Gov. Perry Letter to UT Regents Regarding Tuition Increases

This morning Gov. Perry continued his efforts to make college tuition as affordable as possible. Today Gov. Perry sent the following letter to the University of Texas Board of Regents urging them to consider cost-saving measures before imposing tuition increases on students at UT System institutions.

Dear Chairman Foster:
Like all Texans, I am committed to improving higher education and making sure taxpayers receive the greatest value for the investment they make in higher education, To put a college degree within reach for more students and to combat the epidemic of student indebtedness, we should place a far greater emphasis on controlling the spiraling costs of a college education. Forcing students to bear the brunt of additional costs is not the solution.

As you consider tuition increases for UT System institutions today, I trust the board will consider all opportunities for system-wide cost efficiencies as well as revenue streams - such as the exponential growth in the value of the Permanent University Fund - that will allow you to meet institutional needs without placing additional financial burdens on students and parents.

Higher education is vital to preparing our students to be competitive in a global economy, I thank you for your commitment and service to the residents of Texas. Because of your collective efforts, more students will get a world-class education.

Rick Perry

You can also read the letter here,

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