Border Security And Immigration

Governor Rick Perry believes there can be no homeland security without border security, and there should be no higher priority than protecting our citizens. Governor Perry has led the charge to secure America’s southern border since the federal government abdicated its constitutional responsibility to do so. “It’s clear now more than ever that Congress must finally pass a bill that dedicates the necessary resources to securing our border, once and for all,” said Governor Perry, “Without border security, immigration reform is a fruitless exercise.”

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The Hill: Texas Gov. Rick Perry “The National Face Of Opposition To President Obama’s Immigration Policies.” (Amie Parnes, “Gov. Perry: The Face Of GOP Opposition,” The Hill, 7/9/14)

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Border Security And Immigration Accomplishments

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    Oversaw The Deployment Of A “Border Surge” In 2014 To Protect Texas’ Southern Border

    In July 2014 Perry Ordered A Deployment Of As Many As 1,000 National Guard Troops To Protect Texas’ Southern Border. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced plans Monday to deploy as many as 1,000 National Guard troops to the state’s border with Mexico, faulting federal officials for ‘empty promises’ in dealing with an influx of Central American children and families. …. Perry said the state’s enforcement surge in the Rio Grande Valley has already deterred illegal immigration, with apprehensions down 36% overall during the last month.”

    — Molly Hennessy-Fiske, “Texas Gov. Rick Perry Orders 1,000 National Guard Troops To Border,” Los Angeles Times, 7/21/14

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    Over The Last Five Years Texas Has Appropriated Almost $800 Million For Border Security

    Between Fiscal Years 2008 And 2013, The State Of Texas Appropriated $452 Million For Border Security Initiatives. “Since the 2008–09 biennium, the State of Texas has appropriated $452.0 million in All Funds to secure the border area.”

    – “Texas Border Security Funding Overview,” Texas Legislative Budget Board, 4/13

    Texas Is Slated To Spend $331.2 Million On Border Security In The 2014-15 Budget. “Budget board staff spokesman John Barton told us via phone that by July 15, 2013, the board had estimated a total for border spending in all parts of DPS’ budget: $331.2 million in the 2014-15 budget.”

    — Sue Owen, PolitiFact Texas, 8/2/13

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    Increased Border Security Funding By One-Third

    Border Security Funding Has Increased By One-Third In The Past Legislative Session. “Yet his cited figures drew from budget summaries that did not show all border spending. Budgeted border security funding in 2014-15 exceeds the total in the 2012-13 budget by about one third, while budgeted 2014-15 spending on battling gangs has yet to be fully calculated.”

    — Sue Owen, PolitiFact Texas, 8/2/13

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    Passed Voter ID Legislation

    Texas Passed Voter I.D. Bill In 2011 Session. “Perry also signed a controversial Voter ID Act this year and pushed for legislation against ‘sanctuary cities’ — a bill that Tea Party members in Texas this week demanded he revive to prove his anti-illegal bona fides.”

    — Caroline May, “Immigration Hawks: Hit Perry On His Record,” The Daily Caller, 9/20/11

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    Mandated All State Agencies And Contractors Use E-Verify

    In December 2014 Gov. Perry Mandated All State Agencies And Those Contracting With State Agencies Use E-Verify. “At a news conference Wednesday, Perry said he would be requiring all state agencies to use E-Verify, a federal electronic employee verification system that aims to prevent the hiring of illegal workers. Perry said anyone contracting with state agencies would have to use E-Verify as well. The executive order takes effect immediately.”

    — Bobby Blanchard, “Perry To Require State Agencies To Use E-Verify,” Texas Tribune, 12/3/14