Defender of Jerusalem Award

This week Governor Perry traveled to Jerusalem where he received the Defender of Jerusalem Award. Created in 2008 by Guma Aguiar, head of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation, the award tributes dignitaries from around the world who have demonstrated strong support for the people of Israel.

"I have long supported the right of a Jewish state to exist in the Middle East, " said Gov. Perry. "After visiting several sacred and historic sites, meeting with business, civic and government leaders and seeing the day-to-day lives of the people on my trips to Israel, I am even more convinced that a safe, secure Israel is an essential part of stability in this part of the world."

Texas, Israel's fourth-largest American trading partner, has built a strong
economic relationship with Israel, especially within the agriculture and natural resource industries. During a visit in 2007, Gov. Perry helped launch the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce was created to help launch future commercial interests and solidify the strong business and cultural connections between the two states.

For the full article or more information regarding the Defender of Jerusalem Award please visit the official state press release here

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