REALTORS endorse Gov. Rick Perry for re-election!

Yet another huge endorsement for Governor Perry's re-election today: the Texas Association of Realtors' 160-member Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse Governor Perry for re-election.

Their endorsement is hugely significant, because TAR is an active group of more than 90,000 highly influential Texans whose livelihood depends on the vitality and success of the Texas economy. The Realtors' endorsement is yet another in a series of major endorsements from groups with a direct interest in seeing Texas succeed.

While Texas is by no means immune to the national downturn, Texas has weathered the recession far better than the country as a whole, and all 5 healthiest housing markets in the nation for 2009 are in Texas, according to Builder Magazine.

There are plenty of reasons the Realtors chose Rick Perry for 2010. If you still haven't seen the must-watch Texaplex video, take a few minutes to check out why Texas still has reason for optimism:

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Re:REALTORS endorse Gov. Rick Perry for re-election!

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