I Am Mindful of the Sacrifice of So Many

Eleven years ago today our very foundation was shaken, as terrorists attacked and killed thousands of innocent Americans in a brazen act of unimaginable terrorism.

Today we still live with the scars of those events – the loss of loved ones who went off to work on a seemingly normal Tuesday and never came home; the subsequent initiation of hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq that have taken the lives and limbs of our best and brightest, and; a new reality of tighter security, and a better understanding of those who hate us and the acts of terrorism they are capable of perpetrating.

This September 11th, I am mindful of the sacrifice of so many. I think about firefighters and police officers who rushed into danger as others tried to flee. I think of young men and women who walked into recruiting centers and signed up for war. I think of families who are nervous every time the phone rings, or someone knocks on their door, wondering if the worst news imaginable is about to delivered.

America remains the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known. And it is because we are blessed with men and women who know freedom is not free, and are willing to bear its full cost.

Today, I hope you will join me in thinking about and praying for the victims of 9/11, and those who have paid the price in the War on Terror. And may we resolve to never allow such violence visit American soil again.

God bless you,

Rick Perry

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