Brand New TV Ad: "Clear Choice"

Texans for Rick Perry today launched a new 30 second TV ad called “Clear Choice.”

“Campaigns are about choices, and Texas voters have a clear choice in this election,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Gov. Rick Perry’s proven leadership and Texas values have made Texas a model for the rest of the nation, and Gov. Perry will continue to travel the state during these final days speaking directly to voters and promoting positive conservative principles of low taxes, limited government and personal liberty.”

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See below for the script for “Clear Choice.”

“Clear Choice” script

“Elections are about choices. In this election, there is a clear choice.”

Text: Governor Rick Perry

“As your governor I’ll continue to fight to keep spending in check.”

“A balanced budget with no new taxes.”

“And I’ll keep my focus on new jobs…”

Text: New Jobs

“… and stronger schools…”

Text: Stronger Schools

“… and securing our border.”

Text: Securing Our Border

“And I’m going to keep fighting Washington, standing up for you…”

“…protecting states’ rights…”

Text: Protecting States’ Rights

“… and providing strong fiscally responsible leadership.”

Text: Governor Rick Perry

“I’d appreciate your support, and I ask for your vote.”

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