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Deep in the Heart of Texas.

In these uncertain times, we are all concerned about the future. While Texas is by no means immune to the recession facing our country, it will be Texas that leads our nation out of its economic doldrums.

The Texas model of governance, which-- under Governor Rick Perry's leadership-- has produced balanced budgets, provides a very clear contrast and an important alternative to the out-of-control deficit spending in Washington. The results are clear. Texas remains the nation's economic leader, even in these tough times:

Please tune in tomorrow at 11:30 A.M. Central Daylight Time for "Talkin' Texas" at this link: You must be a registered user at, and you must be logged in to watch. Visit the Talkin' Texas page to register if you have not already done so.

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Remembering Brianna Becker

The Texans for Rick Perry family was very sad to learn that our dear friend Brianna Becker of Austin died on Friday evening. Brianna embodied the best of Texas. She had strong values, a vibrant personality, and an unlimited future. Texas and America are losing a bright light by her passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends through this difficult time.

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VIDEO: Groundswell of endorsements for Gov. Rick Perry.

Dozens of groups and individuals representing a broad array of Texans have made their endorsements for 2010. Governor Rick Perry is the clear choice for a rapidly growing number of individuals and associations representing a broad and diverse community of Texans. Take a look at the latest endorsement video:

Watch Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Gov. Perry needs you on his team! Don't forget to add your endorsement at, and get 11 of your friends, family, and colleagues to join you!

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Talkin' Texas

Join Governor Rick Perry for a special live online discussion about the future of Texas on Tuesday, September 29, at 11:30 a.m. CDT (10:30 in El Paso). In order to join us, you'll have to be a registered user.

  • Bookmark the "Talkin' Texas" page and return there Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. CDT
  • Need help remembering your password? Visit this link.
  • Don't forget to log in on Tuesday. Only logged in registered users will be able to join our live event.

Don't miss your chance to participate in this exclusive LIVE online event for Perry supporters, "Talkin' Texas."

See you Tuesday for "Talkin' Texas"!

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T. Boone Pickens Endorses Rick Perry For 2010.

Did you know: Texas has installed more wind power than any other state and all but four countries and is developing new transmission lines that will move more than 18,000 megawatts across the state – nearly as much as all other states’ current capacity combined.

Under Governor Rick Perry, Texas is working toward a diverse energy portfolio, responsibly developing our state's resources and providing for energy security for generations to come. Whether it is oil, clean coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, or other up-and-coming sources, Texas is ahead of the curve when it comes to energy diversity.

A true leader in the energy industry, entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens today officially endorsed Governor Perry for re-election, explaining:

“Governor Perry is a proven leader who has been instrumental in helping Texas maintain a key role in the national economy, despite the many challenges we face,” said Pickens. “He understands what needs to be done to address the threat of foreign oil imports and how we should begin using a cleaner, cheaper, domestic option – Texas’ abundant natural gas supplies.”

Keep Texas strong. Support Governor Perry. Join the growing list of folks just like T. Boone Pickens who have joined the Perry 2010 team. You can add your own endorsement at

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The Harms of Cap & Trade vs. Texas-Style Energy Solutions.

This morning, Governor Rick Perry spoke at an important energy summit at the Texas Capitol on the issue of cap and trade legislation that is making its way through Congress in Washington, DC. Cap and trade, also referred to as "Waxman-Markey," represents a serious threat to the Texas economy, and it would be the largest tax increase in the history of the United States.

Watch the Governor's remarks for yourself:

Cap and trade could cripple Texas’ energy sector, irreparably damaging both the state and national economies and severely impacting national oil and gas supplies. Employing 200,000 to 300,000 Texans, the energy industry in this state alone supplies 1/5 of the nation’s oil production, 1/4 of the America’s natural gas production, 1/4 the nation’s refining capacity, and nearly 60 percent of the nation’s chemical manufacturing. Cap and trade is a direct assault on the Texas energy industry-- an industry that is already modernizing and diversifying into alternatives such as wind and solar without the kind of severe taxes and overbearing regulation the federal government seeks to impose.

