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Austin seeing interest from California companies 'double or triple,' chamber says.

February 13, 2013
Austin American-Statesman
Laylan Copelin, Kirk Ladendorf

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Texas vs. California myth-busting

February 6, 2013
Chuck DeVore
There’s been a lot of back-and-forth ink spilled and electrons harnessed regarding the two largest states where 1 in 5 Americans live. The most recent was prompted by some California radio ads purchased by the State of Texas to encourage California businesses to move to the Lone Star state. The California retort to this Texan assault is well represented in a column by Joe Garofoli in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled, “Some context behind Rick Perry’s radio pitch for CA biz to come to Texas.”

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Viewpoint: Why don't we recruit businesses from Texas, Governor?

February 8, 2013
The Sacramento Bee
Assemblyman Dan Logue
While I can't fault Governor Perry for campaigning to bring more jobs to his state, I think it's time Californians take a stand. After seven years straight of being named the worst state to do business with, according to CEO magazine, I think it's time we fight back.

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Facing record taxes, rich Californians consider moving to cheaper pastures

February 7, 2013
Mike Rosenberg

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Perry running ads in California encouraging businesses to move to Texas

February 4, 2013
The Daily Caller
Alexis Levinson

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry praises charter schools, voucher plan before State Board of Education

February 1, 2013
The Associated Press
Will Weissert
Gov. Rick Perry told the State Board of Education on Friday that it’s time for Texas to increase the number of charter schools allowed to operate statewide and embrace a voucher system that would let parents get their kids out of poor-performing public schools and into private ones.

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Rick Perry to Tax-weary Phil Mickelson: Come to Texas

January 23, 2013
Melanie Gray
Gov. Rick Perry took to Twitter to let Mickelson know that he's more than welcome in the Lone Star State, which has no income tax.

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Perry: Second Amendment stronger than Obama's gun control plan

January 16, 2013
Matt Goodman
Gov. Rick Perry issued a firm response to President Barack Obama’s sweeping gun violence package moments after it was announced Wednesday, saying the proposal has little to do with curbing mass shootings and charged the left with using tragedy to propel its anti-gun agenda.

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Gov. Rick Perry Responds to Obama Gun Control Order

January 16, 2013
Frank Heinz
President Barack Obama revealed his administration's proposals for curbing gun violence Wednesday and is quickly being met with sharp criticism from Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

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