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Statement by Governor Perry on Texas Republican Runoff Election

"I congratulate Ted Cruz on a hard-fought victory and a well-executed campaign. Ted is a force to be reckoned with: an excellent candidate and a great conservative communicator. I call on all conservative Texans to rally behind Ted Cruz in November so we can remake the U.S. Senate in the image of Texas for the good of all Americans.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst fought a valiant fight. I’m proud to call David my friend. He and I will stand shoulder to shoulder once again in the spring, fighting for Texas -- the most conservative state in America.

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Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks to the 2012 Texas Republican State Convention

Howdy! It’s great to be in Fort Worth, where the West begins.

I bring greetings from your capital city, where the Democrat-controlled city motto is “Keep Austin weird.” This week in Fort Worth we have a different motto: Keep Texas Republican.

I can’t think of a better county to host the nation’s largest Republican convention than our largest Republican county: Tarrant County.

It’s right here where the conservative cause is strongest, and the voice of the Tea Party is the loudest.

It’s been two years since we last got together. And you might say a lot has happened since then.

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Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Scott Walker Victory

Gov. Walker’s victory tonight is a major triumph for the people of Wisconsin and the leaders with the courage to defy the status quo and make the tough decisions necessary to rein in government spending and jump-start job creation.

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