Watch Governor Rick Perry at April 15th TEA Parties

Check out the video below of Governor Perry at Tax Day TEA Parties in Austin, Arlington and Fort Worth.

Help keep the TEA Party momentum going, visit to send Washington a message that you're fed up with out of control federal government spending, irresponsible bailouts and rising taxes. You can also text "Fed Up" to 95613 from your mobile phone. You'll get a message from Governor Perry letting you know how you can make a difference.


Governor Perry's speech

Governor Perry's speech was oral. Oral communication does not involve spelling. Obviously, he is not the one who misspelled secession.
We need to let Capitalism work. Free enterprise has proven to be effective. Socialism has always and will always fail.
I enjoy my freedoms and do not want them taken from me. I enjoy them because so many have risked so much. That should not be taken lightly.
The legislature should have stood behind Governor Perry and not taken any federal money. We do not need nor want the strings.

Still going strong Governor!

That video is just amazing, not only does it show how patriotic Texans are, it also shows our patriotic Governor and how strong his leadership is!
And he's quite an eloquent speaker! He knows how to work a crowd for sure! He speaks the truth.

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