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Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to woo Tesla in Sacramento


Los Angeles Times

Marc Lifsher

Driving an electric Tesla Model S sedan, the governor of Texas whisked into the state capital of California on Tuesday with a not-subtle message that he wants to keep nabbing businesses from the Golden State.

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RICK PERRY: California, like Texas, has what it takes to be an energy leader


The Bakersfield Californian

Rick Perry

A national energy boom is within our grasp, an economic surge that holds the potential to power our nation's economy with affordable energy while creating high-quality jobs and making our nation less dependent upon energy from less-stable parts of the world.

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Rick Perry: Texas a haven for those seeking freedom


Orange County Register

Rick Perry

When car manufacturers and multinational corporations move from state to state, it grabs headlines. When individuals and families make similar moves, rarely does it merit a mention in the newspaper.

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Rick Perry: We've warned Feds about warehoused children since 2012


Breitbart Texas

Joel B. Pollak

BEVERLY HILLS, California -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry says that the state government has been trying to warn federal authorities about the problem of "warehoused" children caught crossing the border illegally since 2012.

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Don’t write off Rick Perry


The Washington Post

Jennifer Rubin

For the media, the 2016 presidential race boils down to a contest between Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) for the far right’s affections. And certainly those two candidates are seeing the race in such terms. But the candidates, the media and the GOP at large make a mistake if they ignore Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Yes, Rick Perry.

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