The Texas Economy.

While the nation remains in an economic slump, there are emerging signs of recovery in several Texas cities.

Eduardo Martinez, senior economist at Moody's, praised Texas for its relative economic strength:

"In Texas, it was a relatively mild recession," says Martinez. "All our projections are for quite a bit of growth. In terms of job creation, more people are moving out there, and families are getting bigger. The fundamentals for Texas are a lot stronger than those of other peer large states."

Indeed, seven Texas metro areas [Austin-Round Rock, Brownsville-Harlingen, Dallas-Plano-Irving, El Paso, Lubbock, McAllen-Edinburg-Pharr and San Antonio] are reported by Moody's Economy to be among the first cities in the nation to emerge from recession.

Late last week, Forbes also named all four major Texas metropolitan areas (Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio) among its top 10 of "America's Recession-Proof Cities To Retire In."

For those looking for a reason why Texas is performing better than the nation as a whole, CNN Money named Texas the number 2 tax haven in the country. Texas has also been praised in recent days for our innovative and successful lawsuit reform.

It's no accident that Texas continues receiving praise for our relative economic resilience. Ideas matter. Under Governor Rick Perry's proven leadership, our state is succeeding.

Follow Governor Rick Perry on twitter: @GovernorPerry, and be sure to get your campaign updates from @GovPerry2010.

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Get Your Perry 2010 Shirts!

Campaign gear has arrived at the Perry 2010 headquarters, and now's your chance to sport a Perry 2010 t-shirt before the weather gets any cooler. This is your opportunity to get one at no charge.

A new online challenge: anyone who uses their personal fundraising page (get yours at ) to get 10 donations of $10 or more before Thursday, October 22, at 5pm, will receive the shirt pictured below in white or gray.

This task is easier than you might think! With a click of the mouse, you can share your personal fundraising link with friends and family through email, facebook, and twitter. A personal follow-up call to your contacts, highlighting Governor Perry's record of fiscal responsibility and conservative values, will have your friends making an investment in good government.

Good luck, and God bless!

Governor Perry's Campaign Store

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Governor Perry Speaks to the Texas Association of Realtors

This week Governor Perry spoke at the Texas Association of Realtors' Government Affairs Conference held in Austin, TX. The two-day event was designed to inspire realtors to become more involved in political and public policy issues. The Governor emphasized the importance of upholding conservative fiscal discipline to maintain Texas' economic strength.

"If anyone knows the value of a strong economy, good schools and safe neighborhoods, I'd say it's realtors," Gov. Perry said. "So, let's keep working together to sustain our state's forward momentum applying our time-tested Texas work ethic, our commitment to fiscal discipline and our belief in the individual. Together, we will lead our nation out of this tough spot and keep Texas strong."

The Texas Association of Realtors, one of the largest trade associations with nearly 90,000 members, have endorsed Governor Perry's re-election.

Visit Governor Rick Perry's flickr account to see photos from the TAR event and other events attended by the Governor.

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A Message to Congress: "Read the Constitution!"

In the past few years, many members of Congress have conveniently forgotten the meaning our nation’s definitive document. Namely, the Bill of Rights in our Constitution has been tossed aside as the federal government continues to overreach its authority and rapidly expand its unprecedented intrusion into our lives.

With your help, Governor Perry will send a copy of the Bill of Rights and a copy of the Oath of Office administered to Congress to each of the 535 members. The oath explicitly charges Congress with upholding the Constitution, and today, we need to remind them what their job is, who they work for, and what the Constitution says.

Visit to send Congress a message: "Read the Constitution!"

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AUDIO: Hugh Hewitt Radio Show.

In these tough economic times for our nation, it is important to acknowledge that ideas still matter. It is not arbitrary that Texas has an unemployment rate nearly 2% below the national rate, or that California's unemployment rate is roughly 4% higher than it is in Texas. Our state didn't create more jobs in 2008 than the other 49 states combined by accident. It is no fluke that Texas is the #1 exporting state in the nation for several years running.

Indeed, Texas proves that limited government, low taxes, a fair and predictable regulatory climate, tort reform, and accountability in education are more than slogans, they are the conservative successes that Governor Perry has cultivated in Texas.

Governor Perry went on the Hugh Hewitt radio show yesterday to discuss these topics and more. Listen here:

Governor Perry with Hugh Hewitt

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Governor Rick Perry's 2010 Endorsements.

