Governor Perry's Radio Interview: Mike Gallagher Show.

This morning, Governor Perry spoke with Mike Gallagher about border security and government bailouts. Listen to the entire interview below:

In the interview, Governor Perry reiterated his call for the Texas legislature to fund the kinds of border security programs that have proved a success thus far. Crime is down 65% in key border areas where these programs have been implemented.

The two also discussed Governor Perry's opposition to federal government bailouts.


Listen Up!

Everyone in Texas (and America for that matter) needs to hear that interview. Nothing would be worse than people blindly voting against Governor Perry in the 2010 election only to elect someone who is not doing a good job (*cough-cough* Kay Bailey Hutchison). People need to be educated on the reality that Governor Perry is the best for Texas because he's proven it. Just because he's not in your face, "look at me, look at me!" kind of Governor doesn't mean that he doesn't care or is not doing his job. Hell! I think he is going above and beyond what a Governor is elected to do! And it's all for the good of Texans first of all, and for the good of conservative values in America. Anyone who doesn't see that, or doesn't believe in Governor Perry... well, they are just kidding themselves!

Governor Perry, I can see that you are a humble and graceful man (which is rare in a politician) however I think you have earned the right to be boastful and put it ALL out there that you are the right man for the job! Heck, I never wanna lose having you as my Governor but the more I hear of how awesome you are and the good things you are doing, I am starting to really hope to see you run for President! Because I think you and what you've been doing would fix anything wrong with Washington. Because they have been causing all the problems, not Texas. And there is yet another reason (among many) why Texans should stick with you Governor Perry, rather than putting us in jeopardy by electing Hutchison. Because she has been in Washington where the problems have been coming from, you have been in Texas where things have been going right.
You are a hero of mine, and just one of my favorite people of all time! I don't even have to say it but I will, keep it up!


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