Visiting Our Troops In Iraq

As governor of Texas and commander in chief of our Texas Military Forces, few things make me prouder than seeing the values, honor, patriotism and resolve displayed by our military servicemen and women. So when I received an invitation from the U.S. Department of Defense to visit our troops in Iraq's combat zone, I was grateful for the opportunity to show them my support and appreciation in person.

My journey to Baghdad earlier this week to visit the Texas Guardsmen of the 124th Cavalry Regiment was an incredible experience. The remarkable stories of success I heard are proof positive that the recent surge of 30,000 troops into the area is working. The morale and positive attitude they reflected encouraged me that we are moving that much closer to a free and secure Iraq.

My motivation for going was to send our troops the message that Texans are supportive, proud and eternally grateful for their ongoing sacrifice. By faithfully answering their nation's call they have made all the difference in the future of the embattled nation of Iraq.

I am encouraged by progress on the ground and sincerely hope that our country will uphold its commitment to the people of Iraq while ensuring their ability to maintain order in the future. Compared to conditions when I visited here two years ago, it is no doubt safer, more orderly and farther along the path to liberty than ever before. I hope my visit will remind our citizens of the remarkable job our young men and women are doing overseas as they stand between the elements of a fledgling democracy and the forces of destruction.

Here are some pictures from my trip:

Osprey Ready For Departure At Camp Victory

Osprey Tail Gunner

Texas Marines

At The US Embassy in Baghdad

Awarding Iraqi Service Medals

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