."

Formed in 1950, the Texas Municipal Police Association includes over 15,000 Texas peace officers from across the state. The goal of the association is to promote the mission of "Professionalism in Texas law enforcement through education and representation."

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of TMPA," states Gov. Perry. "The dedication and selflessness of our law enforcement officers is one that must be recognized, and I am always proud to champion the concerns of those who protect our citizens. The work of the folks at TMPA is essential to maintaining the strength and security of our state and an effort I will always support."

While in office, Gov. Perry has made law enforcement and public safety issues a top priority, particularly issues concerning border security. During the recent legislative session, the Governor signed HB2086, an omnibus gang bill that provides state and local law enforcement agencies with tools they need to combat gang threats.

Find more information regarding the Texas Municipal Police Association and their endorsement here.

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A New Online Challenge

Thank you to the online activists who participated in Governor Perry's "4 More Years in 2010" t-shirt challenge! We experienced a great response, and the t-shirts are en route to all who completed the challenge.

Governor Perry's opponent liked the challenge so much that her campaign ripped off the idea! Hours after she announced she was running for governor, her campaign issued an eerily similar online challenge to her supporters.

Today, we are issuing a new online challenge. Senator Hutchison held her campaign kickoff announcement at her hometown high school yesterday morning. When you subtract band members, cheerleaders, and KBH staffers, she only managed to turn out about 50 supporters in her own town. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to raise as many dollars on your personal fundraising page as Kay had supporters at her announcement.

We will randomly choose 10 people who complete this online challenge by Friday, August 21st, at noon and send them their very own campaign t-shirt! To create your own fundraising page, visit and fill out the form. You can then send your page to family and friends through email and social media. Best of luck, and thank you for your continued support!

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