Romney and Ryan are Right for America

Racking up Debt From Beijing to London

Four years ago he spoke in front of ancient Greek columns. Today he is responsible for debt of Olympic proportions – $5 trillion and counting of America’s $15 trillion debt obligation. Our spending addiction is fueled by Beijing’s billions. Our credit has been downgraded.

Socializing Medicine

For the first time in history Congress can make you purchase a product – health insurance – thanks to ObamaCare. The mandate lives on in the form of a tax on employers all across America. It will explode the deficit and devastate state budgets. Only the Greek judges approve.

Stimulating Government Instead of Jobs

Obama promised shovel-ready jobs? There were more digs in beach volleyball. Little stimulus money winded its way through the bureaucratic maze. Much of it that did was for temporary, government jobs. America remains mired in the worst economic conditions in 70 years.

Isolating Allies

He returned the bust of Winston Churchill and sided against the British on the Falkland Islands, forsaking our special relationship with 10 Downing Street. But Obama has done greater damage in the Middle East, isolating Israel, emboldening extremists, and abandoning the Green Revolution protestors in Iran.

McKayla is Not Impressed, Mr. President
(but the Norwegians have a Nobel Peace Prize for you)



The gold medal for leadership success. He built Bain Capital into a highly successful private equity firm. He turned around the scandal plagued 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. A successful Republican governor in a very Democratic state. Mitt and Ann have five very successful sons – the product of a loving home and strong values.


Paul Ryan is the epitome of the kind of bold conservative leadership Washington too often lacks. He has stood up to the status quo, offering bold reform of entitlement programs. He is a budget hawk with the courage to make tough choices to save America. He is the next generation of Republican leadership. And Paul Ryan is a devoted husband and father who remains grounded by family, faith and love of freedom.


Romney and Ryan offer the right plan to get America working again. They will cut taxes on job creators, make America more energy independent, control spending and unleash the ingenuity of the private sector to revive America’s promise once again.

~ Right for America ~

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