Join Governor Perry in his stand against federal Cap & Trade legislation. Amplify your impact. Sign up at

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Standing for freedom at the Values Voter Summit.

Over the weekend, Gov. Perry spoke to the Values Voter Summit, receiving a warm welcome and several enthusiastic standing ovations from the 1,700 conservatives in attendance. Watch a portion of the speech here:

I don’t have to tell you that our fellow Americans are having a tough go of things in this current economy and that these problems aren’t going to fix themselves, but I’m at a loss to explain how Washington can justify the approach they’re taking.

If anyone here is starting a business, thinking you can borrow your way out of debt and spend your way to prosperity, you might want to consider taking an Economics 101 class. I’d suggest the same class for the folks in Washington and, while we’re at it, a refresher course on the U.S. Constitution.


We know that the route to success is lower taxes, smaller government and freedom for every individual. I know that because I’ve seen that approach work in Texas. Just three months ago, we wrapped up our biannual legislative session with a balanced budget, a tax cut for 40,000 small businesses and a Rainy Day Fund that is projected to grow to $9 billion by 2011. Compare that to California’s $24 billion deficit and a federal deficit approaching $1.6 trillion.

To read the entire speech, click here. As Governor Perry mentioned in his speech, if you care about the 10th Amendment and want to stay engaged, text FREEDOM to 95613.

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Texas Shining Through

Governor Perry has consistently asserted the need for states to compete. It’s a prime example of inserting free-market principles into government. When states compete, everybody wins—people vote with their feet, and state economies accurately depict whether or not each state is under strong leadership.

The federal government’s mismanagement of the economy in the past few years has left Americans worried about the future and worried about their wallets. It is abundantly clear that politicians in Washington don’t know what’s best for Texans. As we face an overreaching government machine in D.C.—one trying to shove a one-size-fits-all, socialized health care debacle down our throats—the states become the only agents of freedom and the driving economic force to bring the country out of recession.

Texas is the blueprint for limited government, low taxes, and individual liberty. It is no coincidence that conservative leadership has kept Texas the most prosperous state in the nation. Even the Brookings Institute, notorious for being left-of-center, is admitting that Texas has the right idea to drive economic success. Texas has the top three economically strongest metro areas, and six of the top 20:

IHS Global Insight took the discussion to the next level, acknowledging that Texas will lead the country out of recession.

“Two Texas markets will be the first to recover from the recession, says a nationwide forecast by IHS Global Insight.

Austin and San Antonio will bounce back to their pre-recession job levels sometime next year, according to the economic forecasting firm, which is based in Lexington, Mass.

Eight other metropolitan areas are predicted to recover by 2011, a group that includes Texas’ two largest markets, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, along with Washington, D.C.”

It’s becoming clearer every day to the rest of the nation: Texas’ limited government under the leadership of Governor Rick Perry, is succeeding. The fact that Texas created more jobs last year than all other 49 nine states combined is a staggering testament. If only Washington would take a few notes…

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REALTORS endorse Gov. Rick Perry for re-election!

Yet another huge endorsement for Governor Perry's re-election today: the Texas Association of Realtors' 160-member Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse Governor Perry for re-election.

Their endorsement is hugely significant, because TAR is an active group of more than 90,000 highly influential Texans whose livelihood depends on the vitality and success of the Texas economy. The Realtors' endorsement is yet another in a series of major endorsements from groups with a direct interest in seeing Texas succeed.

While Texas is by no means immune to the national downturn, Texas has weathered the recession far better than the country as a whole, and all 5 healthiest housing markets in the nation for 2009 are in Texas, according to Builder Magazine.

There are plenty of reasons the Realtors chose Rick Perry for 2010. If you still haven't seen the must-watch Texaplex video, take a few minutes to check out why Texas still has reason for optimism:

Add your endorsement today to the growing list of Texans who have chosen Governor Rick Perry! Visit to get started.

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