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Last Week Showed How Texans Come Together to Help our Neighbors

Last week was busy here in Texas and beyond. As you saw in the news and maybe even firsthand, we undertook a massive effort to prepare our state for the approach of Hurricane Gustav and help out our neighbors in Louisiana.

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Marine Corps Graduation in San Diego

While in San Diego, I attended Bravo Company’s graduation at the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot.  I was honored to meet these incredible Americans and grateful for the chance to thank them for their service to our country.

You can see pictures here:

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Texas Stays Tough on Crime

Texas' tough on crime stance is making national and international headlines as the execution date approaches for Jose Medellin, a Mexican national who committed one of our state's most gruesome murders while in our country illegally.

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Hurricane Dolly

When Hurricane Dolly hit the shores of south Texas last week, it destroyed many homes and businesses, and it disrupted lives and communities. I toured the damage with Senator Cornyn on Thursday, and though the rebuilding process is already underway, it will take time for life to return to normal.

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Thanks for a Great Convention

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Republican State Convention last week in Houston. The Perry Pavilion was packed full of people all day on Thursday and Friday. It was an honor to see so many of you who were in attendance.

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It's Time to Lift the Federal Ban on Offshore Drilling

I want to take a minute to talk about something that's impacting everyone - high energy prices.

It's time to to lift the federal ban on offshore oil exploration to expand domestic production and I applaud President Bush and Senator McCain for calling for immediate action. I join both the president and senator in petitioning Congress to lift this ban immediately.

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Visiting with Legislators

Over the past few weeks, I've been traveling to districts across Texas to visit with members of the Legislature. I'm talking to members in both parties about the challenges that face the state of Texas and what ideas they may for moving the state forward.

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Welcome to the Governor's Journal

Welcome to my new online journal! I've started this as a way of keeping up with you. Here, you'll be able to view pictures of events, participate in discussions, and to talk with other members. My goal is to use this as a tool to communicate with you on a regular basis so check back often for updates. You'll be able to share your opinion on various topics, and to talk with other folks from across the state of Texas.

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