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Perry's tax plan 'a move in the right direction'

April 19, 2013
David Hendricks
Owners of businesses in Texas now have an extra incentive to root for continued economic expansion in the state.

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How To Win, Texas Style

March 2013
Mark Arend
Not so fast, Buckeyes. Texas is back in a big way with a commanding first-place finish in the 2012 facilities race to claim the Governor’s Cup after a 34-project loss to Ohio last year. Not only did Texas reclaim the coveted trophy, but it did so with a whopping 761 projects, 270 more than first runner-up Ohio, which held its own relative to last year’s tally with just seven fewer projects (491). Pennsylvania keeps its third-place finish (430), and Michigan (337) and Illinois (322) round out the top five.

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The Reverse-Joads of California

March 3, 2013
The Wall Street Journal
Allysia Finley
During the Great Depression, some 1.3 million Americans—epitomized by the Joad family in John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"—flocked to California from the heartland. To keep out the so-called Okies, the state enacted a law barring indigent migrants (the law was later declared unconstitutional). Los Angeles even set up a border patrol on the city limits. Soon the state may need to build a fence to keep latter-day Joads from leaving.

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Left's Howls Against Rick Perry's Texas Prove Its Low-Tax Model Is A Success

February 19, 2013
IBD Editorial
Taxation: Governor Rick Perry took a lot of ridicule for his efforts to lure California's tax-strangled businesses to his home state of Texas. If that's so ridiculous, how come it's his leftist critics showing all the hysteria?

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Perry: Ad was to highlight Texas Way, not to tarnish Golden State

February 17, 2013
Austin American-Statesman
Rick Perry
Contrary to what you might’ve heard, I have nothing against California. In fact, I think it’s a beautiful state filled with creative people and a vibrant culture. The problem for California, however, is that many of their business leaders do have something against the state — specifically its increasingly hostile business climate.

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Austin seeing interest from California companies 'double or triple,' chamber says.

February 13, 2013
Austin American-Statesman
Laylan Copelin, Kirk Ladendorf

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Texas vs. California myth-busting

February 6, 2013
Chuck DeVore
There’s been a lot of back-and-forth ink spilled and electrons harnessed regarding the two largest states where 1 in 5 Americans live. The most recent was prompted by some California radio ads purchased by the State of Texas to encourage California businesses to move to the Lone Star state. The California retort to this Texan assault is well represented in a column by Joe Garofoli in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled, “Some context behind Rick Perry’s radio pitch for CA biz to come to Texas.”

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Viewpoint: Why don't we recruit businesses from Texas, Governor?

February 8, 2013
The Sacramento Bee
Assemblyman Dan Logue
While I can't fault Governor Perry for campaigning to bring more jobs to his state, I think it's time Californians take a stand. After seven years straight of being named the worst state to do business with, according to CEO magazine, I think it's time we fight back.

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Facing record taxes, rich Californians consider moving to cheaper pastures

February 7, 2013
Mike Rosenberg

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