TEA Party Patriots: Keep Up the Momentum

The April 15 TEA parties have come and gone, but for millions of Americans they were just the beginning of a movement in this great country. It’s a movement of patriots who love their country enough to stand up and say "enough is enough." They are tired of the steady stream of news out of Washington about bailouts, runaway spending, and a mountain of debt that is growing out of control.

Contrary to liberal commentary, I’m confident we'll be seeing MORE TEA parties across our state and our country in the months to come, with even larger crowds of proud Americans standing up for principles like personal responsibility, individual liberty, and limited government. Our Founding Fathers wove these values into the foundational documents of our nation, so I’m comfortable defending them in the public square. Who knows, maybe we’ll make enough noise that our elected officials in Washington will actually read the Constitution and let it guide a decision or two.

I encourage all the TEA party patriots to keep speaking out so Washington clearly understands that you are fed up with secret earmarks and reckless tax increases. We should never be anything less than civil in our discourse, but the days of sitting quietly by as our founding principles are buried under layers of misguided spending and legislation need to end. History long ago passed judgment on many of the principles being trotted out in Washington, but still they persist in applying them. The current transaction, in which short-term political gain is being traded for our children’s financial future, is inexcusable.

The past few weeks, spent in the company of like-minded conservatives, speaking plainly about our shared values, have been some of the most enjoyable of my adult life. These are historic times we’re living through, and I am grateful to be navigating them with folks who love America as much as I do. If the Tax Day TEA parties fired you up as much as they did me, I hope you’ll continue to engage in the process with your prayers, your enthusiasm, and your support. Let’s keep that momentum alive!


Keeping up the momentum

There are a few of us out in California that still believe in the constitution. We are keeping the momentum alive out here and support Gov. Perry 110%. I really wonder how many in congress and senate have actually read the constitution.

Steve Medvigy
Born and raised Texan!

Thank you Governor Perry!

I am so glad to see you are keeping up on fighting the good fight for everyone in Texas! God Bless you and I am looking forward to your amazing campaign this summer!!!!

Keep it up

We need to keep a strong man in office that wont give away the farm. Two more years working for Texans and then 4 years working for Americans (Perry 2012)We need you at the white house you will have 100% of my support it's not to early let's do it

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