Texas: The Top State for Global Trade

Texas isn’t just the best state for business now. Global Trade Magazine has named the Lone Star State the top state for global trade. Texas has led the nation in exports for 11 consecutive years, and beat out Florida and California for top honors this year.

Global Trade found that the same policies that make Texas the go-to state for business, also make it ideal for global trade. “Texas’ success is no doubt a sum of its parts,” Global Trade wrote. “Its excellent infrastructure… its commitment to low regulatory burdens and the wealth of global enterprises already established among its many cities all make the state the undisputed frontrunner for global trade.”

As Governor Perry recently said, “Over the last 10 years, Texas has built one of the best job creation climates in the nation by committing to low taxes, smart and predictable regulations, fair courts and maintaining a highly-skilled and educated workforce. This combination has not only attracted businesses of all sizes from around the world, it has also given Texas the opportunity to grow and thrive.”

Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and Beaumont made the top 25 in a separate report on best cities for global trade.

These rankings continue a decade-long trend of awards and recognitions for Texas’ strong jobs climate. Earlier this year, Texas was named best business climate by Business Facilities Magazine and most competitive state by Site Selection Magazine. Chief Executive Magazine has also ranked Texas as the best state for business nine years in a row through their annual survey of CEOs.

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