Texas Home Schoolers Endorse Rick Perry.

The Texas Home School Coalition represents more than 300,000 students in 120,000+ home school families all around the state, and today the THSC PAC enthusiastically endorsed Governor Rick Perry for re-election:

“Home schoolers in Texas have never had a better friend in the Governor’s office than Rick Perry,” said THSC PAC chairman Tim Lambert. We at the Perry campaign are thrilled to have the support of home schoolers across Texas. Governor Perry is incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of the THSC PAC, and he is eager to continue working side-by-side with Texas Home School Coalition members on behalf of parental rights in our Great State.

To get involved and help Governor Perry win in 2010, visit, and get started building your Home Headquarters for Rick Perry today!

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Listen to Governor Perry on the Radio with Dan Patrick

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Perry went on the radio with Senator Dan Patrick, who was filling in for Lou Dobbs on his national radio program.

You can listen to the entire 12-minute segment here:

Governor Perry with Dan Patrick

The two discussed how Washington should follow the Texas model, not the other way around, addressing issues like Obamacare and the town halls, how to attract business, and the real meaning of the United States Constitution's 10th Amendment.

To get up-to-the-minute radio and television appearance alerts, be sure to follow the campaign on

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Law Enforcement Backs Rick Perry.

Today, the official PAC of the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association endorsed Governor Rick Perry for re-election. Taken together with the recent endorsement from the Texas Municipal Police Association, Governor Perry has earned the trust of organizations representing thousands of hardworking Texas law enforcement officials.

Rick Perry has made fighting crime and standing up for our Texas police officers and troopers a high priority throughout his tenure. Whether it is equipping our law enforcement officers with the technology they need to keep our communities safe, giving them the resources to investigate and apprehend those who would pollute our communities with drugs and gang violence, or funding programs to crack down on those who prey on children, Governor Perry has always put protecting Texans first.

The Governor's firm commitment to law enforcement is clear, and these endorsements demonstrate that Rick Perry is the leader who will continue to keep Texans safe.

To get more involved in helping the Perry campaign, please sign up at

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VIDEO: Endorsements flooding in for Gov. Rick Perry.

With the news today that the Texas Alliance for Life PAC is endorsing Governor Rick Perry in 2010, the strong Perry momentum in this race is becoming nearly impossible for even critics to deny. Texans for Rick Perry is humbled and honored to receive such a broad array of support from so many groups and individuals representing so many thousands of Texans.

We are all thrilled and energized by such overwhelming support from this diverse and growing group of conservative groups. As the video alluded to, stay tuned, because there are plenty of major endorsements yet to come. Help keep the Perry momentum rolling, donate today at

Also, be sure to follow the campaign's updates on Twitter, and get updates directly from Rick Perry's Twitter. You can also become a supporter of the Governor on Facebook.

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Texas Alliance for Life PAC Endorses Gov. Perry for Re-election

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsement of the Texas Alliance for Life (TAL) PAC for re-election in 2010.

“We enthusiastically endorse Governor Perry in his bid for re-election,” said Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman, Ph.D. “He is a loyal advocate for the protection of unborn babies and their mothers, and TAL is eager for him to continue his dedicated and effective leadership of our state.”

TAL is a statewide, nonprofit organization of people committed to protecting the fundamental right to life of all innocent human beings, and to promoting respect for their value and dignity from the moment of conception until natural death.

“TAL’s dedication to preserving the sanctity of life in Texas is a platform I'm proud to advocate, and I am honored to have their support in the upcoming election,” said Gov. Perry. “I look forward to helping their ongoing efforts to maintain and strengthen the pro-life values in our state which are a key component in keeping Texas on the path to prosperity and opportunity.”

TAL joins the Texas Municipal Police Association, Texas Chemical Council, Texas Society of Professional Engineers, RNC Committeewoman Cathie Adams, Texas Right to Life, Houston Realty Business Coalition, Texas Apartment Association, Texas Republican County Chairman Association President Linda Rogers, and Heidi Group Founder Carol Everett in their endorsement of Gov. Perry for re-election.

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Carol Everett Endorses Governor Perry

Renowned pro-life advocate, Carol Everett, gave her endorsement to Gov. Perry for re-election in 2010.

“Carol’s dedication to offering young Texans an alternative to abortion has left a deep impression upon our entire state,” said Gov. Perry. “The example she has set and the work she has accomplished on this front have no doubt strengthened and offered hope to countless Texans. I am thankful for her endorsement and look forward to continue helping her support such pro-life efforts which are essential to keeping our state on the track of success.”

The founder and CEO of The Heidi Group joins eight more influential Texas organizations and leaders who support the Governor. Ms. Everett has spent more than 25 years working to offer women who face unintended pregnancies alternative options to abortion.

