LISTEN ONLINE: Governor Rick Perry with Joe Pags.

Last Friday, after signing two bills to assist veterans and their families with higher education, Governor Perry spoke at length with radio host Joe Pags in San Antonio.

In this first part, Pags and Governor Perry spoke about these two new Texas laws that provide our veterans with in-state tuition and other important educational opportunities. You can watch a couple of videos from the bill signing by clicking here. In addition, the two discussed the Texas philosophy on taxes and spending versus the philosophy of Washington, D.C. and states like New York that are currently raising taxes. They also discussed health care, transportation, and education. Listen for yourself:

Governor Perry with Joe Pags

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Welcome to Texas, Mr. Hannity

This past Saturday night at the Hannity Freedom Concert in the Woodlands, TX, Governor Rick Perry declared Sean Hannity an honorary Texan. Sean eagerly accepted the honor and took a moment on stage to ponder whether he should move to Texas.

At the concert, Governor Perry spoke to the fired up crowd about the liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution-- freedoms that our men and women in uniform have defended since the earliest days of our Republic.

Hannity's Freedom Concert series celebrates the men & women who continue to fight for our country today, and Governor Perry was honored to have been invited to participate. See photos from the event on the Governor Rick Perry Flickr Photostream.

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Made in Texas

Yesterday Governor Perry spoke at a press conference announcing Farouk Systems' relocation to Houston, TX. The billion dollar company manufactures and exports professional spa products to more than 90 countries. Currently, Farouk Systems employs 400 Texans and foresees creating 1,200 more jobs, not to mention $26 million in capital investment.

"When companies look at Texas, they're discovering that we've fostered an environment that encourages people to pursue their dreams, build businesses and create jobs," states Governor Perry.

A large amount of Fortune 500 companies call the Lone Star State home, more than any other state in the nation. According to the National Review "Texas' small government and low tax environment" attracts companies to cross the borders. According to Governor Perry, "word is out that Texas is the place to be if you want to work hard, create jobs and reap the rewards of your efforts."

View the video of the Governor's speech on the State's official website here.

Check out Governor Rick Perry pictures from the event.

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Perry: Texas proves limited government works

In a Washington Times op-ed this morning, Governor Perry elaborates on the importance of limited government principles:

Washington's current fiscal excesses and unprecedented expansion have placed the protections and powers embodied in the 10th Amendment at risk. As the federal government expands before our very eyes, those of us who value freedom are simply sounding the alarm with every means available. We cannot remain silent while the powers-that-be in Washington methodically dismantle the system that has allowed Americans to determine their own destiny, compete on their own merits and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

I sincerely hope that our nation's durable principles prevail and keep our states and local communities from becoming mere functionaries of a bloated federal government. Together, citizens across the nation - regardless of political party - can remind this administration and Congress that the Framers of the Constitution deliberately limited the powers of the federal government.

When Washington's power to tax, regulate, mandate and meddle is restrained, American families are free to enjoy the liberty upon which our nation was founded. Limited government works.

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Saying No To Federal Strings, Revisited.

Rick Perry's possible 2010 opponent went on the attack yet again today in the pages of the Austin American-Statesman, criticizing the Governor for rejecting $555 million dollars in strings-attached federal stimulus dollars. Back in March, Governor Perry said "thanks, but no thanks" to that portion of the Obama stimulus package if it meant changing Texas law and expanding the government's intrusion into private enterprise.

Michael Q. Sullivan, President of the watchdog group Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, explains that revisionist history from the Senator isn't scoring her any points:

The conservative movement and the responsible business community (large and small businesses alike) were uniformly opposed to taking those burdensome dollars. Not only would it have required massive tax increases in the future, it would have done so with requirements that the state forever alter our unemployment insurance laws. (The feds now claim they were joking about that "forever" part, but the federal law still clearly states that the rules must be permanent.)

Both the Texas Association of Business and the National Federation of Independent Business loudly urged lawmakers to reject the use of stimulus funds. As did nearly every member of the Texas Conservative Coalition, the conservative caucus of the Texas Legislature. A mid-session report by the group pointed out that “federal matching funds drive increases in state spending, exposing taxpayers to increased tax liability from both federal and state governments.”
It would have been irresponsible to take those federal UI dollars. Frankly, it represents a lack of leadership to have voted against in the Senate what she now demands Texas to have accepted. And it is always poor judgment to cede the state's clear authority over such matters to Washington, and certainly to the Obama Administration.

