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Texas Apartment Association Endorse Governor Perry

The Texas Apartment Association (TAA) has endorsed Governor Perry for re-election in 2010.

“The Texas Apartment Association proved that they have a heart as big as the state of Texas when they helped place people in need during Hurricane Katrina,” said Gov. Perry. “I am honored to receive an endorsement from TAA, whose members provide housing to millions of Texans and help our economy to continually grow.”

With more than 10,300 members, TAA is dedicated to unifying rental housing professionals through education, legislative advocacy and member services. The members include rental housing owners, builders, developers and property management firms. TAA contributes to Texas' thriving economy by providing housing for more than 4 million and employing an estimated 75,000 full-time employees.

"Under his leadership, Texas continues to have a strong and vibrant economy, which the multi-family housing industry is dependent on to maintain its growth and stability,” said George B. Allen, CAE, Executive Vice President of the Texas Apartment Association. “Gov. Perry has ensured that Texas keeps a tight hold on fiscal matters and lets the free-market system work, allowing business to flourish in this state. TAA members look forward to four more years of Gov. Perry's leadership and to his vision for ensuring Texas remains the nation's economic powerhouse.”

Find the full Press Release regarding the endorsement here.

For more information about the Texas Apartment Association, visit their website here.

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Houston Realty Business Coalition Endorses Governor Perry's Re-Election

The Houston Realty Business Coalition, established since 1967, has endorsed Governor Perry for re-election.

“It is a great honor to receive the Houston Realty Business Coalition endorsement,” said Gov. Perry. “They protect the rights of individuals through private ownership of property which in turn protects the values of our great state.”

Over 275 business, political and professional leaders are members of the coalition which represents a wide variety of disciplines and interests. The Houston Realty Business Coalition encompasses the vast Houston-area real estate and development community and maintains the lines of communication.

"During this time of economic uncertainty, Governor Perry has proven that he can guide our state to lead the nation in exports, job creation and Fortune 500 companies,” said David Dominy, President of the Houston Realty Business Coalition. “HRBC has no doubts that Governor Perry is not only the most qualified candidate but that his principled leadership, dedication, and hard work will continue to dictate decisions that will be good for Texas.”

Find the full Press Release regarding the endorsement here.

For more information about Houston Realty Business Coalition, visit their website here.

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Texas Right to Life Endorses Governor Perry

The oldest, largest and only statewide pro-life organization, Texas Right to Life, gave their endorsement to Governor Perry for re-election in 2010.

“Since even before he became Governor, Rick Perry has led efforts to protect the sanctity of innocent human life,” said President of Texas Right to Life Dr. Joseph Graham. “Not only does Governor Perry defend the unborn, he has worked to stop destructive research on human embryos and other biotech assaults on human life.”

While in office, Governor Perry has signed bills that protect life and promote alternatives to abortion, such as the Woman's Right to Know Act and Prenatal Protection Act.

“I am honored to receive Texas Right to Life’s endorsement and look forward to further working to protect the sanctity of life in Texas,” said Gov. Perry. “Such efforts are an essential component to strengthening Texas families which thereby uphold the strength of our entire state.”

Find the full Press Release regarding the endorsement here.

For more information about Texas Right to Life, visit their website here.

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Conservative Activist Cathie Adams Endorses Governor Perry

Conservative activist, Cathie Adams, gave her endorsement today to Governor Perry's re-election campaign.

The Republican National Committeewoman values Governor Perry's conservative stance on Texas issues. "While other politicians moisten their fingers and test the wind of public opinion to determine their decisions, Gov. Perry consistently stands proudly for our pro-life and pro-family ideals," says Ms. Adams. "Texans should re-elect the governor responsible for creating the strongest state economy in the nation, even throughout these difficult economic times. Texans are most fortunate that Gov. Perry is willing to continue leading Texas."

While in the office, the governor's defense of family values and pro-life issues have strengthened Texas communities. Texas' economy remains the envy of the nation due to his priority for maintaing limited government, low taxes and predictable regulations.

“I am deeply honored to receive Cathie’s endorsement,” said Gov. Perry. “Her efforts to defend life and family in Texas surpass all and I look forward to working with her on these important issues so we can continue to ensure Texas’ strength well into the future.”

Find the full Press Release regarding the endorsement here.

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Texas Society of Professional Engineers Endorse Governor Perry

Governor Perry acquired another endorsement today from the Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE).

The organization has long served the interests of the individual engineer in Texas. The entire effort of TSPE is devoted to the professional, ethical, economic, social and political aspects for all engineering disciplines in Texas.

“TSPE is proud to announce its support of Governor Perry in his re-election campaign,” said TSPE President J. Kent O'Brien, P.E. “We look forward to his continued leadership on important issues such as economic development, infrastructure, and education so that Texas may continue to be the state we are proud to call home for generations to come.”

