VIDEO: Governor Perry speaking to the McLennan County Republican Women in Waco.

Last night in Waco, Governor Perry earned rave reviews for his passionate, inspirational speech to the McLennan County Republican Women at their Lincoln Day dinner.

Watch the speech for yourself in the three clips below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Governor also tweeted a few photos live from the event on his Twitter feed: @GovernorPerry. For the latest videos, updated almost daily, check back often at Governor Perry's YouTube channel.

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Meet the Perry Staffers.

The Texans for Rick Perry 2010 campaign has a campaign manager! Welcome Rob Johnson-- currently serving as the chief of staff to Lt. Governor David Dewhurst-- to the team. We're all excited to have Rob on board. The Perry campaign is welcoming a lot of new faces, including 10 new field staff all around the Great State of Texas.

Click here to read about Rob and some of the other new Perry staffers in our official campaign press release on the subject.

As always, be sure to follow @GovPerry2010 on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates from the campaign staff, and @GovernorPerry for updates straight from Governor Rick Perry himself.

The campaign is thrilled with the undeniable momentum behind Governor Perry over the past few weeks. Your incredible support has made it all possible.

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LISTEN NOW: Governor Perry on radio.

This morning, Governor Perry went on the Glenn Beck Radio Program-- with Joe Pags filling in for Glenn-- to discuss Sarah Palin's endorsement of Rick Perry in the 2010 Texas primary, the importance of the 10th Amendment, and the relative economic and fiscal success of the Great State of Texas.

You can listen to the interview here:

Governor Perry with Joe Pags

Be sure to follow @GovPerry2010 on Twitter for updates from the campaign, including heads-up updates about upcoming radio and television appearances. Also follow @GovernorPerry on Twitter for updates directly from Rick Perry himself.

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Momentum: UT Poll.

In classical mechanics, momentum is defined as mass multiplied by velocity. In political campaigns, momentum could be defined as the past few weeks for the Texans for Rick Perry campaign.

Yesterday, the campaign announced fundraising totals from June 22-30. We raised more than $450 thousand dollars online in just 9 days thanks to folks like you who contributed securely and spread the word through your personal fundraising pages. In this short window of time, the Perry campaign raised more than $4.2 million and will report more than $9.3 million cash-on-hand.

This fundraising news came on the heels of news from June 24 of a 12-point lead for Governor Perry in the Texas Lyceum poll.

This morning, the University of Texas released its June statewide survey confirming the Governor's 12-point lead in Texas Lyceum. The latest UT poll is also a big improvement for Governor Perry from the March UT Poll. That is momentum.

A record-breaking fundraising effort, two 12-point leads in a three week span, and a growing number of people signing up on Governor Perry's team. That is real, powerful momentum. Help us keep it going. Become a supporter of Governor Perry on Facebook, become a Perry Home Headquarters and sign up your friends and family as committed Perry supporters, get your own personal campaign fundraising page. As always, get updates first on Twitter: follow @GovernorPerry for updates straight from Rick Perry, and follow @GovPerry2010 for updates from the campaign.

Please, do what you can to help us keep the campaign headed in the right direction. We'll only be able to take this momentum to the next level with your continued enthusiasm and support.

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Exciting Fundraising Numbers: 9 Days, 4.2+ Million Dollars; $450K+ Via Internet; $9.3+ Million Cash-On-Hand.

Texans for Rick Perry is thrilled to announce today that our campaign raised $4,231,086.49 from 1,076 donors over a nine day period from June 22 – June 30, nearly doubling contributions from the same time period in 2005. The total includes $454,094 in online contributions. The campaign will also report $9,355,100.35 cash-on-hand.

“This is a remarkable accomplishment and a ringing endorsement of Governor Perry,” said Jim Lee, one of Governor Perry’s state finance chairs. “95% of those contributing are from Texas, showing that Texans continue to appreciate and value his leadership.”