The Governor's rejection was not some flippant political gesture, it was the result of thoughtful, careful deliberation about what it meant to accept long-term federal strings in exchange for a short-term infusion of federal dollars.
Click here to explore some of the supporting documents, videos, and op-eds from March.
Click here to read Four Facts About Unemployment Insurance, also posted in March.

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Rejecting Stimulus Dollars.

Earlier this year, Governor Perry rejected $555 million in strings-attached stimulus dollars. The response from Texans was and remains overwhelmingly positive.

Late last week, Rick Perry's possible 2010 opponent joined liberal critics attacking the Governor for his decision to say "thanks, but no thanks" to Obama. The conservative Pratt on Texas radio program in Lubbock had a nice recap of this latest out-of-touch attack from Washington against Rick Perry. Listen here:

To read the Governor's entire op-ed "Texas is making right decisions on unemployment insurance - without federal strings" explaining why he rejected strings-attached UI stimulus dollars, click here.

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Kicks for Rick

A new way to help Rick Perry is to show off your shoes. Kicks for Rick allows you to capture a quick shot of pride for the Governor's 2010 campaign. Show us the best of Texas while you snap a picture for Perry 2010.

Help Texans view the support walking across the state by following these 5 steps:

(1) Put on your favorite pair of shoes.
(2) Incorporate Rick Perry merchandise, logos or homemade signs.
(3) Capture the moment with your cell-phone or camera.
(4) Send the picture(s) to
(5) Check out the Governor Perry Flickr account here.

Click here for more information & a flyer you can send to fellow supporters!

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Last night, Governor Rick Perry-- himself an Air Force veteran-- returned from a Middle East trip sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. Along with four other Governors, Perry visited Texas military men and women defending freedom in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Germany.

“I’m proud to have the opportunity to visit the dedicated men and women who sacrifice so much to protect freedom around the world,” Gov. Perry said. “These individuals work hard through difficult and dangerous conditions to protect others, and deserve our highest honor and deepest appreciation.”

This morning on WBAP 820 radio in Dallas, Governor Perry spoke with Mark Davis about his trip. Listen to the entire interview here:

Governor Perry with Joe Pags

The two also discussed the Governor's opposition to Obamacare in Texas, bailouts, cap & trade, and activist judges.

To get the most up-to-the-minute alerts about upcoming radio and television appearances, be sure to follow the campaign on twitter: @GovPerry2010.

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How To Become A Home Headquarters for Rick Perry's 2010 Campaign.

An extremely important way to help Rick Perry win in 2010 is to become a Home Headquarters for the campaign. Watch this quick video explanation of the Perry Home Headquarters program, put together by Perry Political Director David White and Social Media Manager Kelsey Orr:

What is a Home Headquarters?

Becoming a Home Headquarters for Rick Perry's 2010 campaign is easy. It simply involves 1) signing up at as a committed supporter, then 2) recruiting eleven other Perry supporters, then 3) following up with those eleven during early voting next February.

Your recruits can be from anywhere in Texas-- they do not have to be in your county or your precinct. They can be your hunting buddy in Amarillo, your Sunday school teacher from Texarkana, your college classmate who lives in Midland, your neighbor down the street in Houston, your uncle in Galveston, your aunt out in Marfa, your boss in Ft. Worth, your yoga instructor who just moved to Corpus Christi, your old football coach in San Antonio, your veterinarian in Dallas, your long lost preschool friend who now lives in Austin, or any other Texas voter. You know best which of your contacts to recruit, so get started today at!

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Property Tax Appraisal Reform.

Earlier this month, Governor Perry signed two pieces of legislation designed to relieve the burden of property taxes on Texans. Despite major property tax rate cuts in 2006 and 2007, rising property tax appraisals ate into that relief for homeowners.

After signing the bills, Perry sat down with Houston Association of Realtors Chair Vicki Fullerton for a quick interview:

House Bills (HB) 8 and 3613 will help slow the pace of increasing property appraisals, provide additional oversight for the appraisal process, and grant a total exemption for the homes of veterans who are disabled due to their service for our country.

To read more about appraisal reform and property tax relief, and to watch video of the press conference and bill signing, click here. Also, be sure to connect with Governor Rick Perry on his Facebook page.

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