“Gov. Perry has consistently and unapologetically fought to secure a strong pro-life climate in the state of Texas,” said Everett. “He is clearly the leader Texans need to keep our state headed in the the right direction, to maintain a high quality of life within our communities, and to ensure the ongoing strength of Texas families. I proudly offer my support in his bid for re-election as governor of our great state.”

Find the full press release here.

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Republican Leader Linda Rogers, Endorses Governor Perry

Governor Perry received the endorsement for re-election from Linda Rogers, chairman of the Burnet County Republican Party and president of the Texas Republican County Chairman's Association.

“Linda has been invaluable to furthering the cause of the Republican Party in Texas and I’m proud to have her support,” said Gov. Perry. “I am eager to continue working with her and all party leaders in Texas to grow and strengthen the conservative movement in our state.”

Linda Rogers marks the 8th endorsement for the Governor from a Texas association or community leader.

“I personally and proudly endorse Gov. Rick Perry for re-election in 2010. Gov. Perry has been a strong, conservative leader for Texas and thanks to principled guidance, we are truly the shining star among all the 50 states,” said Linda Rogers. "I hope that Texas Republicans across the state will join me and give their support to Gov. Perry in his re-election campaign.”

View the full press release here.

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Welcoming new jobs to Texas.

Thursday afternoon, Toyota announced that it was moving its Tacoma truck production facility to San Antonio, Texas, resulting in more than 1,100 new jobs for Texas. This move by Toyota follows major job announcements this year by Caterpillar, Medtronic, and Farouk Systems, which are all moving operations to Texas.

Governor Perry commented on Toyota's decision:

“Today’s announcement reflects the depth of the ties between Toyota and Texas while underscoring the strength of our state’s workforce and job climate. Even in the midst of a national economic downturn, major employers continue to bring jobs and investment in Texas.

“While we are sympathetic to the hardship of the NUMMI workers in California, we know that Texans will continue to benefit from policies we’ve pursued that have made our state so attractive to employers.

“Following on the heels of major jobs announcements from Caterpillar, Farouk Systems, Medtronic and other employers, the good news from Toyota affirms my unshakeable belief that Texas is the best place to do business.”

Major companies are moving to Texas, even in this tough economic environment, because Texas has kept spending in check, taxes low, regulations fair and predictable, and has prevented oversuing through lawsuit reform.

Help keep Texas on the right track. Re-elect Governor Perry.

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Business Leaders Agree: Perry is Right for Texas

Economists all over the nation and world have recently tipped their hats to Texas and Governor Rick Perry. In the midst of a tough national economy, Texas has shined through as a beacon of prosperity and opportunity.

Thomas O. Hicks, CEO of Hicks Holdings LLC in Dallas, wrote an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News echoing such praises which have also been featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal.

Hicks writes: “The State has implemented public policies that make Texas economically competitive. Unlike other states, Texas has kept spending in check and maintained a low tax burden. In addition, Texas has enacted tort reforms and minimized regulations that strangle innovation.”

Because of a commitment to low taxes, predictable regulations and job creation incentives, in 2008 more than half the jobs created nationally were created in Texas. The Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF), created under Gov. Perry in 2003 and the largest job creation fund of its kind in the nation, is an essential component to Texas' economic strength and one of its most competitive tools to recruit and bolster business. To date, the TEF has attracted more than $14 billion in capital investment and generated more than 55,500 jobs.

The Texas success story is setting an example for the rest of the nation to follow. With your continued support, we can continue to spread Governor Perry’s conservative vision and keep Texas on the right track.

View the full article from the Dallas Morning News here.

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Texas Apartment Association Endorse Governor Perry

The Texas Apartment Association (TAA) has endorsed Governor Perry for re-election in 2010.

“The Texas Apartment Association proved that they have a heart as big as the state of Texas when they helped place people in need during Hurricane Katrina,” said Gov. Perry. “I am honored to receive an endorsement from TAA, whose members provide housing to millions of Texans and help our economy to continually grow.”

With more than 10,300 members, TAA is dedicated to unifying rental housing professionals through education, legislative advocacy and member services. The members include rental housing owners, builders, developers and property management firms. TAA contributes to Texas' thriving economy by providing housing for more than 4 million and employing an estimated 75,000 full-time employees.

"Under his leadership, Texas continues to have a strong and vibrant economy, which the multi-family housing industry is dependent on to maintain its growth and stability,” said George B. Allen, CAE, Executive Vice President of the Texas Apartment Association. “Gov. Perry has ensured that Texas keeps a tight hold on fiscal matters and lets the free-market system work, allowing business to flourish in this state. TAA members look forward to four more years of Gov. Perry's leadership and to his vision for ensuring Texas remains the nation's economic powerhouse.”

Find the full Press Release regarding the endorsement here.

For more information about the Texas Apartment Association, visit their website here.

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