Brand New TV Ad: Sergeant Johnson

Texans for Rick Perry recently launched a new 30 second TV ad called “Sergeant Johnson.”

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See below for the script, sourcing, and background materials for “Sergeant Johnson.”

“Sergeant Johnson” sourcing

“I’m Joslyn Johnson.”

Text: Sgt. Joslyn Johnson, HPD

“Four years ago, my husband Rodney, a Houston police officer, was murdered in the line of duty by an undocumented alien…”

Text: Officer Slain During Traffic Stop Houston Chronicle September 22, 2006
SOURCE: “Officer slain during traffic stop,” Houston Chronicle, 9/22/06,

“…who had been convicted and arrested several times before. And in fact, he had been deported.”
SOURCE: “Shooting raises issue of policing immigrants,” Houston Chronicle, 9/23/06,

“In the past, Bill White supported Sanctuary City policies that made it difficult for officers to safely do their jobs.”

Text: Officer union calls for change in immigration rule Houston Chronicle May 11, 2009
SOURCE: “Officer union calls for change in immigration rule,” Houston Chronicle, 5/11/09,

“I trust Governor Perry to secure our safety.”

“Bill White had his opportunity as mayor of Houston and he failed.”

Text: Will Houston remain a Sanctuary City? Houston Chronicle June 22, 2006
SOURCE: “Will Houston remain a sanctuary city?” Houston Chronicle, 6/22/06,

“Join me in supporting Rick Perry.”

“Sergeant Johnson” background materials

Houston’s Sanctuary City policy, Houston Police Department General Order 500-5, states: “Officers shall not make inquiries as to the citizenship of any person.”

Policy available online at

The Congressional Research Service has identified Houston as a Sanctuary City.

See “Enforcing Immigration Law: The Role of State and Local Law Enforcement,” Congressional Research Service, 8/14/06 (page CRS-26), available online at,0912-crs.pdf

The United States Department of Justice has defined Sanctuary Cities as “jurisdictions that may have state laws, local ordinances, or departmental policies limiting the role of local law enforcement agencies and officers in the enforcement of immigration laws.”

See “Cooperation of SCAAP Recipients in the removal of criminal aliens from the United States,” U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Audit Division, Audit Report 07-07, January 2007 (page 7), available online at

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