“This outpouring of support from across the state clearly indicates that Texans have embraced Governor Perry’s vision for Texas,” said Mark Miner. “People value action over talk and their faith in Governor Perry was validated by a successful legislative session that resulted in a tax cut for small businesses, protection of private property rights and a balanced budget that cut general revenue spending. Our team is energized by the support Governor Perry continues to receive across the state.”

If you would like to join Governor Perry's growing team, create your own personal fundraising page at Also, be sure to follow @GovernorPerry for updates straight from the Governor and @GovPerry2010 for updates from the campaign. The campaign published these fundraising numbers first on twitter, then on Governor Perry's Facebook page.

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VIDEO: Rockwall, Texas July 4th TEA Party

Early Saturday afternoon, on July 4th at the Courthouse in Rockwall, Texas, Governor Perry visited with several hundred Texans at a lively, patriotic TEA Party. Watch the video for yourself:

Rockwall was recently named by Family Circle magazine as one of the ten best cities in America. Way to go, Rockwall-- well-deserved.

Check back often at Governor Perry's YouTube Channel for lots of fresh videos every week. Be sure to follow Rick Perry on Twitter: @GovernorPerry.

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VIDEO: Austin TEA Party

On the South Steps of the Texas Capitol, in the middle of a hot July 4 day, thousands of rowdy TEA Party patriots converged to send a loud and clear message to Washington that we are Taxed Enough Already.

Governor Perry spoke at the event, and fired up the crowd. Be sure to check out this video of his speech:

To get involved, text "FED UP" to 95613. You can also become an online fundraiser for Governor Perry by visiting

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VIDEO: San Antonio TEA Party.

Austin and San Antonio TEA Parties - 381

On July 4, Governor Perry attended the San Antonio TEA Party with thousands of his fellow patriots. The Governor was proud to be the first elected official to sign the S.A. TEA Party's Contract with the Constitution and introduce his good friend Marcus Luttrell. Watch for yourself::

For more TEA Party videos, please visit Governor Perry's YouTube channel. To see hundreds more TEA Party photos, don't miss Governor Perry's Flickr Photostream.

The Governor and the campaign would love to connect with you online. As always, you can see the most up-to-date photos and other updates straight from Rick Perry on @GovernorPerry's Twitter page. If you are on Facebook, don't forget to add yourself as a Perry 2010 supporter.

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Sulphur Springs, TX-- TEA PARTY patriots fired up for Independence Day.

Sulphur Springs T.E.A. PARTY

Tonight in Sulphur Springs, Texas, Governor Perry spoke to a patriotic, fired-up crowd of T.E.A. party patriots. Watch a quick excerpt of the speech here:

Be sure to check back over the weekend and into early next week for more Independence Day T.E.A. party videos. Follow along with the action on Twitter, as well. You can follow @GovernorPerry for tweets straight from Governor Rick Perry, and check out @GovPerry2010 for updates from campaign staff. Also, don't forget to visit Governor Rick Perry's Flickr Photostream for lots of great photos.

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Independence Day TEA parties!

Are you fired up for July 4 TEA party celebrations?

If you can't make it to a TEA party this Independence Day weekend, be sure to check in over the next few days at for videos. In the meantime, if you are feeling nostalgic, don't miss this video from the April 15 TEA parties:

Below is a list of the TEA parties that Governor Perry will attend this weekend (note: the times listed are rough estimates of when Governor Perry will participate-- be sure to check the web for the most up-to-date information about individual TEA parties):

7:30 PM in Sulphur Springs, TX
Hopkins County Courthouse
Front Steps
118 Church Street
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

12:30 PM in Rockwall, TX
Rockwall County Courthouse
Front Steps
101 East Rusk
Rockwall, TX 75087

3:15 PM in Austin, TX
Texas Capitol
South Steps
Austin, TX 78701

7:15 PM in San Antonio, TX
Rio Cibolo Ranch
Outdoor Stage
1101 Ullrich Road
Marion, TX 78124

Be sure to follow @GovPerry2010 on for live photo updates from these four TEA parties this weekend.

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