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Vote for Dewhurst, Smitherman and Medina on Tuesday

Tomorrow is a very important day – runoff election day. A lot of the pundits said voters would be too busy with summer trips to turn out to vote in large numbers. Of course, they said the same thing about a May primary election the day after Memorial Day.

So I ask you to prove them wrong, and do your duty by voting in tomorrow’s runoff election. There are very important statewide contests on the ballot, in addition to a number of runoffs for local office and the state legislature.

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Happy Easter

“Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing that you can be born again.
Hear the bells ringing they’re singing Christ is risen from the dead.
The angel up on the tombstone said He has risen just as he said.
Quickly now, go tell his disciples that Jesus Christ is no longer dead.”

“Joy to the world, he is risen. Hallelujah.
He’s risen. Hallelujah.
He’s risen. Hallelujah, Hallelujah.”

-- “The Easter Song” by Keith Green

On this Easter, Anita and I want to wish you the joy of Christ. He is risen, and has conquered sin.

We can all be grateful for the gifts of God: a quiet sunrise, the gift of life, the love of family. But no gift is greater than God’s grace, poured out as an offering in remission of our sins.

We wish you a Happy Easter and to our Jewish friends a blessed Passover. May God bless you with abundance on this day.

Happy Easter,
Rick Perry

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Merry Christmas and Say a Prayer for Our Troops

Christmas time has always been a favorite holiday for our family, but it took on an added significance this year as the Perry family received the gift of a new daughter-in-law who walked the aisle with our son just a few days ago. We could not be happier and we appreciate the flood of congratulations we have received from across Texas and beyond.

No matter what gifts top your list this year, we pray that you and your family are blessed with health, happiness and optimism for a new year. With friends like you, we are confident that 2010 will be an amazing year.

As you gather with friends and family this week, please remember to say a prayer of thanksgiving for our troops serving bravely overseas and their families here at home, asking God to protect their every step. Their gift to us is freedom and our gratitude should know no bounds.

We have added a special section to our site where you can see photos of troops I met during my trips to Iraq and Afghanistan earlier this year.

Go to where you can not only look for and tag troops you know, you can also upload images of your loved ones serving our country overseas. (If you're not a flickr member already, it's easy to sign up for a free account.) This online album will be a nice holiday tribute to our troops.

No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, Anita and I pray blessings on you and your family.

Gov. Rick Perry


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TEA Party Patriots: Keep Up the Momentum

The April 15 TEA parties have come and gone, but for millions of Americans they were just the beginning of a movement in this great country. It’s a movement of patriots who love their country enough to stand up and say "enough is enough." They are tired of the steady stream of news out of Washington about bailouts, runaway spending, and a mountain of debt that is growing out of control.

Contrary to liberal commentary, I’m confident we'll be seeing MORE TEA parties across our state and our country in the months to come, with even larger crowds of proud Americans standing up for principles like personal responsibility, individual liberty, and limited government. Our Founding Fathers wove these values into the foundational documents of our nation, so I’m comfortable defending them in the public square. Who knows, maybe we’ll make enough noise that our elected officials in Washington will actually read the Constitution and let it guide a decision or two.

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Join Governor Perry at 2 PM Today and Watch Him on Fox News

Today at 2 PM, I am announcing a major policy decision related to the Washington stimulus package. On, we will be streaming the event live from Houston. During the announcement, the site will feature a live blog where you can go and add your thoughts to the discussion. I hope you will participate.

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Help Us Turn the Tide in Washington and Stop These Irresponsible Bailouts

Yesterday President Obama signed a spending bill drafted by Congress full of pork and special interest handouts totaling nearly $800 billion. The Democrats think this bill will change our country's financial fortunes, but you and I know better.

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Support a Culture of Life in Texas, Sign Our Petition

Thirty-six years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case of Roe v. Wade, and since then more than 49 million abortions have been performed in America.

As Governor, I have worked hard to promote a culture of life. I'm proud to have supported and signed a number of key bills that has helped reduce teen abortions in Texas by 26 percent.

Please take a moment to sign this petition supporting a culture of life in Texas, and if you can make it to Austin Saturday January 24th, I hope you will join me and thousands of our fellow Texans at the Texas Rally for Life on the Capitol steps.

God Bless,

Rick Perry

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Visiting Our Troops In Iraq

As governor of Texas and commander in chief of our Texas Military Forces, few things make me prouder than seeing the values, honor, patriotism and resolve displayed by our military servicemen and women. So when I received an invitation from the U.S. Department of Defense to visit our troops in Iraq's combat zone, I was grateful for the opportunity to show them my support and appreciation in person.

My journey to Baghdad earlier this week to visit the Texas Guardsmen of the 124th Cavalry Regiment was an incredible experience. The remarkable stories of success I heard are proof positive that the recent surge of 30,000 troops into the area is working. The morale and positive attitude they reflected encouraged me that we are moving that much closer to a free and secure Iraq.

My motivation for going was to send our troops the message that Texans are supportive, proud and eternally grateful for their ongoing sacrifice. By faithfully answering their nation's call they have made all the difference in the future of the embattled nation of Iraq.

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Help Get Out the Vote with

With less than two weeks to go before the election, it’s more important than ever to get everyone we know to vote (and vote Republican). None of us can be everywhere at once, so my team created a way for me to “tour the state” via the Internet. Be sure to check out my barbecue tour and invite your friends to a little BBQ lunch with yours truly. Every person whose email you enter will receive a personalized video of me talking to them about the importance of supporting their local Republicans. It's a fun way to spread the message and remind your friends to vote.

Texas has been blessed with good government over the past decade, and we've seen our economy grow deeper and stronger as a result. Do your part to keep Texas strong by getting your friends to vote Republican! Visit, and invite your entire address book to a BBQ lunch!

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New ID Cards Keep Texas Safe

This week we took an important step forward in making Texas and its residents safer. The Texas Department of Public Safety will now require non-U.S. citizens to prove they are in this country legally before they can get a driver's license from the state. Once they do, the license will have a "Temporary Visitor" notice with the card's expiration date clearly printed.

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