Governor Rick Perry has earned the endorsements of an enormous number of Texans:

Organizations and individuals who care about the future of Texas, representing industries from agriculture and energy to law enforcement and real estate, recognize that Governor Rick Perry is keeping Texas on the right path toward success. These organizations and conservative leaders include:
• Texas Association of Realtors
• Texas Chemical Council
• Texas Home School Coalition PAC
• T. Boone Pickens, Energy Entrepreneur
• Texas Apartment Association
• Texas Oil and Gas Association President Rob Looney
• Texas Civil Justice League
• RNC Committeewoman Cathie Adams
• Texas Municipal Police Association
• Texas State Association of Fire Fighters
• Texas Cattle Feeders Association
• Texas Republican County Chairman Association President Linda Rogers
• Texas Chiropractic Association
• Texas Alliance for Life
• Texas Right to Life
• Texas Society of Professional Engineers
• Conservative Republicans of Texas President Dr. Steve Hotze
• Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC
• State Director of Americans for Prosperity* Peggy Venable
• Texas Poultry Federation
• Free Market Foundation President Kelly Shackelford
• Texas Optometric Association
• Texans for Life President Kyleen Wright
• Houston Realty Business Coalition
• Concerned Women for America State Director Ann Hettinger
• Texas Recreational Vehicle Association
• Heidi Group Founder Carol Everett
• Texas Pest Control Association
• Justice at the Gate Founder Alice Patterson
• Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Shlafly

*Organization listed for identification purposes only, Americans for Prosperity itself does not endorse candidates.

Add your endorsement at today! Check back at for frequent updates, as the endorsements just keep coming in for Rick Perry 2010.

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Governor Perry on Fox Business News

On Fox Business News, Governor Perry spoke at length with host David Asman about the relative economic and fiscal strength of Texas, even in these tough times. Governor Perry reiterated his five keys to success, including:

1. Don't spend all the money.
2. Keep the taxes low.
3. Make sure the regulatory climate is fair and predictable.
4. Tort reform to prevent frivolous lawsuits.
5. Fund an accountable education system to produce a skilled workforce.

Because Texas has been fiscally responsible, Texas is still succeeding:

The Governor also spoke out against cap and trade, which would be the largest tax increase in American history, and he discussed the 10th Amendment, the tea party movement, and health care reform.

Stay up-to-date on the campaign. Follow @GovernorPerry on Twitter for updates from Rick Perry himself, and @GovPerry2010 for updates from campaign staff.

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Governor Rick Perry: Texas Values. Proven Leadership.

Under the leadership of Governor Perry, Texas has positioned itself as the nation's example for economic development and securing the border. It's no wonder Governor Perry has earned the trust-- and the endorsements-- of so many individuals and organizations representing a so many thousands of Texans.

As Texas leads the nation out of this undeniably tough time, it is important to keep the positive momentum going in our state, which is why Governor Perry on Tuesday offered several new proposals to maintain Texas' status as the greatest state in the country, including:

• A constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds vote of the legislature to increase state taxes;
• Making permanent the recent tax cut extended to 40,000 small businesses in the last legislative session (under current law, the $1 million business margins tax exemption will expire in 2011);
• Imposing criminal penalties on employers who knowingly violate employment laws by hiring workers who are in Texas illegally; and
•Paving the way for ongoing job growth by purging unnecessary laws and regulations that stifle Texas entrepreneurs.

Under Governor Perry, Texas is succeeding:

Governor Rick Perry.
Texas Values.
Proven Leadership.

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Talkin' Texas

Despite a malicious denial-of-service attack on today, thousands of Texans were able to participate in "Talkin' Texas" and listen to Governor Rick Perry talk about his record and vision for Texas.

Governor Perry reflected on the conservative legislative accomplishments in Texas that have positioned our state for success. If you missed it earlier, you can now watch the live portion of the video for yourself:

Governor Perry today offered several new proposals to maintain Texas’ positive momentum, including:

• A constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds vote of the legislature to increase state taxes;
• Making permanent the recent tax cut extended to 40,000 small businesses in the last legislative session (under current law, the $1 million business margins tax exemption will expire in 2011);
• Imposing criminal penalties on employers who knowingly violate employment laws by hiring workers who are in Texas illegally; and
•Paving the way for ongoing job growth by purging unnecessary laws and regulations that stifle Texas entrepreneurs.

The event, which garnered more than 22,000 views in spite of the attack, was streamed live from the HOLT-Caterpillar facility in San Antonio. Check back at and look out for regular updates.

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Internet Sabotage: Denial of Service Attack

Statement from Texans for Rick Perry Spokesman Mark Miner Concerning Internet Sabotage

“Today’s ‘Talkin' Texas’ webcast by Gov. Perry was deliberately interrupted by a denial-of-service attack, preventing countless users from logging in to view the Governor’s remarks. This planned and coordinated attack was political sabotage, and we are working to identify those responsible for this illegal activity. Before the attack was initiated, more than 22,000 users were able to log in and view Gov. Perry’s complete remarks, which will be distributed shortly.”

The "Talkin' Texas" page will host the archived video as planned, for those who were unable to log on and watch.

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