Environment and Natural Resources

Texas is blessed with abundant natural resources. Governor Perry
helps protect these resources while balancing the needs of a growing
population by supporting advances in environmental technology, reducing
air emissions, and promoting the use of Texas renewable energy sources.

Protecting our Air and Water

To protect the Texas environment for future generations, Governor
Perry require tougher standards for older power plants, provide
incentives for local governments to implement cleaner technologies, and
helped established pilot programs that monitor air and water pollution
levels in near real-time so local officials can take corrective action
before public safety is endangered.

The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan

Governor Perry signed legislation creating and extending the
nationally recognized Texas Emissions Reduction Plan until 2010. This
plan continues to help clean the air by replacing old polluting
equipment with newer, cleaner technology. The governor helped triple
the amount of plan funding spent on research and development so Texas
can become a national leader in developing, verifying, and implementing
clean air control technologies.

Promoting Clean Coal Technology

Governor Perry signed legislation providing expedited permitting and
financial incentives to attract the U.S. Department of Energy’s
(futureGen) zero-emission coal power plant. In addition to generating
clean power, the futureGen project is expected to create over 11,000
jobs, and result in over $1.2 billion in total economic benefit if
Texas is chosen.

Oil and Gas Tax Incentives

Governor Perry signed legislation creating tax incentives to help
increase Texas oil and gas production and properly deal with the
potential environmental hazard presented by orphaned wells. These
severance tax credits encourage oil and gas operators in good standing
to adopt orphaned wells for production and provide reimbursement for
half the cost of plugging the well when production ceases.

Developing Renewable Energy Sources

Under Governor Perry’s leadership, Texas is reducing its dependency
on foreign energy sources and improving air quality by increasing the
production of renewable energy. Governor Perry signed legislation that
requires the current megawatt equivalent of five percent of the state’s
energy to come from renewable sources by 2015 and sets a goal of 10
percent by 2025. These goals will be met through renewable sources such
as wind energy, solar power, biomass, and hydroelectric generation.

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