Texas Home Schoolers Endorse Rick Perry.

The Texas Home School Coalition represents more than 300,000 students in 120,000+ home school families all around the state, and today the THSC PAC enthusiastically endorsed Governor Rick Perry for re-election:

“Home schoolers in Texas have never had a better friend in the Governor’s office than Rick Perry,” said THSC PAC chairman Tim Lambert. We at the Perry campaign are thrilled to have the support of home schoolers across Texas. Governor Perry is incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of the THSC PAC, and he is eager to continue working side-by-side with Texas Home School Coalition members on behalf of parental rights in our Great State.

To get involved and help Governor Perry win in 2010, visit http://hq.rickperry.org, and get started building your Home Headquarters for Rick Perry today!



How can this lady think she can come back to Texas after spending 40 years(It seems like it) in Washington and then try to run on the policy of term limits?

I hope she is not planning to run on the success(better the lack of success) she has had while she has been in Washington.

Gov. Perry, thanks for consistently putting the interests of of the people of Texas ahead of Obama and the US congeess. I don't think Senator Hutchison could cut the cord from her long served home in Washington.

This is kind of silly, but I must say, you not only defend the state of Texas you look like a Governor of Texas is supposed to look.

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