Talkin' Texas

Despite a malicious denial-of-service attack on today, thousands of Texans were able to participate in "Talkin' Texas" and listen to Governor Rick Perry talk about his record and vision for Texas.

Governor Perry reflected on the conservative legislative accomplishments in Texas that have positioned our state for success. If you missed it earlier, you can now watch the live portion of the video for yourself:

Governor Perry today offered several new proposals to maintain Texas’ positive momentum, including:

• A constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds vote of the legislature to increase state taxes;
• Making permanent the recent tax cut extended to 40,000 small businesses in the last legislative session (under current law, the $1 million business margins tax exemption will expire in 2011);
• Imposing criminal penalties on employers who knowingly violate employment laws by hiring workers who are in Texas illegally; and
•Paving the way for ongoing job growth by purging unnecessary laws and regulations that stifle Texas entrepreneurs.

The event, which garnered more than 22,000 views in spite of the attack, was streamed live from the HOLT-Caterpillar facility in San Antonio. Check back at and look out for regular updates.


Talk Texas, Talk Leadership

Great comments, Governor. You're right, we need to keep the misguided philosphies of Washington out of Texas. We need to stay on this path we have in the Lone Star State of providing an environment that lures jobs to Texas by keeping taxes low and keeping needless regulation out. I appreciate your leadership.

Our State is in Great Shape,
Our Governor Deserves Credit

That was so cool!

I'm not kidding.

Is this going up on YouTube?

Is this video going to be posted on governorrickperry's Channel on YouTube?

I just joined up as a Home Headquarters, and I'd like to post it on a financial forum that I frequent (where a lot of other Texans post BTW). But the only videos that will embed there are YouTube videos.

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