While in office, Gov. Perry has understood the importance of engineers to the infrastructure of Texas. In reference to the newest endorsement Gov. Perry said, "I am honored to have TSPE's endorsement and look forward to continuing my support of the great things they do for our state."

Find the full Press Release regarding the endorsement here.

For more information about the Texas Society of Professional Engineers visit their website here.

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Texas Chemical Council Endorses Governor Perry

Today, the Texas Chemical Council (TCC) officially announced their endorsement of Governor Rick Perry for re-election.

“I am thankful to have the support of the Chemical Council, whose member companies represent an integral part of our state’s economy and are providing jobs for hardworking Texans,” said Gov. Perry. “I am proud of our state’s chemical industry and look forward to helping maintain its strength in the years to come.”

A longtime champion of causes important to the Texas chemical industry, Gov. Perry stood up to federally proposed cap-and-trade legislation and regulation of CO2 by the Environmental Protection Agency.

"Governor Rick Perry is a proven leader who has solidified Texas' reputation as the best state in the nation to do business through policies that attract capital investment and generate high-paying, high-quality jobs that sustain our state’s economy,” said TCC President and CEO Hector L. Rivero. “As a major economic engine since the 1940s, the chemical industry is among the first high-tech industries in Texas and continues to be an innovator through advanced research and development."

Find the full Press Release regarding the endorsement here.

For more information about the Texas Chemical Council visit their website here.

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Texas Municipal Police Association Endorses Governor Perry

Today the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) endorsed Governor Rick Perry as their candidate of choice in the 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary race. "Governor Perry has proven his desire to see that Texas law enforcement has the tools we need to protect the citizens and guests of this great state," said Tom Gaylor, Deputy Executive Director of the TMPA. "The public safety resources he has helped provide have been invaluable in our members' efforts to secure our communities."

Formed in 1950, the Texas Municipal Police Association includes over 15,000 Texas peace officers from across the state. The goal of the association is to promote the mission of "Professionalism in Texas law enforcement through education and representation."

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of TMPA," states Gov. Perry. "The dedication and selflessness of our law enforcement officers is one that must be recognized, and I am always proud to champion the concerns of those who protect our citizens. The work of the folks at TMPA is essential to maintaining the strength and security of our state and an effort I will always support."

While in office, Gov. Perry has made law enforcement and public safety issues a top priority, particularly issues concerning border security. During the recent legislative session, the Governor signed HB2086, an omnibus gang bill that provides state and local law enforcement agencies with tools they need to combat gang threats.

Find more information regarding the Texas Municipal Police Association and their endorsement here.

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Defender of Jerusalem Award

This week Governor Perry traveled to Jerusalem where he received the Defender of Jerusalem Award. Created in 2008 by Guma Aguiar, head of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation, the award tributes dignitaries from around the world who have demonstrated strong support for the people of Israel.

"I have long supported the right of a Jewish state to exist in the Middle East, " said Gov. Perry. "After visiting several sacred and historic sites, meeting with business, civic and government leaders and seeing the day-to-day lives of the people on my trips to Israel, I am even more convinced that a safe, secure Israel is an essential part of stability in this part of the world."

Texas, Israel's fourth-largest American trading partner, has built a strong
economic relationship with Israel, especially within the agriculture and natural resource industries. During a visit in 2007, Gov. Perry helped launch the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce was created to help launch future commercial interests and solidify the strong business and cultural connections between the two states.

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Welcome to Texas, Mr. Hannity

This past Saturday night at the Hannity Freedom Concert in the Woodlands, TX, Governor Rick Perry declared Sean Hannity an honorary Texan. Sean eagerly accepted the honor and took a moment on stage to ponder whether he should move to Texas.

At the concert, Governor Perry spoke to the fired up crowd about the liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution-- freedoms that our men and women in uniform have defended since the earliest days of our Republic.

Hannity's Freedom Concert series celebrates the men & women who continue to fight for our country today, and Governor Perry was honored to have been invited to participate. See photos from the event on the Governor Rick Perry Flickr Photostream.

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Made in Texas

Yesterday Governor Perry spoke at a press conference announcing Farouk Systems' relocation to Houston, TX. The billion dollar company manufactures and exports professional spa products to more than 90 countries. Currently, Farouk Systems employs 400 Texans and foresees creating 1,200 more jobs, not to mention $26 million in capital investment.

"When companies look at Texas, they're discovering that we've fostered an environment that encourages people to pursue their dreams, build businesses and create jobs," states Governor Perry.

A large amount of Fortune 500 companies call the Lone Star State home, more than any other state in the nation. According to the National Review "Texas' small government and low tax environment" attracts companies to cross the borders. According to Governor Perry, "word is out that Texas is the place to be if you want to work hard, create jobs and reap the rewards of your efforts."

View the video of the Governor's speech on the State's official website here.

Check out Governor Rick Perry pictures from the event.

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